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1 - 20 of Bookmarks in Mazaki Anzu | Tea Gardner/Mutou Yuugi .. Drop hints that you'd like to further your relationship. 4. Watch them go over his head. 5 . In the shows to come Yumi Yugi and Tea Become a couple and the werid thing is that Yugi is fine with it all. If any one would like to talk about. Tea's big secret. I'm going straight into the story. Know summary sorry. Tea's Flash back. His hands touching every inch of her body, not missing.

Initially he refuses to lose games, without considering the consequences.

So does Mai like Joey and does Tea like Yugi. Which girl likes Kaiba from the anime.?

This has caused him to almost kill Seto Kaiba by attacking his monster while he stood on a ledge and the shockwaves could cause him to fall if Yugi chose to win the Duel in the Japanese version, Kaiba threatened to commit suicide should he lose. Yugi holds him back from such acts at times, but he is not always successful. Yugi becomes afraid to let Yami out for a while, because of the harm he could cause. During his Duel with Rafael, Yami, albeit with great hesitation, eventually ignored Yugi's objections and used the Seal of Orichalcos rather than lose.

Ironically, it was this action and Yami's subsequent corrupt actions during the Duel would lead to one of his few defeats and the capture of Yugi's soul by Dartz. Yami expressed great grief and guilt following the battle due to Yugi's willingly suffering, which were because of Yami's actions. However, he was able to conquer and purge the darkness within himself; which also eradicating the malignant influence of the Orichalcos that remains within him.

Learning how to lose became an essential aspect of Yami's journey, which he is tested in the Ceremonial Battle. Yami is also wise and intelligent. He knows all the rules and details of how the game is played, as well as those of all games.

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He also knows several special game techniques, such as the Double Hit dice roll technique, which, when two dice are used and the one with the weak spin stops first, lets him make the dice that's already spinning hit the one that isn't, allowing him to change its number, which is done by bumping the field with a body part, e. Despite being an ancient Pharaoh, Yami is very quick to learning and utilizing modern technology. He, despite initial shock, was able to quickly grasp the concept of holographic technology, how Dueling Arenas and field Power Bonuses worked, was able to use the Dungeon Dice Monsters Help computer to quickly formulate strategies, and was able to use Duel Disks flawlessly on the first try.

Yami is also capable of translating the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, figuring out the riddles or clues and what they mean. Through Yugi and his friends, Yami Yugi learns the values and powers of friendship and unity. After seeing Yugi overcome Marik in his Duel with Joey, who has been possessed, Yami thinks to himself, he learned something from Yugi; that in kindness lies the greatest strength of all; one day Yugi will surpass him in every way.

He used his name as part of a spell that sealed Zorc's soul and his soul into the Millennium Puzzle. The puzzle was shattered by Priest Seto and laid to rest in the Pharaoh's tomb. Solomon's guide attempted to kill him to take the Pharaoh's treasure for himself.

After the guide met his fate at the hands of a monster, Solomon was saved by the apparent spirit of Atem. When he returned home, he brought the Puzzle back with him. His grandson, Yugi Mutosolved the Puzzle, which caused the Pharaoh's spirit to inhabit Yugi's body. The Pharaoh's soul, which comes to be known as "the other Yugi" or "Yami Yugi", was now missing the vast majority of his memories. In the dub, Yami knows by the start of the Battle City arc that he at least comes from ancient Egypt, although he doesn't know he was once a pharaoh until visiting the Egyptian exhibit in the museum.

In the Japanese version, however, he has no idea of any memories at the arc's beginning and has a conversation with Yugi about it in an episode before his museum visit, including being unknown of where he came from.

He defeats Grandpa and tears up the card, and saying it will never be used against him, Yami Yugi Duels him using Grandpa's Deck. After winning, he utilizes his intense mind-crushing abilities on Kaiba, dispelling his evil side. When the video is played, Pegasus appears on the screen and requests a Duel with Yugi. Yami Yugi emerges and Duels Pegasus. Pegasus reads Yami's mind, using his Millennium Eye and learns his strategies. Yami ultimately loses due to the time limit on the Duel.

Pegasus then steals Grandpa's soul, using his Millennium Eye to blackmail Yugi into entering the Duelist Kingdom tournament.

