Stephano and trinculo relationship quotes

Stephano and Trinculo

stephano and trinculo relationship quotes

Stefano and Trinculo are a butler and jester, so as servants they are closer to How would you describe Prospero's relationship with Miranda based on his use. As the production progresses however, it becomes apparent that Caliban also seeks-and to some extent finds-acknowledgement from Trinculo and Stephano. Trinculo now calls out to Stephano, and Stephano pulls his friend out from under Stephano and Trinculo's epithet of choice in Act II, scene ii and thereafter is.

The general complaint by those who have read the play, including most college professors, use the alleged complaint of rape as a justifiable reason for the poor treatment Caliban receives at the hands of all who come into contact with him.

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But this is taking political correctness too far, in my opinion. Before we even meet Caliban, Shakespeare already builds suspense around him: We are already given information on Caliban so that we are prejudiced about him before he enters the story. The first few things we hear about Caliban forms an animalistic view of the man. His mother Sycorax was from Argier, and his father Setebos seems to have been a Patagonian deity. Sycorax was exiled from Argier for witchcraft, much like Prospero himself, and Caliban was born on the island.

Surprisingly, Caliban also mirrors and contrasts with Ferdinand in certain ways. Caliban wants to get rid of Prospero, when he comes upon Stephano he thinks he is some sort of God as Stephano gives him alcohol.

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To Miranda and Prospero the use of language is a means to knowing oneself. Caliban does not view language in the same light. Prospero taught Caliban to speak, but instead of creating the feeling of empowerment from language, Caliban reacts in a rebellious manner.

It reminds him how different he is from Miranda and Prospero, and also how they have changed him. Shakespeare is perhaps using the relation between Caliban and Prospero to exploit the theme of colonialism. Caliban speaks in beautiful measured verse, more complex than anyone else on the island. It is extremely unusual Shakespeare would credit this verse to a serving character. By using a wide range of dramatic methods, Shakespeare has presented his audience with two extraordinary characters and a multi-layered relationship.

Stephano and Trinculo

I believe that the relationship between Prospero and Caliban is one that shows many different themes within from magic to enslavement to fully express and present important dramatic methods.

As shown in Act 4 Scene 1, he is easily distracted. He makes false promises to Trinculo and Caliban, but in his intoxicated state he usually believes the promises himself.

stephano and trinculo relationship quotes

The Plan[ edit ] The plan Stephano, Trinculo and mostly Caliban formulate is to wait for Prospero to take his afternoon sleep, then steal his magic books so he cannot fight back. He is weak without them. They then plan to cut his 'wezand' throatdrive a stake through his heart or beat him to death. Stephano is then to marry Miranda and become king of the island, and he promises to appoint Trinculo and Caliban as Viceroys [1] Their plan is foiled, and their vanity exposed, when flashy clothes are left out as a trap by Prospero's loyal servant Ariel.

The usurpersexcept Caliban, who urges them to continue with the plan, are distracted by the clothes. Selous Stephano plots against Prospero with Caliban and Trinculo. He is already friends with Trinculo, Alonso's Jester, who he probably met at the palace.

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In the play, Trinculo finds Caliban hiding under a cloak and thinks he had been struck by lightning. He gives them wine and then he and Trinculo recognise each other.

stephano and trinculo relationship quotes

He calls him 'Lord' and possibly exploits this to take control in Act 3, Scene 2. A key theme of the play is power. Caliban does not want power, but a kinder master.

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Prospero had treated him kindly until he attempted to rape Miranda, after which he was forced to live in a rock. She lov'd not the savour of tar nor of pitch, Yet a tailor might scratch her where'er she did itch. Then to sea, boys, and let her go hang!

stephano and trinculo relationship quotes

This is a scurvy tune too; but here's my comfort.