Zim and gir relationship quotes

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zim and gir relationship quotes

Invader zim funny quote Tak: the hideous new girl. Invader Zim funny quote ' halloween spectacular of spooky doom' Doom 2, Invader Zim. More information. Despite being blatantly disobedient and often a hindrance to the mission, Zim harbours a strange tolerance for his faulty SIR Unit named GIR. Typical of Zim's. This Pin was discovered by Heather Dancy. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Unlike Zim, GIR does not mind getting involved with typical Earth culture; on several occasions he has even admitted to loving Earth. GIR also has a strong love of Earth snacks, such as tacostaquitos, candy, chocolate bubblegum, waffles, cupcakes, tuna, biscuits, chicken with mayonnaise, pizzaSuck Munkeysnumerous Poop productsmashed potatoes, muffins and corn. He can eat and enjoy them, even though he is a robot, and was even shown somehow becoming fat in the " Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom " after stealing all of the Halloween candy from trick-or-treaters.

Despite his sub-par disguises, GIR is actually quite good at blending in with the humans, due to his behavior and intelligence being similar to theirs. In " Attack of the Saucer Morons ", he even befriended multiple teenage human females.

Similarly in Issue 26 of the comics, GIR disguised himself as a human boy to able to go to skool with his master, in the process he befriended several skoolchildreneasily blending in and becoming one of the "popular kids" on his first day, even when the kids saw him in his dog costume, they still loved him.

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GIR is also very loyal to Zim, despite disobeying him often and mainly being a hindrance to his plans. By the time of " Mysterious Mysteries " however, GIR seemed to be aware of Dib's antipathy toward his master, and flat-out defended him, though this was probably because Zim told GIR exactly what to say.

Zim and GIR's Relationship

Zim attempts to hypnotize Gaz with Pustulio In " Rise of the Zitboy ", Zim tried to hypnotize Gaz with Pustuliobut she was reading a book and didn't pay much heed to Zim's presence. However, after asking if she was sure she didn't feel compelled to gaze upon Pustulio and being answered with a threatening growl from Gaz, he acquiesced to her wishes and leaves her be whilst beckoning the others to follow him. The Hideous New Girl ", Gaz claims that Zim's voice is "making her sick", and then sprays him with soda however, it should also be noted she then sprayed Dib as well when he tried to thank her.

Later when Zim takes her and Dib to his base, he threatens to "melt Gaz's face off or something" if she touches anything.

zim and gir relationship quotes

Interestingly, he leaves Gaz in the base without any restraints while he goes to stop Tak's plan, probably because he is aware that unlike Dib, Gaz doesn't care enough to interfere with his mission. Zim with Gaz on the elevator.

zim and gir relationship quotes

In " Gaz, Taster of Pork ", Zim refused to help fix Gaz's ailment, though the fact that Dib was asking for the assistance probably had a lot more to do with this than his feelings towards her. What's interesting is that his creation doesn't repeat these movements, instead opting to place a hand over his heart as if promising something.

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However, after Zim hysterically runs out of the cafeteria, she says that Zim's hysteria during his escape was "kinda funny". Miss Bitters actually mentions this herself when explaining how the indicators work, saying that this means that someone may find interest in what the other candidate has to say. Additionally, after he gives his "salted nuts" speech, Gaz cheers along with the other kids, but is not seen wearing a brain monitor.

In " Parent Teacher Night ", after Zim tapped the bottom of Dib's cup up to splash punch into his face she chuckled, and when Dib poured punch onto Zim's head she snickered again. Note that, despite the fact that Zim will die without his PAK, she only decides to help him when he tricks her into thinking Dib also stole her Game Slave 2. Later in the episode, after Gaz saves Zim's life unknowingly, upon discovering that Zim was the one who actually stole it in an attempt to convince her to save his life of courseGaz chases after him with the likely intent of physically or verbally abusing him.

In the unmade episode " Mopiness of Doom ", Gaz apparently wasn't at all bothered by Zim disappearing from Skool for a few weeks; in fact, she was much more concerned with how bizarre Dib was acting. An Irken-like doll in Gaz's room. In " Lice ", however, even though Gaz didn't come in any physical contact with Zim, she did call him a whiner whenever he - or in fact, anyone else - yelled in pain.

It can be seen as the porcine spell is being cast on her. Invader Zim comic series Issue 16 is the first issue to show any significant interaction between the two characters. Zim agrees to take Gaz to Arcadikonafter she grows depressed at having beaten every video game on Earth, in exchange for advice on how to scare Dib. Now let's go destroy it.

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Now let's go destroy it! Put me down, GIR! Oh, ow, my organ! Laugh and frolic in your vile meats of evil Prepare to taste the mighty foot of my planet!

Invader Zim quotes

Just look at my neck! Get out of the way!

zim and gir relationship quotes

You invoke my wrath!?! The government has sent me. I love them good. I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes!

I love-ed you, piggy! I wanted to explode! Why's his head so big!?! Make me a sandwich! This is me without fear You're not a freak! I'm in the zone. You're doing it again. Dib, you will not know the meaning of peace, for I shall rain misery down upon your pizza stealing heart! These things are dangerous!

Anyone using these could really get hurt! Send them to Zim. You like ice cream.