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Cardinal O'Hara DMR flirts with a historic sub 10 minute time. by Steve Mazzone. Cardinal O'Hara coach Tom Kennedy was confident his. Sad update: Soap star Nathaniel Marston died on Wednesday after an October car accident, his mother revealed on Wednesday. He is pictured. A brilliantly plotted Victorian murder mystery in the style of Edward Marston , Wigan. .. in The Devil to Pay, has left HMS Flirt, as well as the crew and the wounded Henry Digby 'This is the sweet memory of Mme, my dear mother. Fresh out of college and hungry for success, Nathan Pitch, twenty-one and full of.

The story is a complicated one of the conflict of love and honour. Cornelia is a noble lady of Ve- rona, who is loved by the Duke of Ferrara, and to whom she bears a son on the night that the Duke was going to take her off to Ferrara to marry her. Don Juan, also by chance, res- cues the Duke from the angry brother of Cornelia. However, after a series of incidents that it would be tedious to relate, the Duke and Cornelia are brought together and ail ends happily.

Fletcher follows the twists and turns of this story faithfully and with some dexterity. Often he follows it very closely indeed. Fletcher is only paraphrasing Cervantes1. I am sure, from the first of these quotations, that he had read the Spanish text and not the French translation of 2. Fletcher's construction is really that of Cervantes.

The first omission concerns Cornelia's baby. In both novel and play, there is some humour in the spectacle of a young unmarried Spanish gentleman who, while he roams the streets of Verona at night, suddenly finds that the mysterious parcel that he has been given contains a live baby, Fletcher, naturally, made the most of this opportunity.

There, the baby is lost sight of as soon as it can no longer be funny. In Cervantes, the happy ending is brought about in the house of a priest ; behind all the complications of the story, there is a sense of the religious nature of family life: So that the Church makes the marriage practicable and then sanctifies it. Fletcher's omissions from his source shew how he limited it ; his additions, how he coarsened it. Weneed not take much notice of his irascible old gentleman Antonio, a stock figure whom we can find in half a dozen other plays.

Fletcher took Cervantes's hint and deve- loped it in his own fashion. He also took another hint: You may remember that Juliet's Nurse had also said: I pray you, sir, what saucy merchant was this, that was so full of his ropery? Juliet's Nurse had also said: In any case, her origin is clear enough: The Don John of the play is the counterpart of the don Juan of the novel.

As soon as Constantia has left the stage, Don John bursts out: Art thou an Ass? And modest as her blushes? They are arguments to draw them to abhor us. An honest moral man?

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A handsome man, a wholsome man, a tough man, A liberal man, a likely man, a man Made up like Hercules, unslak'd with service: The same to night, to morrow night, the next night, And so to perpetuitie of pleasures, These had been things to hearken to, things catching: That I was trusty, And valiant, were things well put in ; but modest!

To say that this passage is coarse in feeling, hard-boiled and of doubtful morality need not be a criticism of it. Coarseness may be a necessary part of a whole that is irreproachable.

There is howe- ver no sign that Fletcher in any way disapproved of the attitude here expressed, even if these words were only intended to raise a laugh. Nothing, as the Spaniards say, is left in the inkwell. Fletcher let his pen run away with him ; the resuit is cheap.

As Fletcher's verse is inferior to that of Jonson, Webster and Middle- ton, so his constructions or fabrications are inferior to those of his Cervantine sources. Fletcher syste- matically debased whatever he took from Cervantes.

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Samuel Butler, the author of Hudibras, once described the cha- racter of An Imitater. In it he wrote that His the imitator's Muse is not inspired but infected with another Man's Fancy ; and he catches his Wit, like the Itch, of somebody else that had it before, and when he writes he does but scratch himself.

He melts down his Wit, and casts it in a Mold: He runs a whoring after another Man's Inventions for he has none of his own to tempt him to an incontinent Thought and begets a Kind of Mungrel Breed, that never comes to good3.

