The relationship marketing ladder

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the relationship marketing ladder

In this video, Kevin gives some ideas on how to develop customer loyalty, so that your customers stay with you long term and spend more money with you!. Relationship Marketing Ladder. 1. COMM CLIENT MANAGEMENT Lecture 3: The Relationship Marketing Ladder Developed by Melanie. The customer loyalty ladder involves five main stages based on the and customer retention most commonly referred to in the marketing world. has to be able to develop the relationship with the already existing customer.

the relationship marketing ladder

The concept of Customer Loyalty Ladder comes under relationship marketing and brand management which deals with establishing long term relations with customers. It is said that the cost of attracting new customers is times more than that of doing business with existing customers.

Hence it is worth for any organization to keep its existing customers happy and satisfied in order to do a more profitable business.

Loyalty Ladder

Customer Loyalty Ladder thus helps an organization plan engagement strategy wisely so that the customers would be tempted to move up the ladder. Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Loyalty Ladder along with its overview. Advertisements Browse the definition and meaning of more terms similar to Customer Loyalty Ladder. The Management Dictionary covers over business concepts from 6 categories. The aim of relationship marketing is to retain existing customers, as attracting new customers is six times more expensive than holding onto existing customers.

The ladder of customer loyalty is about the different loyalty relationships customers have with businesses.

Ladder Of Customer Loyalty

There are five steps in the ladder of customer loyalty, each step represents one type of customer based on their loyalty to the business. The diagram below shows the 5 steps involved in the Ladder Of Customer Loyalty.

Relationship Marketing

They are a suspect for your company Prospect If the person is interested in your promotion they become a prospect. The climb up the ladder has begun, its marketing's job to give them a "helping hand" to get up the ladder. Customers A customer is someone who purchases either your product or service. We make snap judgments. This first commitment is instinctive and emotional. It springs from our basic sense and appreciation of something done right.

In this view, the loyalty ladder is best seen on its side. The customers who love you fall in love with you on the first visit. With each subsequent visit, the customers who do love you make up more of the remaining pool.

the relationship marketing ladder

This is why customers who visit twice are more likely to return than customers who visit once and customers who visit three times are more likely to return than customers who visit twice, etc.