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fleet alliance meet the team fortress

mephistolessiveur.info teamfortress; 10 videos; 5,, views; Last updated on Jul 2, Play all. Share. Loading Save Meet the Heavy. This is a list of episodes for the OVA series Legend of the Galactic Heroes. In- universe dates . The Iserlohn fleet is lured away from the fortress by decoys. Oberstein meets Reinhard and explains how, like him, he hates the high nobles and The Free Planets Alliance fleet has conquered more than star systems ( Team Fireball · Ace Squadron · Resistance · First Order . Remnants of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet engaged in a fighting of the world and its status as one of the galaxy's best defended fortress worlds. The talks never finished, as Sith assassin Jor Torlin and Imperial agent Morrigan Corde sabotaged the meeting.

Julian spreads conjecture about a possible invasion of Phezzan from the Empire. Admiral Bucock tries to warn the Alliance National Defense Council about a possible Phezzan corridor attack, but is ignored. November 20, S. Admiral Reuenthal leading an Imperial Fleet of 36, ships lays siege to Iserlohn.

Reuenthal sees the Hyperion, Yang's flagship, emerge from port and decides to rush his fleet to destroy the Hyperion. However this is a feint and the Rosen Ritter led by Schenkopp latch on to Reuenthal's flagship and engage in combat.

The battle is a draw and Schenkopp eventually withdraws. Reuenthal returns to his plan of attrition by rotating his attack forces in small groups. December 9, S. Kesselring tries to kill Rubinsky, but Rubinsky had a trap laid out and kills Kesselring instead. Rubinsky goes into hiding. Julian and Mashengo destroy the computers in the Alliance High commissioner's office.

fleet alliance meet the team fortress

Julian later finds a smuggler to take him, Mashengo, and the cowardly Alliance commissioner out of Phezzan space. Mittermeyer orders the execution of soldiers which raped and robbed civilians. The citizens on Heinessen panic and question the government's handling of the situation.

Admiral Bucock is chosen to lead the defense of the Alliance. The Alliance situation is dire as the fleets are greatly weakened from past campaigns, the only intact fleet is the 1st fleet. The 14th and 15th fleet are then created from a hodgepodge of 20, ships from around the Alliance. The military leaders of the Alliance realize however, they do not have enough ships to block the exit of the Phezzan corridor.

Yang is given free rein over any future actions for the 13th fleet. January 8, S. The first Imperial fleet, led by Mittermeyer passes through the Phezzan corridor into Alliance territory. Yang realizes that the fortress no longer has strategic value as a choke point defense after the Imperial fleet has broken through Phezzan space.

Furthermore, the Fortress would be able to hold out till the end of the war, but would probably be forced back into Empire territory in the event of a peace treaty. Yang's fleet prepares bombs and another surprise on Iserlohn and abandons the fortress of all staff and civilians. January 9, S. Julian tricks the captain of an Imperial destroyer and captures the destroyer.

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Reinhard organizes and briefs his fleet on the invasion plan. The Imperial fleet has a 3 to 1 fleet number advantage over the hodgepodge fleet of the Alliance. The Imperial and Alliance fleets are days away from a battle in the uninhabited Rantemario star system. Bucock fleet is forced to attack the center of the snake formation as their only plausible tactical response.

The Alliance fleet is badly damaged as the much larger Imperial fleet closes in on all sides. Bucock tries to minimize losses to the Alliance fleet by using a space current to slow down the Empire's advance and disabling enemy engines with fighters. At the last moment Yang's fleet approaches from behind, stopping the total destruction of the Alliance fleet under Bucock. The Imperial fleet reorganizes their fleet and heads for next Alliance system.

Julian's destroyer joins up with the Alliance fleet at Heinessen. Yang is promoted to Fleet Admiral as he lands on Heinessen. Yang clarifies his war plan to the government of the Alliance. The war plan is to attack the spread out Imperial fleet and lure out Reinhard. If Reinhard is killed, his admirals will lose their unifying force, potentially causing infighting.

Julian and Yang go out to dinner and catch up on the events which have happened in the last few months. Merkatz leads the exile Imperial government fleet to join with Yang's. Reinhard has a flu and thinks of the past. The end of February, S. The unified Alliance fleet launches from Heinessen. Next, Yang defeats a fleet near a black hole. Reinhard's anger at these losses are reaching boiling point.

Mittermeyer and Reuenthal realize that they will have to launch a large offensive versus Yang if they hope to win before morale and food drops to dangerous levels. Yang defeats another fleet by filling supply pods with helium, then igniting the pods when the Imperial fleet nears them for pick up. Yang's guerrilla warfare tactics leave the Imperial fleet with uncertainty on where Yang will appear next. An attack on Heinessen is vetoed by both the Imperial Admirals and Reinhard.

The only remaining option is a full fleet encounter by using Reinhard as bait. Julian and Yang discuss the differing battle goals for both sides. The Alliance needs to kill Reinhard while the Empire needs to hold out long enough for reinforcements to trap the Alliance.

Yang finally reciprocates Frederica's feelings and proposes marriage after the war is over. Frederica is thrilled at the idea. It is revealed that Yang felt a large amount of guilt at pursuing familial happiness with all the deaths he has caused. Both fleets engage each other cautiously; both sides suspect traps or tricks from the other. Reinhard divides his fleet into multiple layers of ships, providing a rotation for each broken layer.

