Sri lanka and china relationship

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sri lanka and china relationship

Sri Lanka was a popular stopover for merchants on their journeys between East In the fifteenth century, the political relations between Sri Lanka and China. deepening ties between China and Sri Lanka and President Sririsena's balancing approach towards India and China is analysed. Keywords: China, Sri Lanka. The China–Sri Lanka relations refers to bilateral relations between the People's Republic of China and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. There is a.

The nuclear aspirant States include the rich and the poor as well as democratic and undemocratic ones. Globalization has swept the world.

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It has brought about breathtaking progress in many areas for many people. It is nevertheless alleged to be responsible for marginalizing many vulnerable populations. In seeking greater good and well-being for their peoples, some nations and even continents had integrated into Unions blurring the hitherto sacrosanct attributes of sovereignty and nationhood.

In this complex situation of change and volatility, one constant that stood out has been the rising power of China. The cause and effect of this change and volatility is of course the subject of wide ranging on-going debates. The region the Admiral referred to has some remarkable attributes. The country now has nearly double the population that Kissinger was talking about.

sri lanka and china relationship

No single country in recent times has alleviated poverty of so many in as short a time as China has. The Government has since embarked on what seemed to be successful diplomatic negotiations to iron out differences with China, especially with regard to two key projects — the Port City and Hambantota.

SinceChina had been frequently invaded by Western powers, falling into a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country. It was not until and under the leadership of the Communist Party of China CPC that the Chinese people finally gained liberation, established a new socialist China and embarked on the great path of national development and rejuvenation.

Since the 16th century, Sri Lanka has been colonised consecutively by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British until when it became independent. Unfortunately since the s, Sri Lanka has experienced civil strife for nearly three decades and the national development process has been forced to stagnate.

Therefore, whenever Sri Lanka is facing a major opportunity for national development, China is willing to do its utmost to help Sri Lanka.

Turmoil in Sri Lanka could lead to closer China ties | The Japan Times

Combined dreams Thirdly, the Belt and Road Initiative combines the Chinese dream and Sri Lankan dream together in the new era, which makes us join hands and move forward with each other. Under the strong leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people have made brilliant achievements in national construction after 69 years of tremendous efforts. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in Novemberunder the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, we have successfully decided and deployed following major issues including comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively enhancing law-based governance, comprehensively strengthening party discipline, etc.

In the 19th National Congress of the CPC in OctoberPresident Xi Jinping reiterated that the original aspiration and the mission of Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

sri lanka and china relationship

He called for all members of the CPC to remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, and work tirelessly to realise the Chinese dream. The Communist Party of China strives for both the wellbeing of the Chinese people and the entire human progress.

In the new era, China will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit and to forge a new form of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation.

sri lanka and china relationship

We are willing to work together with all countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind, achieve common development, and join hands in creating a better future.

It is not for fostering any ally, but for the common development of related countries, and for a better future of mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, Sri Lanka has a superior geographical location and a broad development prospect. This is consistent with the idea of BRI and the goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Despite its achievements in economic and social development, China is still a developing country, situating at a similar stage of development as other developing countries including Sri Lanka and facing similar developing tasks.

The world is in a period of major development, changes, and adjustments.

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Peace and development are still the theme of our times. China is willing to join hands with Sri Lanka and other developing countries, to take the opportunities and tackle the challenges for a common development. To be specific, we would like to work with our Lanka friends to further enhance mutual trust, respect and support, to implement the mega-projects of Colombo Port City as well as Hambantota Port and Industrial Park, to boost the economic development of the Island nation for the early harvest of joint construction of BRI, and to bring tangible benefits to our two countries and peoples.

In order to better building the new form of international relations, General Secretary Xi Jinping also proposed to develop a new model of party-to-party relations, in which political parties seek common grounds while shelving differences, respect and learn from one another.

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In view of the different conditions in various countries, it is meaningful and helpful for different political parties to conduct more exchanges, improve understanding and consensus, and promote peace and development in the world. Party diplomacy is also an important part of Sino-Sri Lankan relations, while the CPC has been maintaining friendly relations with all parties in Sri Lanka.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to conclude my speech by quoting an old Chinese saying: With concrete efforts and under the guidance of our leaders, I am fully confident that in the new era of our bilateral relations, we will certainly gain the success of joint construction of BRI in Sri Lanka, and embrace the Sri Lankan dream of a prosperous country and a happy people.

Long live China-Sri Lanka friendship!

Turmoil in Sri Lanka could lead to closer China ties

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sri lanka and china relationship

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