The hermit page of wands relationship

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the hermit page of wands relationship

When the Page of Wands appears in your relationship tarot reading, This figure is actually the Hermit on an early stage in their journey. When the Hermit appears in the reading, a client will often despair. For many, the Hermit does mean being alone or that a relationship might not. The Page of Wands and the Hermit share a very deep and that relationship and the relationship shared between the Page and the Hermit.

The Page of Wands in a sentence The Page of Wands represents potential adventure, creative endeavours and starting up anew. Likely a male, he had an adventurous and energetic personality. Maybe this was something you were jealous of. It can also represent the recent completion of something you were proud of, that is opening new doors for you.

the hermit page of wands relationship

As childhood goes, the Page of Wands can represent you, seemingly more mature than others your age, you might have given yourself a good jump start in life. Are you looking to do something completely new?

The Page of Wands Tarot Card

You might find that life changes very soon, whereas before you were on a path, you might have just reached the destination now.

Instead of feeling aimless, you should follow wherever your passions take you. Expect an open, free future, where only your choices determine your actions. If you are particularly afraid of something, make a point to address this in a long term goal.

A rewarding way to live life is to analyse your fears, and then adapt these into goals. The more you confront a fear, the more you will change the feeling of fear into the feeling of opportunity. Consequently, now is a good time to apply for jobs or placements. You might have finished training for something just in time for you to be able to put those skills to use soon.

the hermit page of wands relationship

Romance — The Page of Wands in romance is a very good sign. Expect a new level of deep connection in any existing relationships. The Page of Wands is an especially good sign when it comes to finding love. Expect a new type of relationship, spontaneous and exciting.

The background is a darker blue, which fades into white.

Dark blue symbolisms communication and enlightenment, especially when we move towards white. In a way, he is almost like the fool again, but this time he has gained knowledge.

the hermit page of wands relationship

Much is to be gained on this quest for further self-awareness. Self-awareness will only spring from this endeavor. The Hermit Interpretation and Divination The Hermit is a Thoreau, who goes into the woods to write about everything he sees and feels. He walks through the woods every day, quietly practicing mindfulness, enjoying everything he comes into contact with. He is introspective, keen, and logical.

He wants to analyze everything around him as it gives light.

When you get the Hermit in a reading, you may want to spend some time alone. This is not a time of loneliness, but of a time where being alone is necessary. They need time alone to ponder. Could indicate a physicist or astrologer contemplating a new theory. He can also represent a person who is a little strange, a person who always seems to be alone.

The Hermit in Love If you are already in a relationship, the Hermit signals that it isn't a good time for love.

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Your partner really wants time alone. If you are inquiring about a love interest, the Hermit warns that he or she is extremely picky about who they choose to be with.

They will want a lot of space and may even want to have separate rooms or live apart indefinitely. The Hermit for Feelings If you get the Hermit in the "feelings" placement then your love interest feels like being alone.

They feel deeply introspective and probably very happy about being alone. There may be a breakup in the future if they are feeling the Hermit energies. Hermit Strengths If the Hermit comes up for your strengths, it means that you work great alone.