Relationship of gravity and magnetism

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relationship of gravity and magnetism

Part I: Modern Science (Part 2 here) The Popular Views Many physicists and theorists of our modern times have a sole belief in their theories. Unlike gravity, which occurs between any objects, magnetism depends on Is a relationship between gravity and magnetism possible from a theoretical. Diagram regarding the confirmation of gravitomagnetism by Gravity Probe B. Gravitoelectromagnetism, abbreviated GEM, refers to a set of formal analogies between the.

In recent years, both physicists and mathematicians have asked whether it is possible that space and time are discrete. Quantification of space time allows us to distinguish elementary particles from each other in a simple and natural way [ 23 ]. Minimum volume, length or area are measured in the units of Planck [ 1 ].

Theories related to quantum gravity, such as string theory and doubly special relativityas well as black hole physics, predict the existence of a minimum length [ 45 ]. The familiar concept of a spacetime continuum implies that it should be possible to measure always smaller and smaller distances without any finite limit [ 2 ]. Heisenberg, who insisted on expressing quantum mechanical laws in terms of measurable observables, questioned already the validity of this postulate [ 6 ].

Heisenberg said that physics must have a fundamental length scale, and with Planck's constant h and the speed of light c, allow the derivation of the masses of the particles [ 78 ]. A fundamental minimal length scale naturally emerges in any quantum theory in the presence of gravitational effects that accounts for a limited resolution of space-time.

relationship of gravity and magnetism

Padmanabhan shows that the Planck length provides a lower limit of length in any suitable physical space-time [ 1011 ]. It is impossible to construct an apparatus which will measure length scales smaller than Planck length. These effects exist even in flat space-time because of vacuum fluctuations of gravity [ 11 ].

Science: Gravity & Magnetism

Quantum particles in discrete spacetime are studied in relation to relativistic dynamics [ 1213 ]. Farrelly and Short studied the causal evolution of a single particle in discrete spacetime [ 14 ].

relationship of gravity and magnetism

There is evidence of discrete structures on the largest scales, for example superclusters and the redshift [ 15 ]. Cowan already said in that redshift can only occur with discrete values [ 16 ]. This was subsequently confirmed by Karlsson [ 17 ]. Relations between Rest Mass and Electric Charge The hypothesis is that the universe is composed of four spatial dimensions Planck atoms, with two possible states: Rest atoms are empty space, and the rotational motion of the atoms gives rise to different properties of the particles.

The 4D Planck atoms are atoms of space and time that Smolin says. To simplify the drawing Figure 1only three dimensions are considered: If space is made up of Planck-size atoms, each Planck atom can only be resting or turning on itself. The rotations can be in three-dimensional space or in the fourth dimension. For the gravity field strength g we have the same definition as for the electric field strength E: Any acceleration of a mass object leads to a excitation of gravity waves in the form ofknown as the inertial effect of the mass - the Newton law.

The analog equivalent to the B-field gives the equation for rotational mechanical movements. Unified Theory In order to unify the gravity field and the electric field a relation between the gravity and the electricity must be defined.

Electricity must be generated and is not permanent existing. If negative particles are put together then the positive pressure is increased and the negative particles try to avoid this. For the same reason positive particles try to avoid the collection from them. If positive and negative particles are put together then the over and the under pressure is compensated.

Since electricity is the density variation of the gravity, the gravity and the electricity have the same signaling velocity c0. This can be summarized: When you have a gravity mass then you can see a object due to his electrical waves. For the unified theory only one energy wave equation can be assumed which is composed of two components, the gravity wave and the electrical wave. With the introduction of a field impulse tensor: Results of the United Theory The unified theory explains physical values like the B-field.

Some physical laws like the Newton force, the Lorenz force, the mass defect, the time and the length dilation can be understood. The Lorenz Force is observed if a charged particle passes a rotating field. It means that the field is rotating even if no charged particle is there.

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The wave patterns can be compared to fractals with a smaller system within larger system. The Sun and the gas giants would be on a lower frequency wave pattern while the first four small planets are on a much higher frequency system or vibrations. The lower frequency waves would travel much further before meeting at a node position.

