Suzaku and euphemia relationship quotes

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suzaku and euphemia relationship quotes

incorrect-code-geass-quotes Lelouch: I kill to make Nunnally happy! Suzaku: I'll kill to make the relationship between Britannia and Area 11 more fair!. Princess Euphemia Suzaku, Code Geass They look so cute, I've haven't seen or read .. (Code Geass) Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Manga Quotes .. of the Rebellion, Code Geass Illustrations Relation, Euphemia Li Britannia. ~Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass) Euphy, the Nia of Code Geass. .. Kururugi Suzaku (Code Geass) Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes, Lelouch Vi Britannia.

Create New In Code Geass Lelouch admits that his half-sister Euphemia was the closest thing he had to a first love and his relationship with full-sister Nunnally is considered suspicious both by people in the actual show and by fans of the series.

However, it should be noted that Lelouch is a Celibate Hero who has shown little interest in sex, despite spending plenty of time around Kallen and C.

C, and a years long friendship with Milly Ashford, who not only practically screams "sexual deviant", but repeatedly drops hints that she wants to get into Lelouch's pants - though it seems to come out more easily when Milly is wearing a dress - AND she has the biggest bust size in the series, even bigger than Lelouch's mother's.

It depends on how suspicious an outlook on the characters you havein the case of Euphie, at least.

suzaku and euphemia relationship quotes

It's not much of a stretch to imagine that the other princes and princesses were the only kids their age that the children of Charles Brittannia regularly saw while growing up. And Lelouch last saw Euphie at age 10, roughly.

It's not too different from a little girl saying she wants to marry her daddy. For someone who 'loathes' Lelouch eventually, Nunnally is rather devastated by his death. Their perhaps excessively feverish declarations of love as he expires are suspicious as well. And not only that, but she doesn't hate Zero, either One could argue that it's because when she touched him in his dying moments, the memories he had of the reasons he did everything flashed through her mind, hence her devastation.

When everything ends and Nunnally knows what really occurred, she states that the only thing she wanted was to stay with him. Yes, she'd rather share with him the life of a fallen princess in a fascist empire than being the universally loved Empress in a peaceful world. Considering that Lelouch never let her know about any of that racism or violence, barely even noticed Japan be invaded, and never wanted for anything This is like saying that you wouldn't kill your father for riches and power.

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God, I really, really hope she never wanted Lelouch to die and make her the ruler of a nation. That would be evil.

Not to mention it would create a world of lies, the same world of lies that Lelouch hated, resented, and wanted to destroy in the first episode. One could also add in the fact that, when Nunnally reunites with Euphie, one of the things they discuss is the argument they had over which one of them would eventually marry Lelouch.

suzaku and euphemia relationship quotes

In fact, even after meeting again for the first time in seven years, Nunnally can barely have a cup of tea with Euphie before bringing this up and then seriously and worriedly asking if Euphie was still interested in Lelouch. On the one hand, this is tempered by Nunnally seeming pretty happy when she mistook C. She seemed a bit put off when C. On the other hand, Nunnally also got sick and had Lelouch skip school to take care of her, and as he was tucking her in suggested that her getting sick was her body's way of getting Lelouch to pay some attention to her since he had been so busy the last couple weeks what with his secret rebellion and all.

While generally silly all-around, NunnallyInWonderland keeps characterization pretty consistent with canon and when C. Although they are not related by blood, Rolo is VERY openly infatuated with his big brother, which Lelouch rather sadistically takes advantage of to deceive Rolo into joining his side.

He calls it "playing a 'game of brothers'". Rolo then proceeds to manipulate Lelouch, and abuses his grief over Nunnally becoming Area 11's Viceroy.

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And kills Shirley for wanting to reunite Lelouch and Nunnally. And plans to kill Nunnally. It's revealed that the Emperor got it on with hundreds of mistresses, and Lelouch has Half-Sisters and Half-Brothers all over the world. Every member of royalty who isn't the Emperor himself or the women who gave birth to them are all related to each other through the Emperor's blood alone.

No one bullies her boyfriend. The only thing that keeps him going is the slim hope that the path of non-aggression, of collaboration, of brown nosing and working within a corrupt system, might eventually lead to a better future. And some heavy guilt-tripping at work. Like, a lot of it. So how does Suzaku measure up as a knight? Suzaku fights against Xing-Ke.

I told you before, Lelouch, that I was going to change this world from the inside. Even if it means selling out your friends? Suzaku rocking his Knight of Zero pilot suit. Where does the Arthurian parallel fail? Well, Lancelot ultimately fails as a knight by abandoning his spiritual duties and knightly obligations and succumbing to carnal love.

Code Geass comments little on religion Social Darwinism appears to be the closest thing Brittania has to one and though morality is discussed, the world of Geass lies firmly in the secular and the material.

Suzaku and Lancelot are failures as knights, though in different ways. Lancelot fails because of his choice to put aside his personal desires for the sake of keeping the kingdom together. Lancelot, who by every definition is the ideal knight—he never loses in battle and follows chivalry by the letter the spirit of the oath…not so much. Suzaku fails at a knight namely at his inability to protect his loved ones including Euphemia from harm.

You told the world a lie when you proclaimed you were a knight for justice. Suzaku realizes that the chivalric code of honor that knights hold on to is nothing but an illusion, its image only realized by making lies into truth.

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Knight of Seven Suzaku was kind of an angsty jerk. Knight of Zero Suzaku is a cool jerk who revels in his newfound purpose in life. The punishment for what you have done shall be this then…you will live on, always wearing that mask, serving as a knight for justice and truth. You will no longer live your life as Suzaku Kururugi, you shall sacrifice the ordinary pleasures of your life in benefit of the world for eternity. This Geass I do solemnly accept.

In the eyes of the world, Kururugi Suzaku is a terrible knight, not to mention a terrible person.

Suzaku Kururugi

He is a traitor in all respects—he has betrayed his country, his people, his morality. It is only in private that the mask of brutality comes off and yet you get the sense that Suzaku keeps up the mask even then. When Lelouch is falling apart and drowns in self-doubt, Suzaku pushes him to remember their mission, to remember Zero Requiem.

There is no room for weakness—they must play their roles perfectly. Suzaku as the new Zero The performance and metaphor of masks fits well with the fall of Camelot in the Arthurian canon.

suzaku and euphemia relationship quotes

In the case for Code Geass, the masks, rather than completely abandoned, are kept and reforged. Lies are necessary for people to move forward just as people need masks in order to hide their pain and find the courage to create miracles.