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supernatural sam and ruby relationship

Sam Winchester and his other relationships he encounters in his life. The minor friends, enemies, and lovers he has encountered are listed here. Ruby is a demon on The CW Television Network's Supernatural portrayed mainly by actresses Contrary to her promise to Sam, Ruby tells Dean that she cannot actually save him from Hell and that she had lied to Sam to get him to listen to her . . but without follow-through—and causing a fracture in their relationship. Sam and Ruby's relationship was one of the most complex relationships in the series. They were initially allies against Lilith, although Sam never fully trusted her.

She claimed that the reason why she was helping them was because, unlike other demons, she remembered how it felt to be human. Edit An incensed Ruby teaches the boys "the rules of war".

Ruby's newfound truce with Dean broke when, after learning that the Colt had been stolen by Bela Talbot she suggested that they kill the virginal Nancy Fitzgerald to use her heart in a spell that would kill the demons laying siege to the police station Sam, Dean, and other people were hiding in; this spell would also have killed Ruby.

Despite her and Nancy's willingness to sacrifice themselves, Dean vehemently refused her offer. After he gained the support of Sam, who was more open to the idea, Ruby gave up in disgust and left.

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The brothers escaped by using a mass-exorcism, but Lilith had killed everyone in the station after they left. Ruby angrily lectured them on not going with her plan, gave them hex bags to hide them from Lilith, and left.

Edit Ruby comes to help Sam save Dean. Against Dean's wishes, Sam summoned Ruby for her help in saving Dean from Hell as his brother's deadline grew close. She told him that he could save his brother by developing the demonic abilities Azazel had given him, which had gone dormant upon the demon's death.

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However, Dean had predicted his brother's actions and drawn up a devil's trap, which he used to capture her and steal her knife after a brief but vicious fight. She was enraged and screamed that she wished she could see him getting tortured in Hell. She managed to escape the trap and showed up to apprehend him, demanding her knife back, but was forced to flee with the brothers when a horde of demons attacked.

supernatural sam and ruby relationship

While the group was separated, Lilith exorcised Ruby and sent her back to Hell while she temporarily possessed Ruby's host body. Interim Edit Ruby saves Sam. Ruby was released from Hell, claiming that Lilith had ordered her to kill Sam to prove her loyalty. Eventually, it ended sadly as these things always do with Castiel erasing memories of Dean from her mind. Lucifer and Kelly Lucifer spent a lot of time season 12 jumping from one body to the next.

Although he started out in the body of an aging rock star who looked like Rick Springfield, he worked his way up to President of the United States. After Lucifer possessed the President, he used that body to impregnate Kelly, basically putting the child of Satan inside her belly. Although the Winchesters did everything they could to prevent the child from being born, it was, and that child was Jack.

Jack, who is half angel and half mortal, though, is one of the best new characters of the series. Castiel and Daphne One of the many tropes of Supernatural that it often falls into is letting the characters have "normal" lives so that they can see what they're missing out on by being who they are, whether they are hunters or angels.

supernatural sam and ruby relationship

Sam and Dean already had their experience, so naturally it was time for Castiel's attempt. In season 7, Castiel wakes up in a forest of no memory who he is. Believing that it's a sign from god, a woman finds him and takes him into her home and bed. They eventually grow to love each other and get married. Eventually, Castiel does remember who he is, and of course, breaks her heart in the process.

Not only did they get the interesting character of Jack, but two old characters got to return to help the Winchesters build a portal to the alternate world where their mother ended up after the season 12 finale. What was even better, though, was in the episode where everyone in the bunker is trying to make plans to meet up with Mary in the alternate world and Gabriel and Rowena are left alone together.

It all starts out with innocent flirting, but then Sam and Dean catch them, quite literally, in the act. It's such an odd pairing that it's almost perfect and it is part of what made season 13 so great. Charlie and Dorothy Supernatural has a bad history of mistreating many of its female characters.

One of those characters is Charlie Bradbury. She was a refreshing addition to the Supernatural cast and someone that fans really wanted to see stick around.

supernatural sam and ruby relationship

Except that Supernatural's writers didn't see it that way, so they had her fall in love with Dorothy from Oz yes, that Dorothy. Then the writers had her run off with Dorothy seemingly forever only to come back and perish very quickly. A few weeks laterEileen is killed by a hellhound.

Sam learns of this from Jody Mills, and he and Dean visit the morgue to identify the body. Sam is shown very unhappy with the loss, even more when a handful of other hunters have been killed in a short period of time.

