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The official Track and Field page for the Long Beach State University Dirtbags. Ticket Office after 1/2/19 for any future women's game. mephistolessiveur.info Have a Cup of Cheer Tank. Regular price $ · Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Tank. Regular price Peace, Love, & Country Music Drape Tank. Regular. Aug 13, Stache Bar, a hidden gem down the street from Retro Row, will meet you halfway with . Tucked away at Cal State Long Beach is a stunning and massive giant sea bass in the 3-story kelp forest tank, playful puffins and sea otters in . dig through the mountain of men's and women's clothing at La Bomba.

As in Los Angeles, it's all about finding your own village. If all you know about the seventh largest city in California is that it's the home of the Queen Mary and huge ports, read on to learn more. Long Beach has a slew of dive bars that rival Los Angeles'. Places like Fern's Cocktails and the Prospector offer a rockabilly vibe and weekly karaoke. The Prospector and Alex's Bar are the best places to see live music in the city.

For a straight-up dive, the Red Room is great for close-quartered hipster meetups, while V Room leans towards an older crowd and is the perfect place for quiet drinks and pool during the week.

And if you want vegan-friendly Mexican food sent right to your table while you pound beers and watch TV and who wouldn't? Stache Bar, a hidden gem down the street from Retro Row, will meet you halfway with the dive bar atmosphere and stellar craft cocktails. It's a dimly-lit and cozy spot, perfect for hipsters, but not overrun by them, and almost has a Cheers vibe to it in terms of how friendly the staff is.

Besides their huge whiskey selection and craft beers on taps, they're really known for their Moscow Mule that's made with their housemade ginger beer. And yes, they serve that in a copper mug.

They've got classics like a Tom Collins or Pimm's Cooler but also unique cocktails like their Jasmine Lemonade made with organic jasmine liqueur or their Mouth Brow made with hibiscus liqueur. The drinks won't break the bank either for being craft cocktails. If you're not talking to the friendly bartenders, feel free to catch a movie on their TVs, play some pool and curate your own tunes on their eclectic jukebox. It has the perfect fruity beer for happy hour with a gorgeous view.

Belmont Brewing Company is a decent enough bar and grill in Belmont Shore but it has two very good things going for it: Sweet Dixie Kitchen is a cozy breakfast joint and bakery that specializes in Southern food. You can get pies, scones, or freshly-made buttery biscuits. You can choose biscuits of the cheddar herb or jalapeno cheddar variety to make biscuitwitches, filled eggs and chorizo that you can get smothered in spicy sausage gravy. Another place to check out is Breakfast Bar.

Don't let the fact that it is located inside of a Travelodge deter you! They have breakfast appetizers, which is a concept we can gladly get behind. Breakfast Dip is a Mexican egg, salsa, sausage and avocado dip that you can scoop up with chip or slather on breakfast sliders with egg, gravy, bacon or sausage.

Plus these guys have plenty of vegetarian options, so there's something for everyone. While Starling Diner 's brunch menu offers lots of comfort food with a twist think stuffed french toast with berries and roast beef hashbut what we especially love are their tasty mimosas that come in flavors like peach-mango or pear, and adorned with flowers and lavender.

Slide into a booth or a seat at the counter, and the friendly staff will help you to some french toast or a chile verde omelet. Drinking goes well with pizza, too.

Fortunately, Long Beach has the perfect Thai curry pizza you never knew you needed. Previously, all pizza and Thai food had in common was that they both sounded good whether you were sober, drunk or hungover.

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The folks at Dean's Pizza must have taken notice of that coincidence. Their Thai curry pizza is to die for, with basil and curry instead of tomato sauce and either chicken or fried tofu. Some may feel that it's a sacrilegious combination, but one taste and you'll become a curry pizza convert. It'll be like the first time you tried Sriracha on pizza—life-changing.

Michael's Pizzeria is located at E 2nd St. Working Class Kitchen has a deli where you can pick up sausages, ribeyes and even rabbit, but most people come for the burgers.

