Professor and student relationship stories podcast

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professor and student relationship stories podcast

On the podcast, I interview educators, students, administrators and parents The need for these books goes beyond curriculum: Reading these stories will make our students .. How Dialogue Journals Build Teacher-Student Relationships. Teacher's Pet podcast: Sex with students 'rife at Sydney northern of acceptance of sexual relationships between teachers and students. This episode recommends stories guaranteed to make you learn. Learn to learn better with this week's Podcast Playlist. Gehlbach explains to Hidden Brainthe positive side effects of a good teacher-student relationship.

Cult of Pedagogy On her podcast, Cult of Pedagogyif there's a concept that has to do with teaching, Jennifer Gonzalez covers it.

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Full of tips, stories and interviews from fellow teachers, administrators, parents and students - she provides a wealth of information helpful for any teacher, regardless of their subject area or experience level. House of EdTech In House of EdTechhost Christopher Nesi explores how technology is impacting and changing not only the way teachers teach but education in general.

professor and student relationship stories podcast

Listen to stories from teachers and innovators for teaching tips and strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow. Teachers That Teach Sign up to Teach Away today for access to the latest teaching jobs around the world.

professor and student relationship stories podcast

Broken up into minute weekly segments, Teachers That Teach gives language teachers strategies and advice that they can use in the classroom. These short and fun episodes are great for those teaching in a foreign language classroom abroad.

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Talks With Teachers Get inspired by top American educators through first-hand advice experienced through years in the classroom. Talks With Teachers aims to help teachers love their job and find their purpose in the classroom.

Every Classroom Matters Host Vicki Davis covers two main topics in her podcast Every Classroom Matters - the effective use of technology to teach and using technology to build a better relationship with students.

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The Teachers Lounge Teaching can get stressful, and The Teachers Lounge gives teachers advice and tools to help them succeed at their jobs.

They have 60 seconds to convey each idea. On today's edition of Stopwatch Science, Dan and Shankar stick with the theme of ties between students and teachers, and the impact these connections — or lack thereof — can have on the classroom. Katy Milkman and her colleagues looked at discrimination in academiausing emails from fictional students with names signaling race and gender. Unfortunately but perhaps unsurprisinglywhite males received many more responses.

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The particularly interesting thing was that professors at private institutions and in higher paying disciplines favored white male students even more frequently. There's been a lot of debate in this country about the value of test scores, and whether improving students' test scores is a worthy goal. The students who had good teachers are significantly more likely to attend college, to earn more money as adults and to live in a better neighborhood.

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In addition to students and teachers, there is a third party in this equation: A study out of Brown and Harvard found that sending parents a weekly message about their children dramatically improved the students' academic outcome. Messages with constructive criticism were even more effective than those that simply conveyed positive information. Eccles found that teachers' expectations about whether a student is going to succeed can affect student academic outcomes.

professor and student relationship stories podcast

Though of course teachers' beliefs about a student's potential don't come out of thin air, Shankar says it seems to be a "chicken and egg" type of problem, where a teacher's expectations can shape a student's behavior. Follow us on Twitter hiddenbrainkaramcguirk and maggiepenmanand listen for Hidden Brain stories every week on your local public radio station.

professor and student relationship stories podcast