He receives a letter sent by Eileen a while ago that informs him of the possibility of wiretapping, and in fear of her life, Eileen wished to stay at the Bunker with them. The letter helps Sam and Dean find out about the wiretaps inside their bunker.

They use it to try and trick the British Men of Letters into a trap, and manage to capture Lady Toni Bevellwho confirms Sam's suspicion that Eileen was killed by the Brits.

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Edit In order to save Sam, Dean tricks Sam into saying " Yes " to the angel Gadreel, believing he is Ezekielso the angel can heal him from the inside of the damage from the Trials.

Gadreel acts as Sam's "angelic pacemaker" through the first half of season 9, keeping him alive and slowly healing him, but keeping the truth from him by erasing his memory so that Sam can't expel him which would mean death. Gadreel occasionally uses Sam's body to do various tasks, but always returns control to him.

Gadreel's presence protects Sam from Vesta and saves him when Chef Leo mortally wounds him, but after agreeing to work for MetatronGadreel takes full possession of him, trapping Sam in a fantasy world within his mind where he believes he is hunting with Dean. With help from CrowleySam learns the truth and expels Gadreel, but it severely damages his relationship with Dean. It's shown that Gadreel at least mostly healed Sam as he claimed before being expelled despite telling Sam he might be all that's keeping him alive and Castiel plans to finish what Gadreel started.

supernatural sam and ruby relationship

Sam later tells Castiel that he could kind of sense Gadreel in his head and he felt that Gadreel felt misunderstood, not evil. After learning the truth about Metatron, Gadreel comes to the Winchesters and Castiel to offer his help. Despite what Gadreel did to him, Sam was willing to forgive him and let him help and was furious when Dean tried to kill the angel.

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Sam helps Castiel track down and save Gadreel and the three work together to stop Metatron. While Dean gets killed, Gadreel sacrificed himself to redeem himself for all of his actions, including what he did to Sam and save Heaven. Sam seems to consider Gadreel a friend after everything he did when he switched sides as when he told Dean off for going with Crowley rather than his "real friends", he specifically referred to Gadreel as one. Edit Sam and God Unlike his brother, Sam has always been a strong believer in God, and prayed to him throughout his life.

It should be noted that God, as Chuck, expressed disappointment in Sam's addiction to demon blood. He chose not to add this piece of information to the Supernatural books to keep Sam from appearing "unsympathetic". Sam was initially disbelieving of Chuck's prediction that he would sleep with Lilith.

When Lilith did arrive, Sam intended to kill her, but almost got killed himself until Chuck arrived at his location.

supernatural sam and ruby relationship

This sent Lilith running in fear of the archangel that was guarding Chuck. Sam met Chuck again in The Real Ghostbustersduring which Sam threatened to harm Chuck if he continued publishing the Supernatural books. Sam was, however, glad to know that Becky liked Chuck. Afterwards, Sam rarely spoke, or even mentioned Chuck, and since Sam was a practical person, he did not rely much on praying though he still prayed, even after he felt God had abandoned him and Dean during the Apocalypse.

Sam's last known prayer was in Form and Voidwhich went unheard by God but was picked up by Lucifer instead. While Dean was displeased and resentful, Sam was notably enthusiastic with finally meeting God though nervous because of their last encounters, and began bombarding him with numerous questions until Dean told him to stop.

Sam did grow a little uncomfortable with God's apparent lack of concern for Lucifer, who was being held captive by Amara. After rescuing Lucifer, Sam helped to bring father and son together through a therapy session.

Sam and Ruby

He then helped God devise a plan to attack Amara, and personally recruited the witches for this cause. God also put a protection around Sam, as noted by Clea. Privately, Sam and God discussed passing the Mark onto Sam, since Sam was the only candidate not yet tainted by the Mark. However, the attack on Amara failed, and God was left dying on the floor. Sam helped to carry him outside. Afterwards, Sam remained by God's side, occasionally checking on him, until God himself disappeared.

Edit Sam and Henry Henry is Sam's paternal grandfather. Sam first met him in As Time Goes Bywhen the latter time traveled to get away from a demon named Abaddon. After learning who he is, Sam was shocked to meet him as the latter was to meet him and Dean. Unlike his brother who is resentful to him, Sam is accepting of him and correctly believed that it wasn't his fault for not being there to raise John. Sam was confused that Henry is disappointed in him and Sam not being in Men of Letters before criticizing him for abandoning his family.

After Henry reads John Winchester's Journalhe tries to undo his mistake and traveled back to his son.