Nevertheless, Butler's Hudibras has" often been described as an imitation of Don Quixote. It is quite possible that he had also read Gayton. The figure of Hudibras is modelled on the burlesque Quixote that so much amused the seventeenth century. Ralpho, though he may be named after the hero of The Knight of the Burning Pestle1, is taken from Sancho Panza, in so far as his role is made to contrast with that of his master. The caricatures of Gayton are pointless, because their author looked on them as being automatically funny for their own sakes, but Butler made his caricatures stand for classes of people that he disliked: Hudibras is a Presbyterian and Ralpho an Independent.

Friday Coverage from New Balance Nationals: Barrett 5K NR!

The adventures of Hudibras and Ralpho are reflections of Quixote's and Sancho's2. When the men of Brentford put thistles under Ralpho's horse's tail, thereby bringing disaster to Hudibras, we remember how Quixote was served by the boys of Barcelona. Like Quixote, Hudibras invokes his mistress to inflame his courage. As Cervantes made his own characters disavow the spurious Second Part of Avellaneda, so Butler makes his deny the truth of the sham Second Part of Hudibras.

These are all extemal similarities, that affect the machinery of the poem, rather than its texture. Other ideas from Cervantes are also incorporated in Butler's digressions, descriptions and discourses. The author or the persons in the poem discuss whe- ther knights-errant ever eat, and if so, what they eat, the right of the victor to the spoils of war, the geographical and historical liberties taken by poets and dramatists, the duty of errant knights to free distressed damosels, how no honour can be gained when the foe is a member of the lower classes, the frauds of judicial astronomy and the nature of pimping: Perhaps the worst features of the poem come from Cervantes ; for besides the defect in the hero, to which Dr.

Johnson drew his readers' attention, the mock-heroic descriptions can hardly amuse anyone todjay; much of the mock-heroic comes from Cervantes1. Butler's merit lay in his satirical observations on human conduct, in the examination of base motives, in the exposure of hypocrisy and in the extraordinary use of metaphor and paradox to explode or confound absurdities. Hudibras and Ralpho are not pilloried merely because they were a Presbyte- rian and an Independent, but because they used an ostentatious piety to further their own ends.

Gayton's caricatures were pointless ; Butler's were serious, I would almost say, improving. Cervantes can hardly have influenced Butler's poetic technique. Virginal is not, perhaps, the most appropriate a,djecvtive to apply to Butler's Muse, but is there any other En- glish poet who — to use Dr. Professor Grierson considered Butler the last of the Metaphysical Poets 2, and there is a similarity between his destructive technique and the brilliant constructions of John Donne.

Here I am reminded of Cervantes and the romances: Although some of his predecessors were greater men than he, his adaptation of the conceit and expanded metaphor to a satirical purpose was original and remains valid.

The metaphysical technique occurs both in Butler's verse and in his prose. It is apparent in the extract from The Imitater that BuU. He cou'd deep Mysteries unriddle, As easily as thread a Needle. Ralpho had been a taylor. For as of Vagabonds we say ; That they are ne'er beside their way ; Whate'er Men speak by this New Light, Still they are sure to be i'th'right. Tis a Dark Lanthorn of the Spirit, Which none see by but those that bear it: A Light that falls down from on high, For spiritual Trades to cozen by: Behind the passage there is the Biblical parable of the blind leading the blind, only here is also a foolish knave who holds a dark-lantern and follows an ignis fatuus.

The baptismal practice of one sect becomes typical of the mistaken enthusiasm of ail fanatic hypocrites. Butler's greatest gift, the technique of satirical paradox, would seem to owe little to Cervantes. Without the example of Don Quijote, Hudibras might never have existed.

My legs were pretty tired. It happens in cross country and track. I can negative split. As a result of the onslaught, the record is now almost 32 seconds faster than it was in the winter of Giving chase to Barrett paid big dividends for Jenks. Her US 2 time of This is why I love coming to these races. I come to these races to get pushed and get faster times.

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It feels good to have a good race. With Templeton holding a slight edge, the duo went through the first at 2: Armstrong led the chase pack about meters behind. The pace went out pretty good. Templeton went back in front briefly before the Skyview runner resumed control again and maintained it to the finish line-banner.

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In fact, they were getting closer.