Pair that with fries, a draft beer and a walk across the street to check out antiques and drought-resistant plants at the Urban Americana, and the corner of Anaheim Street and Coronado gives Retro Row a run for its money. One thing that sets Long Beach apart from many cities is its dog-friendliness. Unlike many parts of Los Angeles, apartments here allow pets, and businesses often go out of their way to welcome furry companions. Many restaurants have created open patios where diners can sit with pooches to enjoy a meal and the outdoors.

The Attic is a restaurant built into one of the many Craftsman homes that populate Long Beach. Their menu is an eclectic blend of American and international delights like FGT, or fried green tomatoes Benedict, St. Louis style short ribs, market vegetable risotto and a machaca breakfast burrito.

But they are known for their Mac 'n Cheetos, which is three-cheese covered macaroni topped with crumbled hot cheetos and green onions, which a choice of add-ons, such as candied cayenne bacon. Not only does Number Nine in Fourth Street's Retro Row offer a new, modern twist on Vietnamese cuisine like pho noodle soup and banh mi sandwiches, the restaurant added a patio for dog-friendly outdoor seating.

Bamboo creates a pleasant ambiance in keeping with Number Nine's chic, minimalist aesthetic. Noodles, good beer and your pooch by your side—what more do you need? Lola's Mexican Cuisine just a couple doors down from Number Nine also built a dog-friendly patio. Lola's features gourmet Mexican food at a fair price. Specialties include mole chicken, one of which is made with California golden figs, carnitas and butternut squash enchiladas.

Items that set them apart are green cream sauce bring out for free with tortilla chips before your meal and their guacamole, which is fresh and just right. Everything is good, but always better when your dog is next to you. At Last Cafe is a pleasant, cozy restaurant that recently took over their corner at Orange Avenue and Second Street, added some umbrellas and tables, and voila! At Last features classic comfort food, like mac 'n cheese, meatloaf, BLTs, burgers and brick chicken. It's a laid-back, casual, stress-free environment coupled with quality, satisfying food.

Between the hours of 6 a. Cyclists don't need to fear for their lives in Long Beach, the same way they do in other cities. The city has made a big push to make its infrastructure bike-friendly. More than 80 miles of Long Beach streets have marked bicycle lanes and routeswhich make up 10 percent of city. There are traffic lights just for cyclists. It's a great place to go on scenic rides, too. There's an extra 40 miles worth of bike paths along the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers.

And the city hands out maps of cool bike routesincluding a ride past the waterfront homes of Naples and other routes that go through historic neighborhoods and wetlands. Long Beach is also really proactive in educating residents about cycling safety and sharing the road. There's even a whole neighborhood dedicated to the art scene: It's home to little galleries, indie shops, and the city's Art Walk held on the second Saturdays of every month.

The monthly Art Walk is a party within itself with art galleries open those nights with live music, food trucks and vendors around. Tucked away at Cal State Long Beach is a stunning and massive cobalt-blue pyramid, dubbed Walter Pyramidthat serves as a sports venue and event space for the campus. This baby can seat 5, and sitsstories high, so you can see it miles away. It has some celebrity status, too: Space Jam and Starship Troopers were filmed here.

The airport has intricate mosaic tile artwork with designs like ships or birds. The mosaics, which were created inwere uncovered after the airport underwent maintenance and folks discovered this treasure lined on the floor under carpeting.

Now, the mosaics are back up for travelers to enjoy. If you ever wanted to take a walk swim? The biggest aquarium in the southern half of the state, its wonders include the resident giant sea bass in the 3-story kelp forest tank, playful puffins and sea otters in its Northern Pacific Gallery, and the colorful corals of the Tropical Pacific Gallery.

Not everything here is behind glass—you can safely pet sharks in the touch pools or feed the friendly lorikeets sweet nectar in the 3, square foot aviary outside. A new jellyfish exhibit should also be a pretty cool thing to visit if you're mind has been altered in form or another—if you catch my drift.

And if you're interested in seeing some marine life that's too big to be housed in an aquarium tank, their neighbors Harbor Breeze Cruises offer regular cruises to check out dolphins, killer whales, and humpback whales. Visit during the right time of year to make sure you're there for the gray whale migration or blue whale migration. Guides on the cruises include some of the aquarium staff, and you can even purchase discounted ticket packages that include Harbor Breeze Cruise excursions.