Yami Yugi shakes hand with Mako as friends after the latter's defeat. Mokuba Kaibawho was held prisoner by Pegasus, escapes and steals another Duelist's Deck. He Duels Yami Yugi in the hopes of eliminating him, so Pegasus will be unable to face him in the finals. Unable to beat Yami, Mokuba steals two of his Star Chipsto get him disqualified. Yami manages to convince Mokuba, they should be working together and to return the stolen Star Chips.

Mokuba tries to return the first Star Chips he stole, but the Duelist he took them from is already being shipped off the island. Yami challenges Kemo to a Duel for Mokuba's freedom. Kemo doesn't Duel, though, but arranges another meeting, where he'll have an opponent for Yugi. Yami faced the Mimic of Doomwho initially disguised himself as Kaiba. The Mimic insisted that Kaiba was dead and he was his ghost seeking revenge.

In the dub, he claimed to be Kaiba's evil half that Yami had sent to the Shadow Realm. In all cases Yami's opponent used Kaiba's Deck. Yugi is able to defeat one of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards on his own, and then the real Seto Kaiba hacked into Pegasus computer system and installed a virus in the second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Summoned by Yami's opponent, inspiring Yugi to defeat the final Dragon by using "Monster Reborn" to bring back the first Blue-Eyes on his side and transfer the attack power of " Mystical Elf " to his Dragon.

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Pegasus placed a time limit on the Duel and won because time ran out seconds before Yugi could claim victory. As a penalty for Yugi's defeat Pegasus stole Grandpa's soul. At the pierbefore boarding the ship to the tournament, he gave Joey one of his two Star Chipsallowing Joey to participate and help him.

Yugi saving Joey from drowning. On the ship, Yugi met Weevil Underwoodwho acted friendly towards him and told Yugi that he knew of secret new rules to be introduced in the tournament. Shortly after Weevil left, Yugi gave Joey the " Time Wizard " card, telling him how it can be helpful in a tight spot. Yugi met Weevil again later and showed him his "Exodia" cards, which Weevil tossed overboard, to hinder Yugi's Deck.

Joey jumped into the water to recover them, but after getting two of them was hit by the current and Yugi dove in to save him.

Yugi suspected this was to do with the new rules Weevil mentioned. Weevil led them to a meadow, where he accepted Yugi's challenge, as his monsters got Field Power Bonuses there.

As Yami Yugi, he offered Joey abstract clues to help him win. Joey defeated Mai using the "Time Wizard" card, Yugi gave him. While searching for food, Yugi and his friends, found fish Mako Tsunami had prepared. Unbeknownst to them, Mako had set it as bait to lure opponents, to where his monsters greatly benefit from the field.

Mako appeared, angered over them stealing his food. After Yugi introduced himself, Mako was happy to meet the Duelist, who defeated Kaiba, and shared the food with him and his friends. Yugi got up to leave, but Mako stopped him by throwing a harpoon in front of him and demanded a Duel.

Yugi switched to Yami and defeated Mako, winning two more Star Chips. The boy claimed they had been stolen, along with his Deck. He described the thief and where he met him. Yugi promised to get his Star Chips back, before the boat left the island.

At the scene of the crime, they met the thief, whose face was disguised. Mokuba explained how Yugi's humiliation of Kaiba, resulted in his departure, giving Pegasus an opportunity to take over KaibaCorp. Mokuba sought revenge on Yugi for this. Since Kemo was not a Duelist, he told Yugi to come back in an hour 4 hours in the dub and he would have an opponent arranged for him. Yugi retrieved Kaiba's Deck, but Kemo had already disappeared with Mokuba.

As the Duel started Yugi went to find Tristan, who left in a huff with Joey for accepting those conditions.

Tristan reminded Yugi that he should still be at the Duel to offer Joey his friendship, so the two of them returned to watch. Bakura changed to Yami Bakurawho trapped the group's souls in the cards they selected.

Yugi's friends appeared in place of the monsters they selected as Yami Yugi Summoned them. In the Japanese version, Yugi was aware of Yami's existence and the two of them agreed now is not the time to keep secrets. In the dub, Yugi was unaware of Yami's existence until that time, though he said he often heard a powerful voice coming from the Millennium Puzzle when he Dueled.

