Orihime and ulquiorra relationship advice

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orihime and ulquiorra relationship advice

Kubo confirmed Ulquiorra did develop feelings of love for Orihime on the Bleach 10th Anniversary Relationships Chart. So, argue with Kubo if. Raining Romance: Ulquiorra and Orihime Anime Couple Kiss, Couple Aliens vs the Old Gods Space Australia, Writing Boards, Writing Ideas, Writing Advice. The answer lies in Ichigo's existence. At the end of the battle between Aizen and Ichigo, Ichigo noted that Aizen's sword is filled with loneliness.

At the moment at least. Ulquiorra eyes widened at her sudden exclamation, surprised his tactic had failed to break her. He almost felt impressed. You will die alone here.

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There is no one for you to hold onto. Aizen may have disposed of me, but you also have no reason to kill me," Orihime continued, her voice now louder with confidence, "There's something you fear of, Ulquiorra. She could feel the edge of his hollow hole underneath his uniform at the tips of her fingers. You shouldn't be afraid to gain another. Her vulnerable, pink nipple was hard from the stale air of the tower and her breast round and supple, the remnants of her dress unable to contain its mass.

He stepped back uncomfortably, but found himself unable to look away. His frown hardened when he started to feel an uncomfortable warmth pulsating near his abdomen. Orihime parted her lips to speak again, but the two were interrupted by the overwhelming reiatsu of Kurosaki Ichigo's anger. Orihime's eyes followed Ichigo and the Espada frantically as they fought within the tower.

The caramel-haired girl held her hands together in concern, her body rigid, and her head turning at all angles to track the duel. She was anxious for her friend knowing he was at a disadvantage and Ulquiorra had not even released his Ressureccion form, but in her distraction, Orihime failed to sense the two pairs of arms that were preparing to bind her.

Orihime wanted to scream, but fear glued her vocal cords together when she looked straight into Loly's menacing eyes. Fool, Ulquiorra thought, nothing will keep that hateful bitch from her revenge.

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Without thought, Ulquiorra intercepted Ichigo's charge. I didn't do it to save you two. He shifted his gaze back to Ichigo. Is it merely for my pride or… He looked back at Orihime. He watched Orihime while keeping Ichigo back with mild consciousness. Loly had gone back to harassing her by ripping apart her already torn dress much to Ulquiorra's irritation. Orihime's legs were now exposedher breasts barely covered by her frail arms, and her back bare. Her hair flowed around her face and covered her revealed back as she was tossed around like a puppet by Loly.

Orihime fell on the ground and Loly used this moment as a chance to brutally kick her unprotected back repeatedly. How meaningless, he thought.

He then used sonido to get behind Loly and caught Loly by surprise as he grabbed her raised wrist before she landed a fatal hit on Orihime. Ichigo stood planted in his spot in disbelief. I do not intend to witness your barbaric, shameless acts," Ulquiorra then flung Loly by the arm with enough force to break through the wall and out of the tower.

Orihime regarded her savior warily and slowly repeated the event that just happened in her mind in her disoriented state. Her eyes widened in shock as she realized her savior was Ulquiorra the Cuatro Espada, and Ichigo stood in the background. Ulquiorra did not turn his head to look at her, but instead shifted his eyes to peer at the woman. The two gazed into each other eyes, trying to find the answers to his actions.

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Ulquiorra searched in her grey, pearl eyes to know why he cared to witness a barbaric act that did not concern him and Orihime was lost in his teal, green orbs just as perplexed on the same reason. Ulquiorra turned to look at Ichigo and sheathed his zanpakutou. It is your fate, Kurosaki Ichigo, to die. I have already claimed you are no threat to Aizen-sama.

He examined her faint pink lips as they quivered, questions filling to the brim of her mouth and threatening to spill over, then slid his gaze down to her smooth, pale neck framed by her red-brown locks and exposed collar bone. Feeling the ache in his abdomen, Ulquiorra felt he had to do something to distract himself.

She responds in the negative, and reaches out to touch his hand just before he disintegrates into dust. Through his bond with Orihime, Ulquiorra finally realizes what a heart is; even refuse his earlier materialistic arguments by remarking that he has it in his hand. He treats Yammy as an inferior and seems to have the weaker Espada's respect.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship advice

This is evident throughout their various conversations, which often consist of Ulquiorra ridiculing Yammy. At one point, Ulquiorra even resorted to using violence to get Yammy's attention.

During Ulquiorra's second fight with Ichigo, Yammy attempts to help him, although Ulquiorra coldly refuses.

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He is stunned and disappointed when Ulquiorra dies, though more from surprise that he was beaten and annoyance that he didn't get to help in the fight rather than concern. Ironically, Yammy later tells Ichigo that Ulquiorra, along with the other Espada Ichigo had fought, were "trash" compared to his own released form. He is quite loyal and obedient to Aizen, fulfilling all of his orders without question.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship advice

However, it can be noted that he has occasionally been seen disobeying Aizen's orders in favor of his own, personal curiosities, such as when he purposely sought out Orihime Inoue to question her about human emotions. It would appear that he is not on good terms with Grimmjow, having challenged Grimmjow's ideals several times. Ulquiorra makes small observations to insult Grimmjow some of which fly past Grimmjow.

Grimmjow believes that he is stronger than Ulquiorra and is eager to prove this. He and Grimmjow have conflicting personalities, the probable cause of their bad relationship.