Teacher and student relationship asian drama series

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teacher and student relationship asian drama series

can you please list the titles of dramas/movies which run on the same line? and if it's possible, ninawina wrote: Kou Kou Kyoushi is another teacher student relationship. I have not seen a series with a step-parent plot but I have read a lot of manga about that. i haven't It's a Korean Drama called ICE GIRL. I know this. Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. Korean Drama - I am Your Teacher. Korean Drama - Close Range Love. Japanese. In one of ′s hottest Korean drama, Park Shin Hye takes on a student teacher romance with Kim Rae Won, who lived in the same house.

And when I say rough, I mean rough.

Student-Teacher Relationship

These kids have not led the easiest of lives nor do they consider school important. Se Chan and In Jae have the daunting task of making them care. In Jae is the idealistic teacher whose love for and faith in her kids not only inspires them, but also Se Chan, who has long since lost faith in his profession.

She teaches them to think for themselves, even at the cost of her safety and happiness. His students and younger brother respect him and his insights into their abilities and how to harness them for the future. He encourages them to chase their dreams while also looking at what they are actually good at. You only live once.

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But Tae Woong gives them the push they need to find their attainable dreams, which is exactly the kind of teacher a teenager on the path to adulthood needs. To guide these wayward characters on their way, a good teacher is necessary, even if he is a bit lost himself.

Enter Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Oh Hyuk, a teacher who is charged with turning a class of less-than-stellar arts school candidates into something the administration considers worthwhile. Instead of pushing them and forcing them to work brutally hard like the rest of the teachers and those in the industry, Oh Hyuk encourages his students to go at their own pace and see the world.

4 Teacher-Student Romance Dramas That Led to Happily Ever After

He pushes his athletes to do their best, but also knows that life is more than just being the best. Enjoyment of the process of becoming successful or not-so-successful athletes is what is important.

Starring Matsushima Nanako in a role of a year-old teacher and Takizawa Hideakia year-old high school student troubled with his life at home, they form a close relationship because they understand each other perfectly well.

But what about the social norms and society's judgements?

teacher and student relationship asian drama series

However, Shuji becomes increasingly close to his student Hikari Takei Emibut is that because he likes her or because he wants to help her overcome her mental anxiety? Hikari is, on the other hand, completely in love with him and decides to sabotage their engagement.

The drama stars a popular actress Ueto Aya and Fujiki Naohito. This is a remake of the drama of the same name. The shy teacher and a cheerful student form a close and deep relationship, but there is more to the student's life because she hides a depressing secret.

teacher and student relationship asian drama series

However, it seems that he has feelings for her too, even though he knows he "shouldn't". This drama is more a comedy than melodrama, so keep that in mind if you wanna check it out.

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So this is a male student x female teacher type of drama. The story also follows their romance five years after Kang Wook goes to prison.

teacher and student relationship asian drama series

Even though the setting is transferred from a school to the hospital, the relationship is still the one between a student and mentor. Recommended to the fans of this genre. Eventually they fall in love.

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