Yugi told his friends of Yami's existence, that he is the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle and apologized for not telling them before. After Yugi says good night to Tea, he's captured by the guards, under the control of Anubis, and flung into the ocean.

He manages to call out Yami just before losing consciousness, and his second wish is used to save his life. He then confronts Anubis and reveals him as a traitor. He then discovers that Tea plans to marry him, which excites him until he learns that he would be made into a Sultan afterwords. Yugi then told Yami that he couldn't wish Yami free since he'd need his third wish as a last resort, and he ends up shouting at Yami when he gives him the cold shoulder along with Joey, Tristan, and Mahad, but Yugi realizes that Yami was right, and he decides to tell Tea the truth, and he goes to the menagerie to find Tea, leaving the Puzzle behind.

Yugi is then brought up as the fiance of Tea, and he soon discovers that Anubis has taken possession of the Puzzle and is using it to make himself, Sultan. Yugi calls out for help from his friends, who respond immediately, but he can't do anything to stop Yami, much less when Yami's forced to turn Anubis into the most powerful sorcerer on Earth.

Anubis then reveals to Tea who Yugi really is, and Yugi tries to apologize, but before he can, Anubis sends him into a pillar that goes off to the frozen north. Yugi screams out for his friends before they arrive, and they manage to free Mahad from the pillar as it rolls down, and Yugi gets the idea to cover themselves at the window. They then head back to Agrabah. Once they arrive, Yugi has Tea pretend to be attracted to Anubis to keep him busy while Yugi tries to grab the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi almost succeeds, but Anubis sees him in the reflection of a tiara Tea's wearing. He's then blasted aside and ends up facing Anubis alone when Tea's trapped in a giant hourglass, Joey and Tristan are turned to stone, and Mahad's turned into sand.

Anubis then turns himself into a snake and wraps himself around Yugi before he taunts Anubis about Yami being more powerful than Anubis, thus tricking Anubis into turning himself into a yami.

While this happens, Yugi frees Tea from the hourglass, and then he points out to Anubis that since he's become a yami, he must be confined, and he ends up trapped in the Pyramid of Light, which Yami then gladly tosses into the Cave of Wonders. After that, Yugi apologizes to Tea for lying, but she forgives him as he didn't have any other option.

Yami the advices that Yugi wishes to be a prince again as true love isn't something you find every millennium. Yugi then explains that he's gotta stop being something he's not, so he wishes for Yami's freedom.

After that, he's asked by Yami to wish for the Nile to test out the wish's effectiveness, and Yami refuses. He then hugs Yugi and Tea before packing, and Yugi says he'll miss him and hugs Yami good-bye. He's then chosen to be Tea's husband when Shimon allows the princess to marry whoever she wants whenever she wants.

Yugi then says good-bye to Yami, and he and Tea take a ride around the city on Mahad's traveling circle to celebrate their engagement.

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They then grabbed the loot and jumped onto Mahad's traveling circle. After doing this, they head out as Joey grabs a jeweled flower and hands it to Yugi. They then escape and head towards Agrabah.

Yugi then tossed the treasure into the streets of Agrabah for the poor people, except for the jeweled flower and a golden bird statue as Yugi wants to give the flower to Tea, and Joey's gonna give the bird to Mai. Yugi and the others then arrive on the balcony, and Yugi's welcomed back by Mala when she pounces on him and licks his cheek. Yugi then gave the jeweled flower to Tea. He then learned that Sultan Shimon wanted to talk to him.

Yugi wanted to know if he was in trouble, but Tea assured him that he wasn't. He and Tea then helped pull Tristan away from a "playful" Mala. While he, Joey, and Tristan were walking around, they found Anubis' dog-boy, Bakuraand were about to take him in to be arrested when they ran into Rex Raptor.

Yugi and the others then ended up cornered by the thugs and was about to be killed when Bakura tossed Rex into them, thus saving Yugi's life. He then decided to pay him back by making sure Shimon gave him a fair trial. Yugi then locks Bakura in the green house to keep him safe and promises to try and soften Shimon up and not to mention Bakura to Tea until he's gotten her prepared. When Tea arrives, he then moves her away from the green house and assures her that he doesn't have any secrets.

