Soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

Newlywed Soha Ali Khan talks about spending life with Kunal Khemu

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

She credits her husband for making her feel secure in their relationship. In a rare joint interview, lovebirds Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu reveal the secrets of their strong relationship and talk about their off-screen'. Soha Ali Khan tied the knot with long-time beau Kunal Khemu on were in a live -in relationship before they decided to take the wedding vows.

One reason why marriages break faster now is because people live longer.

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Earlier people died at Now they live to be aso all that more time to spend in a marriage. How many years can you live happily in one relationship? You need to have a sense of commitment, maturity and infinite patience to make a marriage last. Are you arguing against marrying Kunal? To keep a relationship going in today's day and age is very difficult.

I'd like to think if my relationship has worked for five years, it's permanent. We are all so self-centred. To give that much to a relationship is very difficult. Would you be able to do it? My happiness always came first.

But now to make Kunal happy makes me happier.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

But ultimately, I don't know how much I can sacrifice for anyone else. I always said we should not take the relationship for granted. We need to continue to communicate our feelings about one another, no matter what its repercussions. Only an honest approach can keep a relationship going. I've seen the dignity that my parents brought into their marriage.

If I am a secure person today it's because of the marriage that my parents shared. How did you tell your parents about each other? I told my dad first and my mother later.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

I relied on my mother to tell him. She met Kunal on the sets of 99 and unfortunately he was doing a scene in which he had to wear a pink bathrobe. White bathrobe with shorts. She liked him immediately, and he is very good with mothers.

There's no perfect relationship: Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan She shows her affection by balancing his cheque book. She is more organised. She plans all their holidays. When she first met Kunal, she thought they would never be friends She thinks he is very moody.

There's no perfect relationship: Soha Ali Khan - Movies News

She tried to cook a meal for Kunal but first asked him how to turn on the gas. Kunal Khemu He writes poems and songs for her. When they first met, he wondered what an Oxford grad was doing in films. He thinks their completely different backgrounds helped them click.

Soha is the first girl Kunal has told his parents about. I would describe it as very easy But in our case, we talk about everything. She still is my best friend.

I feel very comfortable around her. More so for a woman, when she looks at a man.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

Our relationship is strong because I respect Kunal for various reasons. I like that he is capable, I like to be looked after. Whether it is riding a bike or driving a car, being good at your job, being athletic or lifting weights, he holds firmly into the male category and that allows me to be a woman.

Who is more dominating? We are both very strong-headed individuals. We have healthy debates about everything. So when you both fight, who makes up? Does it ever get ugly? I really wonder why no one comes. How do you guys get time together considering you are shooting so often? It is important to make time. But most actors would agree that to be on a film set where you are not working is the most deathly boring thing you can do.

You spend a lot of time when you can, you work it out. When you spend time away from a person, you value that person more and come back wanting to spend more time. Kunal, do you pamper her with gifts? There are very few things that she likes. I have been begging her to change her phone. I want someone to give me time and attention, care and concern rather than things. Who is more romantic? I think that we are equally romantic. We display it in different ways.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu relationship quiz

We are romantic at heart and thought and not in action. We are too lazy to be romantic!