Ncis la 5x19 kensi and deeks relationship

NCIS LA Episode Summary and Analysis : 5x19 Spoils of War

ncis la 5x19 kensi and deeks relationship

Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special that´s was in Season 4 of NCIS Los Angeles and not NCIS: The original series season 6 Kensi and Deeks went undercover as a married couple in order to find a. KENSI & DEEKS IN BED - NCIS LOS ANGELES SEASON 4. video Densi 5x Ncis La KensiEric . [NCIS:LA] Deeks and Kensi (3x22) - Kiss Me - YouTube. Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple housesitting in a gated community to identify a Russian sleeper agent believed to live in the neighborhood;.

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K - English - Chapters: Deeks Daddy Deeks by aray48 reviews AU. Deeks is the father of a little boy, a secret to the rest of the team!

He hasn't had the chance to be in his son's life because of the boy's mother, but now Deek's son Leo is his complete responsibility! Callen and Mac welcome Anna into their family, Kensi and Deeks deal with having a new baby. Also up Eric and Nell plan a wedding while Nell is pregnant. Plus so much more for our favorite team and family.

ncis la 5x19 kensi and deeks relationship

How are they doing? You don't have to read the first two to understand this one. Some chapters rated Mplus due to adult situations and sexual content. Will advise in advance. Deeks Well Played by hermionesmydawg reviews Drabbles from my tumblr that have more, ahem, adult content.

You heard Deeks; no one under 17 admitted. Mostly Kensi and Deeks. Kensi Blye is just a senior in high school. She has good friends, comprehensive parents and a great boyfriend. She's ready for her future but until then she has summer. What will happen when a certain shaggy haired college boy comes back home for the holidays? Her life will turn upside down. Rated M for strong language and sexual references Disclaimer: The Years After by volleyballbasketball reviews This is just a collection of some of my past little stories that I wanted to condense into one actual piece, mostly drabbles about Kensi and Deeks' domestic life.

Deeks Indefinitely by volleyballbasketball reviews First chapter is just a little drabble from somewhere in season five, most of the chapters will be drabbles or one-shots about Deeks and Kensi.

Assume the drabbles are from before they get together unless I say otherwise at the top. Or actually, it should be pretty obvious so just go with it.

T - English - Chapters: Deeks Season Six Snippets by gremlin reviews A series of scenes based on season six episodes. There will probably be a lot of Kensi and Deeks, but the other characters will show up too. I have not done the snippets in order and am rearranging chapters as I go, so some of the chapter numbers might not make sense.

Deeks never joined the LAPD. In a strange twist of fate, as Kensi's marriage crumbles, they meet.

ncis la 5x19 kensi and deeks relationship

The undeniable spark is there, but will it grow into a fire? Deeks] - Complete Stuck, Smitten Whatever? I am attempting a little something for each episode. You don't have to read all of these to follow along. Your feedback is appreciated. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: This is now a collection of one-shots based on sneak peeks!

My take on something I'm loathe to have happen, yet if it does happen, I want it to happen in a good way, but not Deeks I Got You by TinaraXx reviews When someone Marty knows hurts the one person he truly loves, he will do anything to help her recover. Partners will finally become more. Deeks The Darkness Did Not Prevail by Loopylou reviews Kensi and Deeks are sent undercover as a married couple to infiltrate a cult that is recruiting military personal. Set after my story 'Of Things Broken.

T - English - Crime - Chapters: Deeks Densi Drabbles by Heather reviews A collection of Densi One-shots from ideas that either come to me, or are sent to me by others. Deeks Relationships by underthesun. Complete with their crazy but loveable circle of friends and family. It might help to first read "Fish" and "First Date". Deeks] Moments in song by Lexa Kenzie reviews Each chapter will be based on a song.

Rating will change depending on the chapter. Will post rating at top of each chapter incase you want to skip the M rated ones. Densi all the way. How will the team deal with a new agent? Will they be welcomed or treated like an unwanted outsider. What is their conection to Callen and his rule about dating cops.

Story includes entire team and there will be some Densi, sorry I couldn't resist. Rated T for some langauage and dramatic elements. Doing all of the scenes that I think should've been included. Kensi's torture, when she gets back and after episodes. Callen, OC] [Kensi B. Deeks - Complete All these little moments by secretxlittlexdarling reviews Just some Densi drabbles, not related to one another. Feel free to request some on your own on my tumblr: Densi and spoilers will be mentioned in every chapter if there are any, that is Neric drabbles can be requested too: Deeks Pieces of a Love Story by inasiriusrelationship reviews Collection of oneshots - mostly about Kensi and Deeks but all of the characters will feature it at some point: P The chapters are not related with each other or any other of my stories.