Because these waves travel in S-waves the nodes would form the planets orbit around the Sun with large areas of empty space in-between each planet. At each node position which would form a circle around the sun there would be an orbiting planet. The planets magnetic field is influenced by these waves and in some cases it is affected. For example, Uranus has a changing magnetic field over its one year orbit around the Sun.

The Connection of Magnetism and Gravity with the use of Waves (Part I: Modern Science)

This would be the result of the S-waves on one side of the Sun being stronger at the north pole while on the other side of the Sun there would be slightly stronger S-waves at the south pole. The wavelength would be shorter where Mercury orbits closer to the Sun while on the other side it has a longer wavelength. This would put the sun at a node position of the different wavelengths for each planet which could be off-center or at different strengths.

If the magnetic field lines are created by standing reflecting S-waves these waves must be rotating much like the standing waves that can be visualized when rotating a rope. This can be compared to the reaction of a sound wave that reflects from a hard surface. There are two different forces that meet at the core one coming from the Sun while the other is being pulled into the Sun with both forces rotating clockwise according to their direction.

For example, when facing the sunny side of the planet the force coming from the opposite direction would rotate in the opposite direction as they repel or reflect from the core and head back into outer space.

Gravitoelectromagnetism - Wikipedia

When these two forces rotate from North to South they form a spiral circular pattern around the planet. This could explain the forces needed to push the planets through their orbits. Leedskalnin believed that two different currents of tiny magnets flowed through a magnet in streams and they rotated in what he called a screw-like fashion this would be the same concept but because the two flows are traveling in opposite directions they would rotate in opposite directions.

Nikola Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Using the rules of two forces and the behavior of waves I find it easier to connect other things in nature such as atoms. If two forces in the form of waves where attracted together at the nucleus then reflect off the nucleus creating a smaller wavelength this could explain the strong force and the weak force with the strong force being two larger wavelengths and the weak force would be the reflecting force. For each of the different wavelengths that meet at the nucleus or at a node position there would be a proton.

For example, the element Calcium which has 20 protons would have 20 different wavelengths that meet at the nucleus with each wave holding an individual proton in its place. The reflecting waves from each wavelength would be transformed into a shorter wavelength and would be the weaker force that forms the different boundaries for the electrons. These waves would also rotate in opposite direction but the standing wave form would be at its strongest in a flat or a disc shape formation at the equator unlike the magnetic field of a planet which is at its strongest point at the poles.

This is what gave scientists the idea that there must be some type of current flowing through the magnet and the Earth itself. With the magnet pulling towards the ground this was a sure indication that the current must flow in at the North Pole and because the magnet behaves the opposite at the South Pole the flow must exit there. This sounds like the perfect answer for the flow of the magnetic field but the repulsive and attractive forces would be the same if there were two separate flows both entering through each pole.

When sprinkling iron shavings over a bar magnet it appears that there is only one flow but two flows would explain the two forces that are holding each iron particle in its place and the fact that both poles behave exactly the same as far as attraction and repulsion are concerned.

relationship of gravity and magnetism

This can be achieved by two separate wave currents one entering the north pole while at the same time the other enters the south pole. There would be more than one size wave or you could say they would have different amps starting out in an almost flat waveform and ending with a full rounded waveform.

Each of the waveforms would be in one wavelength per single bar magnet. These waves rotate with the south rotating in the opposite direction of the north. When they cross each other at extremely high speed the two forces would hold each iron particle in place one pulling in one direction while the other is in the other direction. You could think of the forces as playing tug-a-war with each particle and each side pulling with the same force which results in a suspended particle.

When two bar magnets attract to one another it completes the flow in both directions which forms an extra wavelength in-between the magnets. When two south poles are put together the south pole flow would repel while the opposite would occur on the north this explains why both ends of the bar magnet has the same attraction and repulsion behavior. Using the behavior of standing waves and two separate currents the magnetic field and gravity can be connected without the idea that a churning molten iron core creates magnetism which to me seems far-fetched.

After all scientists have failed to convincingly explain how this churning metal can suddenly flip polarity.