Niketan and urvashi relationship trust

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niketan and urvashi relationship trust

Sapna is seen having a conversation with Niketan and Urvashi in their Sapna warns her teammates to stay away from Imam and not to trust. Bangiya Shabda- kosh (reference) ; etc.; Add. Santi- niketan, Dt. .. Phulahara, ; Alaknanda, ; Nikumbhila, ; i Panchali, ; Urvashi, ; Add. Press Trust of India, Fort, Bombay-1 Dahitvala, Ganibhai Abdulkarim, Gani; English: The Law of Sapinda Relationship; Teaching of Dharma Sastra; tr. Most South Asian feminists know Urvashi Butalia's remarkable work. . final four chapters of the volume comment on relationships between governance, . Santi Niketan, both endeavours being inspired by the same international . Jain maps the rise of the Institute of Social Studies Trust, and its role as a 'service station' (p.

Aashka also loses her cool and starts calling the blue team inhuman etc. Delnaaz volunteers to come to the red team as Aashka is a close friend of hers. However, she then goes back to her team and insists on letting the red team eat food as they had stopped eating post their fight for the washroom.

The blue team tells Delnaaz to stop letting her emotions get in the way of the task. Later, Delnaaz is seen explaining to Rajev that the fight he had with Imam the previous night was worthless while Rajev was left defending himself. Bigg Boss sends in a letter as both teams were left confused after their attempt to occupy the washroom.

Both the teams get up briskly and move back to their positions. Sana comes to the red team to take permission for using the bathroom. Nirahua and Santosh ask her to dance to their tunes for a few minutes as barter for letting her use the washroom.

Sana shakes a leg and shares a mighty laugh with the red team. After sometime, the lights go off and Vishal and Sana are seen having an intense conversation. Both of them clear their differences and make up with a hug. Niketan walking with Delnaaz in the garden saying that Sana authenticated what Sapna said last night and I didnt know what to say. I didn't want to swear upon anyone because it doesn't go inside her head.

He doesnt usually swear upon someone but there's no other way to explain. Delnaaz is saying Sana is a very sweet girl, have you ever interacted with her?

Day 58 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Aashka gets injured, Sana makes up with Vishal with a hug - Entertainment

Niketan says that why should I when she confidently agreed with Sapna. I dont make an effort and I wont after so many times of bad experiences and this person dislikes me and falsely accuses me. I'd rather sit with my friends and joke. I'm not the type of person to argue. He tells Vrajesh has a lot of qualities and when he speaks people want to listen because he has "swarasvati maa ki krypa". He tells him that when you have to say something to someone tell them directly.

Sidhu and Niketan watching Sampat swimming in the pool. Sidhu telling Sampat to run in the pool. Sidhu falls down laughing. He says Sampat you'll kill me, I fell down. Sana says, yeh khushi ka fall tha. Sidhu tells Sampat to stop now. In the lawn Sapna colouring her hair blue. Sana assisting her and colouring her hair blue with her hands. Sana telling her she's become more colourful now. Mink comes and is amused and says it's looking very good.

BB anouncing that Aashka's captainship was disappointing and a captain should make sure that all house mates are following the rules but she herself was breaking rules.

Day 58 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Aashka gets injured, Sana makes up with Vishal with a hug

She also speaks in English and because of that everyone else also speaks in English including Delnaaz, Sana and Sidhu. Everyone knows that only the captain can use the bathroom of her room and she turned it into a bar.

She has hurt the position of a captain and is not worth being a captain and so BB is releasing her of her captaincy and she will never ever be a captain as long as she is in the house.

niketan and urvashi relationship trust

BB wants Aashka to remove all her belongings from the room. BB says that the confession room's door is open and whoever wants to become a captain, they should come and tell BB in the room.

Delnaaz asking Sidhu what happened and Sidhu says, bombshell. Sidhu is telling Sana and Urvashi to go.

niketan and urvashi relationship trust

Rajev tells BB that he wants to participate in the attempt to be captain. Urvashi is half minded about going. She walks into the room. In the confession room, Urvashi says yes, she'd like to try, Sana also gives her name. She struggles with the words and comes out saying she cant even speak hindi. Aashka saying she doesnt want an emotional strain on herself. Aashka says she's afraid of humiliation and she doesnt want to listen to anything. Urvashi also talking to her.

Aashka says she doesn't know how long she'll last and she doesn't know if she can make it.

niketan and urvashi relationship trust

Delnaaz seems to be saying she wont continue either. Aashka saying it's her fight. Sidhu is saying "what are you doing BB, mauka hai mauka maro chauka" to Mink and she goes and gives her name.

Mink starts putting nailpolish on Niketan's toes who has fallen asleep on the chair. Sidhu snickering the entire time. Mink also puts nail polish on his nails.

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Sampat laughs so loudly that Niketan wakes up and now he says, how will this come out? Sampat says "bhagwaan ke dyaan ho gaye". Or maybe Sidhu will give his vote to Sidhu. Rajev telling to Sampat that she should give him a chance. And now he's hugging Vraj and saying, dare anyone call him a cartoon and Vraj says now I really want to go out. Sana asking for Vraj's vote. She says I'm like your little sister and I want to bear the burden of responsibility.

niketan and urvashi relationship trust

And Sana blackmails him by saying that I give you tea every day. Sana telling Sapna she gave colour to her hair and she should vote for Sana. Niketan telling Rajev to postpone his run for captaincy till the later days. Mink said she'd vote for Urvashi. Niketan saying he'll convince Sidhu to give vote to Urvashi and Urvashi will thank Rajev. Niketan saying that rajev wants to go into the kitchen team and wants you out.

Niketan saying we prepare for the best. Urvashi talking to Delnaaz that the house needs maturity and Rajev can't handle it and Sana is nice. She says if Niketan or Delnaaz was against her, she'd say straight away that I dont want to be a captain. Mink votes for Urvashi because she think she's Urv will be a strong captain, Sapna votes for Sana and says she's the youngest but she does all the house work Sidhu votes for Urvashi even though he says he's confused.

Sana votes for Urvashi because she can be a good captain. Sampat votes for Urvashi Aashka votes for Sana because she voted for Urva and showed a good sportsmanship. Rajev votes for Urvashi because there are few opportunities to show friendship.

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Delnaaz votes for Urvashi for friendship and wants her to experience it. Urvashi votes for Rajev because Rajev has gone to every department. And from yesterday's task whevever he goes everyone runs away so he should be locked up in the captain's room. Niketan votes for Urvashi because everyone fears her.