The team searches for their victim through the streets of Los Angeles, not knowing that the victim is actually Deeks, who will do anything to keep his brutal assault a secret from the team. Only sometimes it's hard to tell what true and what's not when you're faking it.

Callen," he said, gesturing toward the handcuffed man at the table. Deeks - Complete Opening Doors by kiwi reviews Kensi and Deeks try to tackle married life with a baby. Part two of Behind Closed Doors read that one first. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! I mean this case is to open and close.

Los Angeles team has surveillance on a bank but something goes wrong when a robbery takes place. Emotion running high, what could happen?

ncis la 5x19 kensi and deeks relationship

Rated T for mild cursing and future chapters. Deeks - Complete We could all see it by hope reviews DENSI and look in the office leads to more ,but where and how does it end?

Deeks Musically Inspired by Ambrosia Rush reviews A goodie bag of unrelated one-shots inspired by songs. Its not what we do to them whom we at war with. Its what it does to us. How it changes us dehumanising us, removing all our compassionate elements.

And this time it is Sergeant Rabee Makar explaining it to Deeks. Both men out in Afghanistan. Loved the commentary as shown through Granger and Sabatino on CIA Classified Ops Missions on what they really are; and the commentary as shown through Deeks and Sergeant Rabee Makar's partnership on the no line drawn between being moral and being amoral as everything becomes permissible in the opportunity and futility of a waging war.

Highlights of the episode. You can read in detail in my table below. No need to even read all this and straight away jump to below. The White Ghost Mission concludes. Densi gets a Speed Breaker. As envisaged by the writers, the Afghanistan story plot serves two purposes: That is the reason why we love him. We see ourselves in him and therefore; it is his perception of things and others perception of him that matters to us dearly.

Its our perspective on things and what matters to us as human beings. And the writers tapped it fully through this season from 5xFrozenLake to 5xSpoilsofWar. He is not an Agent, not a soldier and can be separated from the team where important action happens for which Deeks may or may not be ready.

Hetty - She knows everyone. Now this is my perception. She knows everyone and everything about them. What can I say…???!!!! She never told Kensi about him but found Deeks for her, promoted their love story, used Kensi anyways to save Jack from CIA, used Deeks again to save Kensi from Taliban and also rescue Jack as part of the whole deal. Feels good when the pieces arrange themselves in their regular places as she moves the Chess Board.

Time for well-deserved Scotch! Episode 5x19 - Spoils of War War and Torture.

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He gives his characters the opportunity to make of the situation and themselves as they want to. One can incline into any way he wants. But also he took us close to Callen, Granger, Sabatino. He has been laying emphasis on what happens after war and torture to soldiers, rebels and civilians.

The casualties are telling. There is PTSD to deal with for soldiers and prisoners alike. And between all this, there is profiteering by private corporations who thrive on waging wars. I could see the episode in a running format without any complaint. All my attention was into the dramatic action. Editor Liked the Editing. Did not feel any disconnect anywhere. Nell calls and orders briefs Callen, Sam and Deeks to head out to Afghanistan to get back Agent Blye who has been supposedly been held captive by the Taliban.

Agent Blye is gone missing for 72 hours whereas Granger has gone off the grid from last 12 hours. He is her friend and had asked for help. So she has sent Kensi taking her chances with Granger and preparing Kensi to suspect everyone so that she cannot kill Jack when she sees him. My recommendation is for everyone to watch how all of that gets narrated and expressed in terms of action. And she went dark, to find out the truth.

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It was all made-up. His only mistake was he ended up knowing the identities of half a dozen of CIA assets. Jack wanted to stay in Afghanistan and only problem was CIA could not have Jack live in some hut, knowing their names and faces.

Sabatino wanted to get to Jack first and convince him to leave for US so that this execution could be avoided. Jack Simon was the best Read Write Section above. Read Love story section below. Callen is the pessimist, trying to be his pessimistic self and yet becoming relentless in completing the mission successfully. However for a team lead, Callen was not quite the leader of the team. Sam was more poised as the Navy Seal on the field living the mission like his Seals Motto.