Twilight and spike relationship poems

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twilight and spike relationship poems

Spike and Drusilla end their centennial relationship. Spike recites a poem at a bar before the battle against the Seniors Partners. . He arrived at the climax of their confrontation with Twilight, appearing to the Scooby Gang as they and. Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - Twilight Sparkle - Chapters: 75 - Words: . But, I'm far too busy to have a relationship right now. Twilight's smirk grew larger "I know, I've read your love poems to Rarity.". Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 15 Dank Spike Vs. Angel Memes Angel and Spike have a complicated love/hate (mostly hate) relationship. Obviously, the minute Twilight came out, it was destined to be compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. . the two, Angel confessed that he actually liked Spike's poems.

T for blood and mild language MAny thank to fimfic Prince Fullmon for being my proofreader Going home sad and broken, he found a black notebook that granted him the power to kill anypony as long as he has their name and face.

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He made a steely resolve to protect Rarity T - English - Romance - Chapters: Brokenhearted, Spike begins to discover that maybe the one for him has been there since the beginning. First story, but be honest with opinions please.

He's been able to keep it hidden pretty well. But when the truth of his affections slips out, Pinkie Pie's reaction befuddles everypony. She offers to go out with him!

twilight and spike relationship poems

Because it could be fun! Can Spike survive Pinkie Pie's spontaneity?

twilight and spike relationship poems

Or will he collapse under the madness? But when Spike announces to his friends that he would never fall in love with the rainbow-maned Pegasus, Rainbow Dash puts her pride as a mare on the line and the competition begins.

If Spike falls for her, he loses! Suddenly a betting pool is started among their friends! And by a delightfull twist of events he spends it with Applebloom.

With a little help from their friends, they'l survive the week and maybe even learn what love is!

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Twilight finds him in their bedroom seething with anger, so she decides to calm him down. Later that night Spike begins to have romantic dreams about Twilight. At first they horrify him, but eventually he begins to like them.

Then he finally begins to understand why he keeps having them; he's in love with Twilight. They briefly argue over what they would put for the welcome banner for the Crystal Prep students in A Banner Day.

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But after Vice Principal Luna was impressed on the final result of the banner, which is a combination of their ideas, they make amends. Spike shows much concern for Twilight throughout Friendship Games, as he dislikes Canterlot High School and expresses worry about Twilight's trip there. Even after he accidentally exposed to some of Fluttershy's magic when Twilight's pendant absorbs it and ended up gaining him an ability to talk, Spike is still very supportive to Sci-Twi during the Friendship Games.

During the climax of the film, when Twilight transforms into the evil Midnight Sparkle, Spike calls out to her and gives a pleading look, momentarily bringing her back to her senses so Sunset Shimmer can return her to normal.

Legend of Everfreehuman Twilight Sparkle develops a crush on Camp Everfree counselor Timber Spruceand they spend a good portion of the film getting to know each other. During the Crystal Gala fundraiser for Camp Everfree, Timber asks Twilight out on a date, which she accepts, and the two have a moment in which they almost kiss before it is interrupted by Timber's sister Gloriosa Daisy.

They have several awkward encounters throughout the film, and Flash even helps her avoid punishment from Vice Principal Luna. During most of Twilight's interactions with Flash, she blushes and stutters. At the Fall Formal, she accepts his invitation to have a dance.

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Upon returning to Equestria, Twilight has a similar encounter with pony Flash Sentry, and her friends tease her for having a crush. In Rainbow Rocks, Twilight and Flash still harbor romantic feelings for one another.

twilight and spike relationship poems

However, due to the Dazzlings ' hypnotizing music, Flash lashes out at Twilight in anger at one point, driving Twilight to tears. They eventually reconcile when the Dazzlings' spell is broken.