Myrnin and claire relationship questions

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myrnin and claire relationship questions

Morganville Vampires: Claire and Myrnin - At Long Last Claire and Shane's relationship hasn't been going well recently since Claire has been visiting Mrynin a lot more recently and Shane's been getting both reasonable questions. +. Myrnin knew that the dynamic of the relationship was changing. . provide answers to questions that you already know, Claire," he answered. Fanfiction of Claire and Myrnin shipping. Only God can answer such questions, and I happen to have a lot of questions to ask him. Why did you take 6.

myrnin and claire relationship questions

And this first one has to do with you. So you're doing it. On the first day of Christmas, the Founder gave to me X "You're home late again today.

She jumped guiltily at his voice. Busy at the lab. This was the fourth time this week, though Claire's odd behavior had been going on for about two weeks now. She'd been working late at the lab, and leaving the house early, to the point where he, Michael, and Eve had barely seen her over the past week.

myrnin and claire relationship questions

When any of them had brought it up, Claire had simply dismissed it as being busy, and then proceeded to avoid them. It was making Shane uneasy. And it wasn't only her not being there that bothered him. One day when she came home, he had noticed she was wearing different make-up than what she had left the house in. Another time she had been sitting at the table, writing, and when Michael had walked up behind her she had panicked and flipped the paper over, then left for her room when they'd all started asking questions.

Not long after that he'd heard her arguing with someone in her room, but when he went to go check up on her no one had been there, and she had said she was just talking on the phone. He was getting worried. Usually, when she was focused on something she and Myrnin where working on at the lab, she would talk about it not that any of them really listenedor her focus would be plain as day on her. She was acting like she had something to hide. Which led to all kinds of unpleasant thoughts in Shane's head.

But no, they'd been over this. Claire wouldn't do that to him, not with Myrnin. But still, once the thought was in his head It wasn't Claire he didn't trust, it was Myrnin. Or at least, that's what he told himself the next day when, after calling Claire a few times and not getting an answer, he decided to venture on over to Myrnin's lab himself.

He carefully creeped down the steps from the rickety little shack that hid the lab, feeling awful all the while. Once he got to the bottom he looked around a little, only to hear "And just what are you doing here, if I may ask?

And isn't it polite to knock before you enter one's home?

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She's not answering her phone. If you want to leave you may. She took two steps away, then paused. And then she said the one thing, the one thing, he truly did not wish to discuss with her. Myrnin did not turn to face her. She did not turn to face him.

He could have sworn in that moment his unbeating heart skipped a beat. For a panicked moment he thought she was referring to just the previous evening when he had watched her as she slept, but then he realized she was referring to the night had told her he was leaving.

He was avoiding the question and they both knew it. He heard her whirl around to face him, but he still couldn't bring himself to face her. Every emotion bubbled together into a furious statement, "I never said that I didn't care about you. You said you only liked my mind, and then you kissed me. He said nothing, just stared back at her. How do you tell someone you loved them? That the only thing you look forward to is seeing them?

How do you tell someone that it kills you every day to see them with another man because you know they will never love you back? But you don't ruin things by kissing them either, which he already did. He had ruined everything. He could have lived with her friendship but not this. Not this cold distance.

When he didn't answer Claire shook her head sadly, and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She sniffled, then turned around and started up the stairs. It was a miracle Claire heard him. She froze halfway on one step.

He kept his head down, fairly certain his gaze may just burn a hole in the ground. She was still standing on the steps, facing away from him. He saw her shoulders move up in a small shrug.

Her hands were trembling but then, oddly, so were his. Myrnin met her halfway. It seemed different to him this time. Not as though she were truly asking a question she didn't know the answer to, but as if she needed to hear him say it. He lifted a hand to brush away the falling tears.

She didn't pull away from him this time, in fact, she leaned into his touch ever so slightly. He felt an odd rush from finally telling Claire exactly how he felt. A rush from telling her that he loved her, endlessly. And most of all, from the fact that she hadn't run from him. He leaned towards her, giving her all the time in the world to pull away from him. His lips pressed to hers slowly.

She tasted like tears, and vanilla, and her lips felt incredibly warm against his. He could feel the blood flowing through her lips.

One of his hands moved from her cheek to the back of her neck, while the other traveled to her waist. Her arms wrapped around him, sending shivers down his spine. She kissed him back just as slowly, and she seemed somehow through that just as confused and uncertain as he felt. It went no further than that.

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He didn't think either one of them was quite ready for anything more, even if he desperately wanted more. He pulled away first and rested his forehead against hers. His lips were damp, and the slightest bit swollen. A small smile played on his lips as he responded with a question of his own, "How do you tell someone you love them?

She kissed him this time, longer than the first yet just as innocent. He didn't know how long they stood there, marveling at their strange new semblance of a relationship. Although they kissed several more times, and though Myrnin did back them both onto the couch, the kisses remained innocent and gentle.

She was still there, several hours past when she had to be. They had gotten some real work done, but not very much. Claire had cried and apologized for being so mad at him. He tried not to cry as he apologized for making her believe he didn't care about her.

Just six days later he drove her to the edge of town under Amelie's orders to see her off to MIT. And just one day after that he began searching for any excuse to go after her though he wouldn't like the reason he found. Thank you guys for reading my first ever one shot! Please leave a review! Obviously, of course, all characters and content in this story belong to Rachel Caine.

Try not to resist it" A bit uncomfortable!

Ghost Town

That was an understatement. My throat feels like I've been gargling glass. You know it's serious when Eve isn't sarcastic. I could hear Michael on the phone to Shane, what could be more important than being here?

They still hadn't turned the glaring lights off and I could see it burning behind my eyelids. You want anything else? I braced myself to speak again and asked Eve, "How did I get here? I don't remember much" "You were attacked by a vampire.

myrnin and claire relationship questions

Still following the story? We spoke for a little while about what happened but you looked really ill so I shouted for Michael and Shane" Eve looked at me gauging my reaction and I told her that I remembered most of that. That's when you face planted onto the floor. Michael tried to catch you but there was sunlight. He got burned" Eve was starting to look worried and her eyes had a glassy shine to them like she was holding back tears. I'm sorry Michael got hurt. I still don't get why I'm in hospital and you look scared" "Oh CB honey it was awful!

We couldn't get you to breathe. Then your heart stopped and Shane was crying, I was crying. We couldn't get your heart to start again" Eve was sobbing now and couldn't speak anymore. I was shocked; Myrnin couldn't have taken that much and I've lost blood before and this never happened.

Michael came back in, took one look at Eve and pulled her into a rib crushing hug trying to soothe her. I'm really sorry but I think I should take Eve home.