Pam and jim relationship goals cuddling

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But let's be real here, Jim and Pam from "The Office" are GOALS. to why Jim and Pam are the ideal couple goals that we all dream of. . Please remember to hug her so tight, that the way she smells is locked into your nose. Jim and Pam will always be there to make you question whether your relationship is as good as there's was. Because they showed us that letting the other person be right is part of any healthy relationship. | 21 Ways Jim And Pam Ruined All Other Relationships For You.

In other words, his comment was really meant as a snarky slight at my apparent silly, head-in-the-rom-com-clouds girly-ness for attempting to pull off a spontaneous romantic gesture.

pam and jim relationship goals cuddling

I know, what was I thinking? Why are violent video games and pre-pubescent boys stealing all the thunder?

What Jim and Pam from 'The Office' Taught Me About Love - HelloGiggles

Chick flicks and Girlz Nights are the real threat to society, my friends. After letting the comment sink in, however, I soon realized he unfortunately kind of had a point.

pam and jim relationship goals cuddling

Like many fallen sisters before me, I sometimes let visions of Kate and Leo dancing in my head get the best of me I jump you jump, remember? But upon further reflection, I also realized that my fundamental, non-negotiable beliefs about love and romance ran deeper than the likes of Noah and Allie in The Notebook and the 37 couples in Love Actually.

And after giving it even more thought as I lay in bed hungover on a SundayI soon came to the conclusion that my true pillars of love rested on a much stronger foundation from a slightly smaller screen. For me, those three simple words we all long to hear had long ago become synonymous with another set of three words: Despite the dark clouds of broken hearts and mid-twenties cynicism brewing overhead, I have resolved to remain true to my Jim and Pam love standard.

The Office gave me many things in my youth, an unhealthy obsession with John Krasinski being one of them, but most importantly, it taught me the following truths: Love sees beyond frumpy cardigans and bad hair days. Jim and Pam taught me that when you really love someone, you dig this person even on a Tuesday morning after they just rolled out of bed, threw on some work clothes, and forgot their morning coffee.

Despite the fact that Pam displayed about as much fashion sense as my second grade teacher Sister Mary Helen at least in the first few seasonsJim still looked at her like she was the only woman on all of Planet Earth. This Jim and Pam kind of love makes one possess a weird yet awesome ability to see inner and outer beauty simultaneously — like looking at stained glass when the sun is shining through it, only with humans.

Jim and Pam taught me that when you love with someone in this way, their very personhood is like a tangible force that continually draws you in, to the point where all you see and all you feel is goodness.

Love never tires of witty banter. Their silly, sarcastic exchanges taught me that love means being with someone who laughs at your jokes when previously only you laughed at your jokes.

11 Times Jim And Pam Gave You Relationship Goals To Chase

Love is getting a downright kick out of each other, and fully understanding and appreciating your shared sense of humor. Even more than that, love means wanting to talk to each other. It means being good at talking to each other, too. Love is rooted in real, actual friendship. Which brings me to my next bit of Office wisdom: Love is really, really patient.

When you really love someone, you know they are worth putting in time and effort. Even if you entertain the thought of someone else during the process, i. Love requires silliness and depth. Jim and Pam clearly nailed this: Pam wanted to quit because she was overwhelmed and missed Jim.

pam and jim relationship goals cuddling

Surprisingly, Jim let it happen, though it would have only been another 3 months. He obviously had a crush on Pam, which was evident when he playfully bumped Pam with the mic at one point. Pam got revenge, but Brian had to use the mic to knock Frank down. Then Brian fought him. Jim knew about this incident, but Pam kept some of the conversations she had with Brian while she talked with him when Jim was away. He confronted her about it but then both seemed to let it go after that. More discussion was probably needed.

A vendor stops by the office and ultimately asks who the office administrator is when no one knows how to help him.

pam and jim relationship goals cuddling

Pam confidently stands up and proclaims she is. Then she gets the bright idea to talk her way into an official position complete with raise. Pam tells Gabe - who is really the one who can approve the job - the paperwork and raise must have gotten lost in the merger.

What Jim and Pam from 'The Office' Taught Me About Love

Then, she manipulates the department heads for signatures. Gabe figures out what Pam is trying to pull, but she bluffs him when he should have told her no. Pam had one stipulation: Pam did get the first account at the Michael Scott Paper Company. They had a moment of incompatibility when Pam went to Pratt, but otherwise they communicated well. That changed when Jim started collaborating with his buddies about Athlead. He kept that from Pam, going behind her back to have phone meetings. From that point until Jim steps away from his position at Athlead, their communication faltered, which was different from the previous seasons and probably contributed to the animosity.

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Pam was ecstatic, amazed he had done something as grand as that. Then, Pam goes ahead and sells the house without talking with Jim. You can tell he expected Pam to give up that life to be with him. Time passed, and Jim went to work at another branch to try to get over Pam. One of the first signs was when Jim mentioned that one of the yogurts Pam was eating had expired.

pam and jim relationship goals cuddling