Ivan Konev is killed in battle when his strike craft is lured into cruiser fire. Yang realizes that it has become an issue of endurance if Reinhard's fleet is continuously reforming the front line. The Alliance fleet tricks Reinhard's front line into entering an asteroid field.

Reinhard is divided from his main force as that group is surrounded by Yang's fleet. During the battle of Vermillion, Hildegard had convinced Mittermeyer fleet to take Heinessen. Hildegard is wary of Reuenthal's ambitions, but has Mittermeyer convince Reuenthal to join the Heinessen attack. In Hildegard's judgement, the battle of Vermillion would have concluded in Reinhard's death before the other fleets could return in time. The surrender of the Alliance has divided Yang's staff, some preferring to ignore orders and kill Reinhard while others grudgingly accept the ceasefire.

It is decided that a portion of Yang's staff will escape with Admiral Merkatz to a life of piracy. Yang declines an offer by Reinhard to the position of Imperial Fleet Admiral, instead preferring to retire to a quiet life. They complained about the orc lands having better wood to build ships with which they wouldn't trade for.

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Others even complained about them having better fishing spots and special treatment from the local neutral port: After Jaina left for Durotar to help Thrall with the Thunder lizardsKristoff was left in charge and under the influence of Zmodlor he rounded an army to attack and annihilate the Horde for good.

Jaina exorcised Zmodlor's influence with a bolt of lightning, which had killed Kristoff in the process. After all the commotion, Aegwynn had taken the role of adviser and replaced Kristoff. Theramore Isle is the home of Jaina Proudmoore and the remaining Alliance forces who followed Medivh's advice before the Burning Legion's invasion and evacuated to Kalimdor.

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Theramore soldiers can also be found guarding Northwatch Hold. Though the people of Theramore have managed to secure a livelihood within the borders of their city, the Grimtotem clan plotted the demise of any Theramore citizen who ventured outside the safety of the city's walls.

However, Theramore lost control of the roads in the marsh when the Stonemaul ogres of Brackenwall Village took over [12] and cut off from the protection of the Theramore GuardShady Rest Inn and James Hyal's family were terminated by the Grimtotem tauren of Direhorn Post.

Lieutenant Caldwell also displays a hatred for Horde and executed Paval Reethe for alleged involvement with the Horde. Gavis Greyshielda former lieutenant of the Theramore militia, believes it was wrong of them to turn against Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and has been leading Theramore deserters in trying to denounce Lady Jaina Proudmoore's rule via a propaganda war.

As seen in the novel, Cycle of Hatreda single comment of speaking ill about the lady would have led to a fight.

The Comic Theramore as seen in The Comic. This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics. Before the War against the Lich KingTheramore was very busy. At first, a person who was in fact the long missing Varian Wrynn visited the city.

After he took his place as king of StormwindTheramore became the neutral ground for a meeting between the Horde and the Alliance. However, the meeting was interrupted by the Twilight's Hammer cult as they attacked the city and its visitors. Later on, a series of attacks occurred in the city. First, the Scourge attacked and Garona used the diversion to escape from Theramore.

Later on it was attacked by Cho'Gall 's faceless ones and elementalsbut thanks to Med'an and the New Council of Tirisfalthe attacks were successfully repelled. Prelude to Cataclysm This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novelsnovellasor short stories. When Baine was forced to flee his homeland, he saw that the best course of action was to travel to Theramore and ask Jaina for help.

Reinhard von Lohengramm

The mage welcomed the young Chieftain with open arms and the isle soon became Baine's meeting place. Along with Jevan Grimtotem he would meet up with Jaina and discuss the best course of action. On one such meeting, Anduin Wrynn appeared at Jaina's tower by using her [Hearthstone]the one she gave him to visit her when ever he wanted.

While hesitant at first, Baine began to enjoy the prince's company for in him he saw himself. A prince who has a crown to bare. On one meeting sometime before the assault to retake his city, Anduin presented him Fearbreaker to use in the upcoming battle. While small for a tauren Baine believed it was special because like it did with Anduin it glowed, meaning that it liked him.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm. Theramore Isle at sunset.

fleet alliance meet the team fortress

According to Jaina, the Cataclysm damaged the city but was quickly rebuilt. The humans of Theramore have sent their army and tried to establish a military line between night elf territory and Theramore. After the Horde's surprise invasion of AshenvaleAlliance forces streamed out of Theramore to attack the Barrens.

Theramore from the air, looking north. New exit and road to the Barrens. Initial stretch of the Barrens-bound road. Tides of War This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novelsnovellasor short stories.

During the events of Tides of WarTheramore becomes fortified and received the aid of top Alliance commanders following the fall of Northwatch Hold. Soon afterwards the city itself comes under a three tongued assault from the Horde, with attacks coming from the harbor, the west gate and the north gate.

While the Horde navy fails to gain control of the harbor, the West Gate being assaulted by Horde forces under the command of Malkorok remains strong. The north gate is not so fortunate. Due to the treachery of Thalen Songweaverthe northern gate was weakened and Horde forces under Warchief Garrosh Hellscream's command were able to storm into the city. However the Alliance, with assistance from the blue dragon Kalecgoswere able able to force the Horde to retreat.

Thinking they had won, Vereesa Windrunner and Shandris Feathermoon each took a small force of their own warriors, west and north respectively, to find the traitor Songweaver, who was rescued by Horde adventurers during the end of the battle.