Shadow cat and colossus relationship memes

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shadow cat and colossus relationship memes

Kitty Pryde debuted in Uncanny X-Men # during the first issue of what And thus, the relationship was revisited as a part of Colossus's. With Marvel announcing that Kitty Pryde and Colossus will be getting X-Men run) but the origins of their relationship remain more than a little. Memes, Superhero, and Wolverine: afantasyfactfactories Colossus became cyclops logan oldmanlogan wolverine colossus kittypryde shadowcat marvelfacts .

Colossus and Kitty Pryde: the rocky road of love

Kitty then takes a major backseat during the rest of "The Dark Phoenix Saga," so there's really not that much to talk about between the two until a famous storyline dramatically changed their relationship forever. That storyline was "Days of Future Past," which began in X-Menwhere we see Kitty and Peter alive in the future and, sure enough, they are marred in the future Once you establish that they are married in the future, then obviously you're going to start looking at things with an eye towards them ultimately ending up with each other.

shadow cat and colossus relationship memes

That makes otherwise innocuous moments like later in the issue stand out Still, due to her age, Byrne and Claremont continued to play their relationship more of a crush by Kitty and an embarrassed older guy dealing with the crush by the younger girl, like when she kissed Colossus under the mistletoe in Uncanny X-Men Byrne's blushing Colossus is adorable.

Things changed on the X-Men's long mission into space in the s where they were all nearly killed by being infected by Brood eggs. There was a real sense of dread on their mission and Kitty tried to distract herself by effectively throwing herself on Colossus. The two shared their first kiss Kitty turned 14 on this mission and it is weird how 14 was somehow treated as if it was an okay age to take things to the next level.

shadow cat and colossus relationship memes

When they returned to Earth, Kitty got her 14th birthday party in X-Men: She was used as bait to lure Colossus to Muir Island, seemingly to be recruited to the Acolytes herself, as a ploy to allow Professor X and Moira MacTaggert to treat a head injury that they believed resulted in his defection.

The ploy was successful, but Colossus remained with the Acolytes, even forgiving Kitty for her deception. She herself got into an unlikely relationship with black ops agent Pete Wisdom Pryde and Wisdom — get it?

The confrontation left both Wisdom and Colossus seriously injured and the rest of Excalibur fuming at Colossus for attacking their teammate in a jealous rage.

Kitty herself confronted Colossus, telling him that there chance was over and that she was happy with Wisdom. Instead, upon the return of Claremont to the franchise, the two took very different turns. Kitty dramatically changed her appearance and personality for no definite reason, while Colossus began a kind-of fling by kissing Rogue, her powers suddenly unable to affect his armored body a continuity gaffe.

The storylines did not move beyond their first appearances as Kitty vanished from the book and Colossus and Rogue were otherwise too occupied to deal with it again.

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Both were to be plot points to be touched upon later, but Claremont was yanked from the titles and given his own X-Treme X-Men title in which neither appeared. Kitty fell into character limbo, which she rather oddly languished for a few years. Colossus, on the other hand, did not meet such a kind fate. Colossus drew the short straw and was used as the final victim of the formerly important story, dying to cure it.

Kitty reappeared to scatter his ashes, reestablishing their love for one another, but seemingly too late to do anything about it. She went back behind the scenes, and he was gone. But even with the two finally a happy couple, fate would not leave the two alone. With their world threatened by a giant bullet launched from Breakworld, Kitty entered the structure and phased it, saving the world but putting herself onto a one-way ride seemingly into oblivion.

With no other option, Colossus was forced to mourn for his love just as she had done for him. He was unwilling and unable to move past her, which began making him a liability to the team.

Luckily, thanks to Magneto, it was a moot point. The master of magnetism managed to retrieve the bullet from deep space and return it to Earth, recovering Kitty from within.