Serah and noel relationship quotes

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serah and noel relationship quotes

Serah and Noel will be our main cast for most of the story.. do you think it could lead to a love interest between them? i hope so. I kind of hope it leads to a love relationship too, for the drama, 13 had . quote advent kid. or. [Spoiler](/s "write spoiler-text inside quotes") = Spoiler . I think Noel is massively undersold as well. Again, he has a tragic and sympathetic .. We actually see Noel and Serah develop a relationship. Not a romantic. I think the problem lies in the fact that even with noel and serahs strict friendship zone they had more Noel and Serah simultaneously friend-zone eachother for that reason, but I think SE's great in show hidden quote(s).

After single-handedly killing a BehemothNoel is acknowledged by Caius to be strong enough become Yeul's Guardian. Learning it means he would have to kill Caius to succeed him as per ancient Farseer tradition, Noel refuses to go through with it. Noel wants to take Yeul on a journey to find other people so she will not be lonely anymore, but Caius says it is a futile dream.

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Once learning that if the Heart of Chaos inside of Caius stops beating, the goddess Etro will die, unleashing the chaos of Valhalla and destroying the past, Noel is forced to fight him and is defeated. Caius leaves for Valhalla to go through with his resolve to free Yeul from her fate.

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The following day, Yeul reveals to Noel she had a vision of him arguing with Caius and the goddess's gate. She reveals that every time a seeress sees the future her lifespan shortens until it kills her.

serah and noel relationship quotes

Noel vows value the time he has left with Yeul. Edit Noel comforts Yeul as she dies. I can't turn back now, not anymore. In my world, you no longer exist.

serah and noel relationship quotes

A world without you is no world at all. She promises a tearful Noel they will meet again before disintegrating into light. Noel embarks on a journey to find Valhalla, become a warrior worthy to be recognized by Etro, and gain the power of chaos needed to change his fate. When close to death his body becomes cold and unresponsive, and seeing Noel's unwavering resolve, Etro opens her gate to him.

serah and noel relationship quotes

Edit You're the worst of them all. I hate your kind! You think you're everyone's protector—everyone's hero—but who do you save, really?

Skip section Early life My dad said you should never break a promise, no matter how small. Hope's class took pictures with their toy cameras as they learned about the scenery and wildlife, and returned to a lake's shore for lunch.

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When Kai wanted to take a picture for his younger brother Hal, he realized he had dropped his camera to a path that had been closed off. The trio slipped past the researchers cleaning up the main route but got lost. Following advice from his father, Hope used a sharp rock to mark a boulder to designate their starting position. They found a machine panel which Elida activated.

After failing to use it and call for help, the trio continued and came across a climate control orb. Elida touched it against Kai and Hope's protest, causing rainfall. They retreated into a rock tunnel for shelter, but Hope recalled a researcher saying certain monsters enjoy rain. He made a run for the orb, but several Mud Frogs and Hedge Frogs advanced towards them. The monsters turned away as someone stopped the rain.

Thanks to Elida tampering with the panel, their airship found them and Kai's camera was returned to him, as a researcher had found it. Hope regretted suggesting to go look for it and wanted to apologize to Kai, but Kai had enjoyed the misadventure.

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Hope fell ill and was taken to the emergency room after returning to Palumpolum. Snow begs Anima to return Serah, offering to become a l'Cie in her stead, but Lightning and Sazh—who has his own motive for hunting down the fal'Cie—attack it.

Snow joins their plight only to be branded a l'Cie along with everyone else.

serah and noel relationship quotes

Snow awakens with the rest of the group in Lake Bresha, unscathed, believing Serah had kept them from harm. They try to discern their Focus from a hazy vision they shared, but only recognize the legendary beast Ragnarok is somehow involved.

While the others believe their Focus is to destroy Cocoon, Snow believes it is to save it as Serah had asked. Now enemies of the state, they evade pursuing PSICOM troops by crossing the crystallized lake when they come across Serah's crystallized form lodged in a formation.

While the others keep moving to evade the army, Snow stays to dig Serah's crystal out. After taming them, he is apprehended by Cavalry troops being led by another Pulse l'Cie named Fang.

Along with Serah's crystal, Snow is taken aboard the Cavalry airshipthe Lindblumwhere he meets their leader, Cid Raineswho reveals his mission to free Cocoon from the fal'Cie rule. Raines claims the new l'Cie have been sentenced to public execution should they be caught, and with Serah's crystallized form aboard the Lindblum, Snow has no choice but to comply and help them. As Snow and Hope travel through the town Snow remains oblivious to Hope's hatred for him and unknowingly continues to fuel the boy's rage with every word he says.

When they spot PSICOM rounding up more people to Purge, Snow tries to save them by announcing his l'Cie status and firing a gun into the air to make them scatter, but the crowd returns as an angry mob.

After escaping to the Rivera Towers and fighting an Ushumgal SubjugatorHope confronts Snow about his mother's death and blasts him off a building's roof.

serah and noel relationship quotes