At this point, there are roughly 3, photos on the Web site, and I hope to add at least that many with four more flights financed by the recent Alumni grant.


The free service is open to all students on campus. Each year, there are estimated 8, student visits to the tutoring center. Each semester, the department hires more than 35 qualified tutors among experienced and dedicated mathematics graduate teaching associates, graduate assistants and undergraduate applicants. Li recalled how the center had to be shut down last fall due to the state and university budget cuts. Administrators in the department and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics managed to allocate funds from multiple sources to cover tutor salaries and reopened the center this spring.

Projects that received funding from the Alumni Grant Program this year: We have a history of presenting vibrant events open to everybody in the university and the surrounding community. Metafiction and Narrative Complexity in Watchmen. Fisher encourages both campus and community to attend the event.

Other sponsors include the Associated Students Inc. This project led me to interview Dr. They found themselves at the center of change. She has published with Martin two volumes of criticism and an anthology entitled Women Take the Floor: Female Writing of the 19th Century. Foreign Tongues and Spanish American Literature which explores the practice of writing in English and French by Spanish-American authors of the 19th and 20th centuries.

He received his Ph. He is presently at work on a book-length study of opera in Latin America. She specializes in 19th-century literature with a particular focus on gender and writing, and the formation of national literary culture in Latin America. Pinto is a lawyer and journalist whose most recent work is titled Sin without Forgiveness and Forgetting: Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera and the World He joined the Peruvian Academy of Language in We have abstracts from France, the Philippines and Peru.

This is a showcase not only for our students but for the university as an international meeting place. Following a dinner of international cuisines with a Mediterranean flavor prepared by Long Beach community restaurants, the program will feature musical entertainment and dancing by international students and local performers.

Along with the performances, students will display art and photos from their diverse cultures and countries and international experiences. This award program highlights the achievements of California State University, University of California and California Community College campuses have made through innovative and effective energy-efficiency projects and sustainable design.

The annual conference, this year hosted by CSULB Julybrings together all public California universities and colleges to share sustainable best practices. Recipients received their awards at a campus luncheon attended by faculty, staff, board member Louise Ukleja, and College of Business Administration Dean Michael Solt. Ethics Across the Curriculum was initially made possible through a grant from The Boeing Company in The Ukleja Center has been funding the program since All CSULB colleges and disciplines are invited to participate and lecturers, as well as tenured faculty, are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline for proposals is Oct. The Ukleja Center provides students from majors as diverse as accounting, documentary filmmaking, social work, food production and fashion merchandising with essential ethical decision-making tools before entering the workforce.

The center is designed to equip people with the transformational power of ethical leadership. It focuses on a three-pronged approach to applied ethics — university research, education and community outreach — to reach out to students, faculty, and communities with education and resources to enhance the understanding and application of ethics in all aspects of life.

The mission of the Hope and Freedom Film Festival is to help create a society where all individuals have equal rights.

King and will return in It was a good time last year and it should be a good time this year. Beyond that, Johnson hopes to generate awareness and organization for struggles facing people around the world today. We want to create a climate of fun and cooperation that encourages working together to make society a better place to live. For example, this year, our popular hip-hop scholar Dr.

Ebony Utley will give a brief talk to festival-goers about the re-birth of the hip-hop nation.

39 Reasons Why We Love Long Beach

There would be no way for the film festival to succeed without their support. Our students have grown from their participation in this festival. This film festival makes the good better. Club Kids, Harm and Drug Policy includes interviews through its pages with New York City drug users who self-identify as dance club kids. The book describes the 15 months Perrone spent on the club circuit with subjects ranging in age from 22 to 33 in clubs everywhere from New York City, the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore to Miami.

Her one-on-one interviews portray how her subjects maintain middle-class lifestyles despite engaging in drug use. Perrone situates the club kids in a historical perspective as a subculture with distinctive rituals, styles, tastes and cultural norms. Her study argues that those who are embedded in a conventional life with a job and family are less likely to experience such negative consequences of drug use as overdoses and arrests. Her research began with a visit to a New York City dance club where she happened to meet a young man who grew up in her neighborhood.

A few even smoked cigarettes. They stay in really nice hotels and own property and drive nice cars. Some have great jobs. And they do a lot of drugs on the weekend.