He's then overjoyed when Yami comes back, and he's given a sombrero. After that, Yugi tells Tristan to guard Bakura while everyone else goes to the dinner.

Yugi then enjoys some of Yami's cooking and is told by Shimon that he's been chosen to be Shimon's new Royal Vizier, his most trusted adviser. When Bakura runs in after being chased in by Mala, Yugi admits that he knew Bakura was there and saves Bakura by swearing to take full responsibility for Bakura, which Shimon allows, at a great damaging to his reputation with Shimon and makes Tea extremely hurt that Yugi did almost the same thing he did when he pretended to be Prince Atli.

Yugi then walked off, having done the right thing and having it blow up in his face. What happened with Tea particularly left Yugi depressed. Luckily, they managed to patch things up thanks to some help from Bakura and Yami, and they kissed under the moonlight.

Yugi then apologized again, and he tried to have his friends give him a private moment, which doesn't work until Bakura shouts at them to leave them alone. Yugi then kisses Tea. The next morning, Yugi talks Tea into trusting Bakura.

Bakura then arrives and suggests that Yugi patch things up with Shimon by taking him on a ride on Mahad's traveling circle. Yugi thinks of bringing Yami until Bakura objects that Yami was too flashy, and Tea agreed and said that Yugi needed quiet time with Shimon to patch things up.

Yugi then took Shimon on the ride and managed to loosen him up by making the trip a bit of a ride to the area Bakura talked about, and it helped begin to fix Yugi and Shimon's relationship.

They then arrived at a small valley on top of the water fall and helped Shimon up as he congratulated Bakura on his judgment in picking places. Yugi then took an opportunity to apologize for not telling Shimon about Bakura, but he then says that he thought he saw some good in Bakura like Shimon saw good in Yugi, and this fully fixed their relationship.

After that, Yugi thanked Bakura for the idea when several men on black horses, led by Rex Raptor, arrived. They then kidnapped Shimon, and Yugi realized that Bakura had set them up.

He then went with Mahad to save Shimon, and he witnessed the black horses turn into black dragons. Yugi then managed to save Shimon, but he lost him and Mahad when a reversed whirlpool sucked them down and tossed Yugi away. He was then kicked off a rock and fell down a waterfall, but he was saved by one of the horsemen as Anubis, having returned and wanting revenge, wanted Yugi's reputation to die before he actually did. Yugi woke up and walked towards a far off Agrabah to get help from the others.

When Yugi arrived, Seto had him arrested for the murder of Shimon. Yugi tried to explain to Seto what happened, but his story was too ridiculous for Seto to believe, and Tea then came down and showed Yugi a slashed up hat Shimon always wore.

He was then sentenced to death by beheading for Shimon's aparent murder.

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Dawn of the next day, Seto took him to be beheaded, and just as it was about to happen, Tea arrived and said good-bye, before covertly turning herself back into Anubis, revealing his hand in everything that had happened and forcing the execution to go on. Yugi was then saved at the last possible moment by the timely arrival of Yami. He then met up with the real Tea and everyone else and confronted Bakura until Tea explained that Bakura had freed Yami, and thus rescued everyone. Yugi then forgave Bakura and said that they had to stop Anubis.

They then went with Yami's plan to destroy Anubis by destroying the Pyramid of Light. Yugi then let Bakura leave as he felt that he couldn't ask Bakura to do anymore since he saved everyone only a few moments ago. The gang tried to grab the Pyramid from Rex, but every attempt was thwarted, and Yugi simply tried to take it when he was spotted by Anubis.

He then tried to go after the Pyramid on Mahad while Yami pretended to be Yugi to distract Anubis, but the plan didn't work, and Mahad was shattered. Yugi then ended up on a chunk of ground when Anubis opened up a fissure in the earth, and the Pyramid was too far away. Yugi then saw Bakura fly in and grab the Pyramid when he was blasted down by Anubis.

He also witnessed Bakura toss the Pyramid of Light into the lava as Yugi saved Bakura from falling in as well and was helped back onto the actual ground by Yami, riding on Ra. He then witnessed Anubis explode, which revived Mahad. He then mourned Bakura until he remembered how yamis couldn't kill anyone and realized that Bakura was alive when he joked weakly about being surprised what he could live through.