Orestes and electra relationship memes

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orestes and electra relationship memes

Clytemnestra to the exact set up of her relationship with Aegisthus, . the health of the oikos in Aeschylus' Oresteia”, American Journal of Philology , , then as the mother of Orestes and Electra, with different motivations. Photos A Meme that D · Sweet Piggy Dreams · Triforce Hoody. The Electra characters covered include: Electra, Orestes, Clytemnestra, Electra - Electra is the eldest daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. In Greek mythology, Elektra was the daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra, and thus princess of Argos. She and her brother Orestes plotted.

The war has made him realize that they must overcome the wall between them. Calculatingly Christine assures him that all is well. Mannon, waking, bitterly rebukes her. He knows the house is no longer his, and that Christine awaits his death to be free.

He sees through her. Christine deliberately taunts that she has indeed become Brant's mistress. Mannon rises in fury, threatening her murder, and then falls back in agony, clutching his heart and begging for his medicine.

Christine retrieves a box from her room and gives him poison instead of medicine. After taking the poison, Mannon realizes her treachery and calls out to Lavinia for help.

Lavinia rushes into the room. With his dying breath, Ezra indicts his wife: Her strength gone, Christine collapses in a faint, and Lavinia falls to her knees in anguish. Orin disappointedly complains of his mother's absence. He jealously asks Lavinia about what she wrote him regarding Christine and Brant. Lavinia warns him against believing Christine's lies.

orestes and electra relationship memes

Suddenly Christine hurries out, reproaching Peter for leaving Orin alone. Mother and son embrace jubilantly. Act II Orin asks his mother about Brant. Christine explains that Lavinia has gone mad and begun to accuse her of the impossible. Orin sits at Christine's feet and recounts his wonderful dreams about the two of them in the South Sea Islands. The Islands represented everything the war was not: Lavinia reappears in the room and coldly calls Orin to view their father's body.

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Calculatingly Lavinia insists that Orin certainly cannot let their mother's paramour escape. She convinces Orin of their mother's treachery, and proposes that they watch Christine until she goes to meet Brant herself.

orestes and electra relationship memes

Christine sneaks out to meet Brant on the deck, and they retire to the cabin to speak in private. Lavinia and an enraged Orin who followed their mother from the house listen from the deck.

Brant and Christine decide to flee east and seek out their Blessed Islands. Fearing the hour, they painfully bid each other farewell. When Brant returns, Orin shoots him and ransacks the room to make it seem that Brant has been robbed.

Orestes and Electra - Wikipedia

Act V The following night Christine paces the drive before the Mannon house. Orin and Lavinia appear, revealing that they killed Brant. Orin kneels beside her pleadingly, promising that he will make her happy, that they can leave Lavinia at home and go abroad together. Lavinia orders Orin into the house. Christine glares at her daughter with savage hatred and marches into the house. Lavinia determinedly turns her back on the house, standing like a sentinel.

A shot is heard from Ezra's study. Lavinia's body has lost its military stiffness and she resembles her mother perfectly. Orin has grown dreadfully thin and bears the statue-like attitude of his father. Death has set her free to become her. Peter enters from the rear and gasps, thinking he has seen Christine's ghost. Lavinia approaches him eagerly.

Orin jealously mocks his sister's warmth toward Peter, accusing her of becoming a true romantic during their time in the Islands. Lavinia enters, and with forced casualness, she asks him what he is doing. Orin insists that they must atone for Mother's death.

As the last male Mannon, he has written a history of the family crimes, from Abe's onward. He then observes snidely that Lavinia is the most interesting criminal of all.

She only became pretty like their Mother on Brant's Islands, with the natives staring at her with desire. When Orin angrily accuses her of sleeping with one of them, Lavinia assumes Christine's taunting voice.

Reacting like Ezra, Orin grasps his sister's throat, threatening her murder. It becomes apparent that Orin has taken Father's place and Lavinia has taken Mother's. Orin enters, insisting that he see Hazel alone. He gives her a sealed envelope, warning her to keep it safely away from Lavinia. She should only open it a if something happens to him or b if Lavinia tries to marry Peter. Lavinia enters from the hall.

Hazel tries to keep Orin's envelope hidden behind her back, but Lavinia rushes to Orin, beseeching him to make her surrender it. Orin complies, after Lavinia admits she loves him, and agrees to do whatever he wants. Orin then tells Hazel goodbye forever and tells her to leave. The seer Calchas reveals that, to appease Artemis, Agamemnon must sacrifice his eldest daughter, Iphigenia.

Agamemnon at first refuses but, pressured by the other commanders, eventually agrees. In some versions of the story, Iphigenia remains unaware of her imminent sacrifice until the last moment, believing that she is led to the altar to be married. In some versions, Iphigenia is not actually sacrificed. According to Hyginus ' Fabulae, Iphigenia was not sacrificed. Iphigenie by Anselm Feuerbach In Aeschylus 's Agamemnon, the first play in the Oresteiathe sacrifice of Iphigenia is given as one of the reasons that Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus plan to murder Agamemnon.

After Agamemnon sends a message to Clytemnestra informing her of Iphigenia's supposed marriage, he immediately regrets his decision and tries to send another letter telling them not to come. Menelaus intercepts the letter and he and Agamemnon argue.

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Menelaus insists that it is Agamemnon's duty to do all he can to aid the Greeks. Clytemnestra arrives at Aulis with Iphigenia and the infant Orestes.

Agamemnon tries to convince Clytemnestra to go back to Argos, but Clytemnestra insists on staying for the wedding. When she sees Achilles, Clytemnestra mentions the marriage; Achilles, however, appears to be unaware of it, and she and Iphigenia gradually learn the truth.

Achilles, angry that Agamemnon has used him in his plot, vows to help prevent the murder of Iphigenia. Iphigenia and Clytemnestra plead with Agamemnon to spare his daughter's life. Achilles informs them that the Greek army, eager for war, has learned of the seer's advice and now demand that Iphigenia be sacrificed. If Agamemnon refuses, it is likely they will turn on him and kill him and his family.

Iphigenia, knowing she is doomed, decides to be sacrificed willingly, reasoning that as a mere mortal, she cannot go against the will of a goddess. She also believes that her death will be heroic, as it is for the good of all Greeks. Iphigenia exits, and the sacrifice takes place offstage. Later, Clytemnestra is told of her daughter's purported death—and how at the last moment, the gods spared Iphigenia and whisked her away, replacing her with a deer.