Tibet and china relationship with obama

Dalai Lama Meets With President Obama; China Objects : The Two-Way : NPR

tibet and china relationship with obama

Former U.S. President Barack Obama meeting with the Dalai Lama in Question ” remained an important factor in the US-China relationship. “China is opposed to any nation or government using the Tibet issue The White House, which said Obama had a “great relationship” with the. President Barack Obama's scheduled meeting with the Dalai Lama this week drew For China, the symbolic details matter, but for Tibetans in Tibet, it's only.

The two Nobel laureates spent an hour in the White House's Map Room, a step down in prestige from the Oval Office, where the president traditionally meets foreign heads of state.

tibet and china relationship with obama

The meeting was closed to reporters. Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China's foreign ministry, said before the meeting that it was "a gross interference in China's domestic politics" and "a severe violation of the principles of international relations.

  • China tells U.S. it's against Obama meeting Dalai Lama
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  • Dalai Lama Meets With President Obama; China Objects

It will inflict grave damages upon the China-US relationship". China, which routinely responds to foreign leaders' meetings with the Dalai Lama with diplomatic snubs and sanctions, said it had relayed its concerns formally to the US and urged Washington to treat its concerns seriously.

tibet and china relationship with obama

China bitterly opposes the Dalai Lama's quest for greater Tibetan autonomy and is wary of Obama's efforts to increase US influence in the region. China responded with equal vitriol to Obama's meetings with him, in andthough it did not follow up with concrete measures that would damage ties.

China tells U.S. it's against Obama meeting Dalai Lama | Reuters

Relations only resumed after the British prime minister said he did not plan to meet the spiritual leader again in the near future. The US had no immediate response to the latest rebuke from China. But in announcing the meeting, the White House said Obama was meeting the Dalai Lama in the latter's capacity as a cultural and religious leader.

tibet and china relationship with obama

As if to indicate that a reaction was expected, officials reiterated that the US recognised Tibet as part of China and did not support Tibetan independence. The Dalai Lama's religious and political identities could not be separated, as he is not only a living Buddha of the Gelug sect of the Tibetan Buddhism, but also the de facto leader of the theocratic "government-in-exile," he said.

China says Dalai Lama-Obama meeting will damage bilateral ties

The meeting aimed to contain China by playing the "Tibet Card," Du said, adding when the Dalai Lama went to Washington last October, Obama did not meet him for purpose of making his ensuing first China visit successful. The Thursday meeting is actually fulfillment of Obama's promise to the Dalai Lama that he would meet him later, Du said, adding Obama had been under pressure from the U.

tibet and china relationship with obama

Since when then U. Bush became the first U. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement it was regardless of China's repeated solemn representations for the U.

China denounces Barack Obama's meeting with Dalai Lama

It also went against the repeated commitments by the U. Zhu Feng of the Peking University said the meeting was considered as a gesture shown to the U. The Dalai Lama is a "human rights defender" in westerners' eyes and they believe human rights is the core of the "Tibet issue," Zhu said. The meeting was carried out in the Map Room in the White House instead of the Oval Office which symbolizes the presidential power.

It means, on one hand, Obama intended to tell Americans that he had "shown respect" to the Dalai Lama; on the other hand, he did not want to "offend China too much," Zhu said.