Norman bates and his mother relationship

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norman bates and his mother relationship

In the most overtly incestuous display so far in the show, Norman Bates shared his bed with his mother. That's right; a year-old boy shared his twin bed with. Feb 21, Deep down, Norma and Norman Bates are the typical mother and son, doing typical mother and son things, like gathering 12 A Relationship Gone Too Far In Season 3, viewers find Norman watching his mother undress. Norma Bates is a fictional character created by American author Robert Bloch in his thriller novel Psycho. She is the deceased mother and victim of serial killer Norman Bates, who The novel also suggests that their relationship may have been incestuous. For many years, Norma and Norman live together in the.

It's always done in such a way that you are usually right there along with Norman so it feels as though you're spying along with him. Pinterest Bates Motel is truly great at building the tension and not revealing too much information at once. After Norma's brother and Dylan's dadCaleb, comes back into town and it's revealed what their sibling bond entailed when they were young, Norman's over-protectiveness goes into full swing. He goes to Caleb's motel to pay him a visit and things quickly escalate.

As Norman's deep rage from within peaks, his alter ego that exists during his blackouts comes to the surface and things grow increasingly weird, scary and violent for whoever he encounters.

Norma and Norman

This time, of course, his encounter with Caleb. She unknowingly gets a little too involved in town politics and stumbles upon someone higher up, who is looking to get involved with Dylan in the marijuana trade.

norman bates and his mother relationship

This person also happens to be Miss Watson's father, so things get complicated for Norman there, as well. In order to fully get Norma's attention, Norman is kidnapped and locked up in a creepy, little box outside of town in the woods and he starts to unravel.

He has a blackout of sorts and starts to remember his time with Miss Watson on the night of her murder. Suddenly, his involvement is crystal clear: It's very intense and creepy to see all of these things come to light for him.

Pinterest So, we've talked about all of the times Norma and Norman are super cuddly and hold a hug for maybe a little too long, but at the end of season two, you get to see the full shebang—mother and son locking lips. After Norman's memory comes back in regards to what happened between him and Miss Watson, he plans on leaving his mother and everyone behind and ending his own life.

When he sets out to the woods with a gun, Norma is able to track him down and talk him into coming home, but not before they share passionate kiss on the lips. Bates' corpse and reveals to him that Mary Samuels is actually Mary Loomis, Sam Loomis' daughter, and is plotting with her mother, Lila, to drive him crazy again in order to get him recommitted for Marion's murder; they both dress up as Norman's mother and appear through the window of her bedroom. Mary believes that the murderer is hiding in Norman's house, and when Norman explains to Mary that the murderer might be his real mother, she speculates that he might have been adopted.

The murderer eventually kills Lila. When Mary and Norman return to the house, Norman receives a phone call from Dr. Raymond; in his mind, however, the phone call is from his mother. Mary, disturbed, tries to convince Norman to stop answering the phone by dressing up as his mother, complete with a butcher knife. Mary accidentally kills Dr. Raymond, who has come to the house to catch Mary, and Norman tries to hide her from the police. Mary discovers Lila's corpse hidden in a pile of coal, and, convinced Norman is the murderer, tries to kill him.

The police intervene just in time however, and shoot her dead.

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Spool visits Norman and reveals that she is his real mother, and that Norma Bates was actually his aunt; Spool had been put in a mental institution shortly after giving birth to Norman, and her sister, Norma, had adopted him and told him that he was her son. Spool then reveals that she had committed the murders in order to protect Norman.

He bludgeons her to death with a shovel, and carries her corpse up to Mrs. Bates' room, where the "Mother" personality takes control of his mind once again. Emma killed John in a jealous rage after Norma stole him away from her, and abducted the young Norman, convincing herself he was the child she had with John.

Emma was arrested and institutionalized, and Norman was returned to his mother. By this point in the series, Norman has begun murdering young women again under the control of the Mother personality. He finds some hope for redemption when he meets and falls in love with a young woman named Maureen Coyle Diana Scarwidbut "Mother" eventually wins out and kills her.

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Tracy finds Norman and tells him the truth about his parentage, and Norman destroys Mrs. Spool's corpse, attempting to break free of "Mother"'s control.


He is arrested and sent back to the institution, but proclaims that he is finally free. The Beginning[ edit ] The fourth and final film in the series, retcons the revelations of the second and third film, supplying that Norman's father was stung to death by bees, removing all references to Emma Spool and retelling much of Norman's and his mother's past from the original film.

It is implied in the film that Mrs.

norman bates and his mother relationship

Bates suffered from schizophrenia and borderline personality disorderwhich Norman inherits. Norman has been released from the institution and is now married. When Norman finds out that his wife, Connie Donna Mitchellis pregnant, he decides to kill her to prevent another of his "cursed" line from entering the world. He relents after his wife professes her love for him, however, and decides to rid himself of the past once and for all by burning down his mother's house.

During this act, he sees visions of his mother mocking and tormenting him, but perseveres and destroys the house. At the end of the film, he is finally free of his mother's voice, which demands to be let out. Television[ edit ] Bates Motel film [ edit ] The television spin-off movie and series pilot changes the backstory between Norman Bates' parents here named Jake and Gloria Bates prior to the events of Psycho. In this continuity, Mrs. Bates killed her husband because she thought he was cheating on her.

She then lost her mind and spent all her time staring out her bedroom window, wearing black funeral clothes while waiting for him to return. Twenty-seven years after the events of the original film, Norman Kurt Paul dies of old age in the asylum, leaving his motel and house to his friend and fellow inmate, Alex West Bud Cort.

norman bates and his mother relationship

Alex comes to believe that the motel is haunted by Mrs. He eventually discovers that the "haunting" is a ruse perpetrated by bank manager Tom Fuller Gregg Henrywho is trying to scare Alex into selling him the motel so he can renovate it. Norma is portrayed in the series by Vera Farmiga. This, along with several other traumas Norman suffered as a child, results in his developing an alternate personality, "Mother", who kills anyone whom she believes poses a threat to him or gets in the way of their relationship.

On the show, Norma's middle name is Louise. The vehicle is later inherited by Norman who takes over ownership of the car in the final season after her death. The motel's former owner, Keith Summers W. Earl Brown breaks into the Bates' house and rapes Norma.