What to wear a school meet and greet

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what to wear a school meet and greet

With so many different dress codes out there, it can be difficult to know what to wear, even when the type of dress requested is stated on the. On any given school day, I might wear gym clothes, or sequins and high heels I received a call from the school asking me to come in and meet with the head of. We just got back from Meet the Teacher Day. In a whirlwind event, we raced from the fourth-grade hallway to the kindergarten hallway to find our kids' names.

Opting for dark jeans paired with a jacket and tie is also acceptable at some cocktail events, depending on how casual the atmosphere is.

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Wear a dress that would be appropriate for brunch or afternoon tea. It should fall to, or slightly above, the knee, and not be too sparkly or low-cut. Incorporate a jacket or shawl to cover the arms. Opt for a dark suit, paired with a French-cuffed, crisp white shirt.

You can go with or without a tie. Opting for a vest instead of a tie adds to the informality of the look. A floor-length ball gown is a must. Accessorize with opera length gloves, glamorous jewels, and up-do hairstyles.

what to wear a school meet and greet

Wear a short or waist length black tailcoat tails should reach the back of your knees, white bow tie, starched white shirt, and a cummerbund optional. Sport high-quality black pants. Gussy up in a floor-length ball gown. A very dressy cocktail dress may be acceptable depending on the venue of the event.

Wear a dark suit or a tuxedo without tails. Pair with a white shirt and a tie, or a bow tie with or without a vest and a cummerbund.

Dress up in a long gown, cocktail dress, or snazzy separates. Accessorize with the latest trends, such as feathers, sequins, sheer fabrics, and capes. Show off your personality with every detail.

Incorporate trendy prints in with your tie and a dressy shirt.

What to wear when you’ve gotta meet the teacher?

Mix fabrics such as a silk blazer and a dress shirt to create a formal, yet interesting, look. Wear a long gown with white gloves and minimal jewelry.

what to wear a school meet and greet

Wear a white dinner jacket, in a worsted wool, gabardine, linen, or cotton fabric material. Pair this with a white dress shirt, bow tie, a cummerbund, and nice black leather shoes.

Look glamorous in a long gown, cocktail dress, or luxurious separates. Accessorize with items such as long gloves, clutches, and jewelry to top off the whole look. If you own a tuxedo, put it on. If not, wear a suit in a dark color such as charcoal or black, paired with a white dress shirt, and a solid colored tie. Make sure patterns are kept to a minimum and shoes are shined.

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Sign up to volunteer. I always put my contact information on the list and offer to cut and prepare projects at home. I was sent home from Meet the Teacher with a stack of papers and asked to make these stars.

I love that her teacher was willing to welcome me into the classroom community in the capacity that I was able to handle. Ask for the classroom wishlist. If your family is in a financially sound place, ask the teacher if there is a classroom wishlist or supplies that need to be purchased for the classroom. Many times teachers purchase items for their classroom with their own pocket money. When parents who can help out — teachers are able to do more science projects, hands on art, and maybe even cook with the kids.

Take pictures of the classroom.

Defining Dress Codes – What to Wear for Every Occasion

This may sound silly, but I like to take pictures of the classroom and print them out. We can make a home-made book with them and use the images to spring board discussions. These pictures also come in handy when you ask your child what they did all day.

I just take the class pictures out and ask her to point to the station she went to and have her tell me about it. Find the Positives There is NO perfect school. There is NO perfect teacher. I start at Meet the teacher by looking for the positives and making a mental note of them.

Did they smile when your child walked in the door? Do they seem excited about the school year? Is there something about the curriculum you enjoy? She is also the sweetest teacher and I feel like my baby will have many opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment.