Shu and inori relationship poems

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shu and inori relationship poems

Inori you will be missed. Inori-x-Shu | Tumblr. Inori-x-Shu | Tumblr I Love Anime , All Anime, Anime Manga nooooooo ~Fluffy C. Sad Anime Quotes, Manga Quotes, Sad Quotes, Crown. More information .. Marriage is Wonderful. See more. _Guilty Crown. Shu and Inori _Guilty Crown. Discover ideas about Inori Yuzuriha. Browse Inori Yuzuriha collected by Bugster B and make your own Anime album. Deep Thoughts · Poem · Relationships. What others are saying Usui, El Anime, Spanish Quotes, Emo, Motivational, Kawaii, Romance, Her Quotes, Words. Read the topic about Romantic relationship between Shu and Inori? on Shu & Inori have as much chemistry as two bricks of stones but of course .. great singer, a soulful singer, who whose singing, songs, are so touching.

Shu is later called to meet with his 'lawyer' who is indeed Gai. They are interrupted by the GHQ callling an all out war because the Undertaker were attacking. Shu is shocked to learn that Inori came to save him and he manages to escape only to be picked up roughly by Ayase's Endlave, when she got angry at him, saying he did something to her because she disobeyed Gai's orders. Later, Shu pulls out Kido's Void and uses it to stop Inori from falling to the ground. He asks her if he can trust him.

She smiles and he pulls out her Void, using it to destroy all the Endlaves in the area. After, Shu meets with Gai and he finally decides to join the Undertaker. Gai introduces Shu to the undertakers and he wonders what the Leukocyte is when he hears Gai talk about it. When Gai puts Ayase in charge of making sure he gets the training he needs, Shu gets knocked out by Ayase after he says he doesn't want to cause trouble to a girl in a wheelchair. During this time, he has a flashback about two young boys talking about if it was ok to jump across a bridge that was apparently missing parts of it.

One of them then tells to the other, "Come on, just get over here! At this moment Shu wakes up with his clothes removed and a towel covering his lower body.

He gets up to look for the 'pen' Segai gave him but he can't find it. At this moment, Ayase comes on at the exact same time that Shu's towel falls to the ground. She screams and slaps him across the face. Later, they begin Shu's training sessions with Arugo, Tsugumi and Oogumo helping him.

Inori Yuzuriha

However, he fails all of them to the point that Oogumo calls him hopeless. He then goes to learn now to use a pistol, which Inori happens to be good at. While she teaches him how to use it, she gets a little too close and allows her chest to go up against Shu's back. They both blush and she tells him not to get close to her. After, Shu apologizes to Arugo after he asked if it was only the selfish and confident people who succeeded in life he was referring to Gai.

He meets with Inori and says he fells a little nostalgic because it reminded him of the first time they met but Inori remains silent. Shu asks her why she joined the Undertaker and Inori asks him why he came with her. Shu gives several hints that he came there for her but wasn't able to get the words out. He reaches for her hand but she prevents him from touching it and she stands up saying that Gai gave her her name and her world so she can't leave.

Shu then asks her what she meant by "I belong to you" and "stay with you forever" and becomes shocked and heartbroken when he learns that Gai told her to say that.

He runs after her only to misunderstand her relationship with Gai after he sees them going into a room together with Gai's shirt hanging off of him.

shu and inori relationship poems

He runs into Ayase and she tells him that they do that at least 1 to 3 times a month and that everyone notices it. She tells him that if he wants to prove himself to everyone, he should win the mock battle and they tell each other good-night. Shu ends up winning the mock battle and receives everyone's approval.

They all watch in worry as they loose Gai's transmission signal. After Gai comes back with a few scratches, Shu tells him he disagrees with his plans because they'll be risking their lives. Arugo holds him by his shirt and Shu runs out of the room.

Romantic relationship between Shu and Inori ?

He meets with Inori and she tells him to do exactly as she says. Shu spies on Gai and he learns of his true nature; someone who feels bad and makes other people spoil him so he can feel better about himself. This sets Shu off and they engage in a fist fight for some time, knocking Gai's necklace off.

He couldn't pick it up so Shu picks it up for him and tells Gai that he'll help with the mission too, resulting in Gai calling him an idiot. When the Undertakers go to destroy the Leukocyte, they end up almost failing because Daryl destroyed one of the cores that controlled the Leukocyte 1 sending it into a crash-course towards Japan.

However, during this time, Shu sees and hears the voice of a girl that looks just like Inori.

shu and inori relationship poems

The person asks him if he would like to save everyone. Shu asks Gai if he knew who's Void it was, but Gai refuses to answer his question.

Inori X Shu AMV Closer

The Void ends up shooting the Leukocyte clearly out of the sky, saving everyone. A few days later, Gai sends Shu back to school, which Shu is visually nervous about. Upon entry, Shu is confronted by a bunch of students who say that he's a criminal because of his capture by the GHQ. Shu holds Inori and runs away but soon look back as a slap is heard. It is revealed to be Arisa, who slaps one of the boys saying he shouldn't say that if he doesn't have any proof. At his class, Shu is asked a variety of questions, including a girl asking, "if it's true that all the GHQ guards are gay".

However, Arisa stops it and Shu thanks her but she says it's only normal that she would do that. Later, Shu gets the different homework and projects from Hare and he thanks her. Hare asked Shu if something happened noticing a change in his character but Shu doesn't understand. At home, Shu's mom Haruka comes home and is shocked at first to see Inori probably because of her resemblance to the girl in Shu's memories.

Shu says it's not what it looks like and tries to hide Inori's bra which Funnell started folding. Haruka then acts normal again and asks Inori what she'd like to eat, leaving Shu shocked. After, Shu goes to Haruka's room to find her dress and he tells her about Inori saying that "sometimes she's strong, but she's also weak too. She then finds her dress and says that she'll look nice for the party. Said party is revealed to be a gathering for everyone against the GHQ and allies to the Kuhouin group.

Shu realizes that Dragoons i. Even though everyone else thought it was a good idea to abandon ship, Shu tells them that he'll save everyone.

Gai sets up a plan to get Arisa on the deck while Shu sneaks up on her and pulls out her Void. Her Void saves them from the Dragoons and Shu gets to safety with everyone else. A day later, Shu and Inori go to school but not before Shu tells Haruka that she shouldn't come outside dressed like that. On the way to school, Shu tells Inori that for the first time he's glad that he can use Voids, and Inori smiles at this.

Sometime later, Shu tells Haruka that he's going on a trip with the other club members. She hugs him again before they are interrupted by Inori.

They arrive at the beach and everyone questions Shu's relationship with Inori, since they live together. However, they change the subject and they hit the beach the following day. Hare gets jealous because Shu was looking at Inori, saying she let her guard down.

She then takes action and pulls Shu to go and play with her, which he blushes at. After all the fun, Shu goes to visit his father, Kurosu Ouma's grave and it's also there that he meets Gai. It is revealed that the whole vacation thing was just set up by Gai to get Souta's Void so they could get something from the GHQ.

Later, Souta asks Shu if he had feelings for Inori and Shu denys this, even saying he'll help him get Inori. But that was revealed to be a set up as Shu pulls out Souta's Void quite violently because it was part of the Undertaker's plan to use it to enter the GHQ's secret base to steal something that "started it all. Later, Shu and Souta argue and Shu tells him the reasons he doesn't like him. A oneshot in which instead of doing what everyone tells him to do, Shu decides to take his own path.

Void by VoidPoison reviews Kai was a child prodigy in the making. However, he is forced into working under Dr. Ouma Kurosu after an accident took away his parents. Alternate timeline to the canon Guilty Crown Rated: What Shuu didn't expect was that his true love was once again walking the earth.

Will he be able to keep her alive or lose her again, but will she be gone forever this time? This is after Guilty Crown and the change that everyone went through. Shu decides that he needs to take action, starting to ask his friends about his void genome and the past and Shu got a lot of answers Rated: Crystal Void by DestinySkyDemon reviews 5 years before Shu makes his realization that only death could end a king's reign and began the quest to reunite with his queen, Inori was sent to the Void Realm.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Follow the Ouma family through their everyday lives where their only problem for Inori is to get along with her sister-in-law, for Hanae to learn how to be a proper princess and for Shu to keep his pinkettes happy and fed Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: He could feel the crystals spreading.

Eternal Happiness by Twilight AngelDemon reviews Their world was always aligned, it didn't matter how or when. He was her Knight, she his Princess. On the day of the 'party' Inori is seen with Tsugumi and Ayase who watch as Shu and Gai carry out their plan and rejoice when they become victorious.

Shu must use Sota void to unlock the gates on the island to take the stone of beginning, so he's forced to use Inori as a decoy and bring Sota out and withdraw his void. Later Sota and Inori were coming together to the beach side, but Shu hides in bush and watches them. Sota shows his own handmade video to Inori, the music video of Euterpe like Shu did before him, and Inori says "it's beautiful.

When he asks Inori, she responds that voids will change if people's hearts change too.

shu and inori relationship poems

Later on the mission, Shu must take Inori's void to fight, but he cannot do it and runs away from Inori, so Gai is forced to cancel the mission.

After he went home, he finds Inori waiting for him to say farewell and give him a brand new song she made, but Shu starts to see illusions of Inori as Mana with the cancer virus like a monster. He panics and slaps Inori's hand away, causing the music drive to break apart and yells "Monster! Before the mission, Inori asks Gai about Shu, feeling curious about Shu and asked him if is she loves Shu. Because she feels that way, Gai avoids it and says they'd talk about it later. Inori then says the song was not right, and that chaos was going to happen causing her to scream, "Stop it!

They come up with a plan to soothe the virus, meanwhile Funell found Shu in a movie clubroom near the school, Tsugumi speaking to him through Funell, says everything was destroyed because he didn't come to help, and because of that Gai and Inori might be dead all because he abandoned them.

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He manages to get back into shape and with the help of Hare he calls Arisa, Kanon, Sota, and Yahiro for their help. Inori stands on the top of the radar building in the airport and sings " Departures ", and the lights that stand over the building cure the people affected with the crystal cancer.

Gai's cancer disappeared and he was able to rest. Shu came with his friends to rescue Inori using their Voids, managing to defeat the obstacles and reach Inori. However, just as Shu was about to reach Inori, a mysterious boy appeared from behind her and pull her Void out, which forced her to stop moving.

The boy attacked Shu with Inori's Void, but it ended up slashing Gai, who protected him. Inori was then taken away by the young boy. Inori was used as a sacrifice to bring back Mana, so she could cause another outbreak of the virus around the world but Mana's rebirth was prevented by Shu and Gai, however the sacrifice was already over and Mana infected Inori's body.

During this, Shu, Inori, Tsugumi, and Ayase hide out in the school and try to find a way to escape together. Sota had an idea to make a culture festival to cheer everyone up and have concert of "Egoist" in the festival. Inori turns out to have a split personality which actually is Mana's infected side controlling her which makes Inori stab Arisa's hand, kill forceful students, and kill a group of bandits.

Inori starts to fear that she might end up killing Shu if it continues then remembers telling her about her void but remarking that Inori is Inori, which helped her understand that even if she was a monster with a fake heart and emotions, to her they were always real.

After they can escape from school through the red line, some group of students want to get revenge on Shu, just as Gai appear and cut Shu's right arm off, and "The King's Power" was absorbed into Gai. Inori holds Shu and runs from Gai, because they were together all the time. Shu feels hopeless by losing his power and his right arm.

One day Shu heard some music and found Inori singing Euterpe. Inori stopped and comes to Shu, she says thank you and she'll always be on his side, then she makes him sleepy and go out, and fight with Ghost unit. She uses the Apocalypse crystal as weapons like the claw, which is the power from the unfinished sacrifice, it's Mana power.

In addition she fell to Gai, he used the bow void and shot her, which it become rope and stopped her. Gai takes Inori to top of the headquarter tower, pulls her up and awaits to erase her memory, and use her body as Mana's vessel. Before Inori's almost devoured, Gai blame's himself because he helped Inori out from that day, but Inori didn't feel that way.

She's grateful that she could survive, because she could feel the experience, and that let her meet Shu, who shows the regrets side of this world to her. She says it's sad but beauty, Shu suffered and doubted himself, he has hurt people and she felt shame of what he did, and that's the reason why Inori loves Shu.

Shu shows her the way to live like a human, even though she knows the truth that she's not human, she's just a vessel that one day her body'll be the others. Because of Shu, she could learn how a human is and get a chance to fall in love with someone like ordinary people. Then Inori lost the memory about Shu. By that time Shu came into the headquarters, Inori with empty memory couldn't do anything, she sings Euterpe, only Shu could hear it and that sounds lead Shu to Inori, after the song, Inori's crying, and her tears turn into a crystal flower, after that she is fully devoured by Mana.

Mana was reborn in Inori's body. Shu arrived by that time, and Mana went to Shu, but he punched her because she insulted Inori. Mana felt sad and angry, that she let Gai use her void, which is the same void as Inori's. Shu began to fall, but then he saw some lights from Inori's flower crystal, her tears as crystal lets Shu use her power, her void and Shu meet Inori.

Inori tells Shu not to give up, helps everyone and stops Mana. After Shu defeats Gai, Inori is restored. She appears in front of Shu, almost crystallized, and walks towards Shu blindly and embraces him. She cannot see Shu and climbs to find him, but Shu holds her hand and says "let's go", then Shu puts his hand up and absorbs crystal cancer and Apocalypse virus into himself.

Shu is then almost fully crystallized. Inori tells Shu to take the 'Guilty Crown' a form of Cat's Cradle which he accepts, and Inori's fading away in front of him, thus saving Shu. The exact same clouds seen in episode 9, right before Jun was killed by Shu with Yahiro's void. Shu was seen conversing with Jun's soul even though he was in a coma, indicating souls can exist in the Guilty Crown universe without any connection with their actual body.

Hence Inori's soul now resides in Shu's body, as Mana did in Inori's body before Inori's body was destroyed in episode Like Yuushe displayed the ability to render a person unconscious with a simple touch to their forehead.

As a vessel of Mana, the patient zero of the Apocalypse Virus, it seems that her blood has the ability to delay the symptoms of those infected by the virus. Her body can be also used to communicate with Mana via unknown means perhaps through telepathy.

After Mana's death and the transfer of consciousness to Inori, Inori started to display violent instincts of Mana, as shown when she attacked Arisa, during which she produced a crystal spike of sorts to stab her.