Murdoc and noodle relationship


murdoc and noodle relationship

Apr 11, I love this picture mostly because i think murdoc and noodle look cute in the non relationship way. At best that is. From what I hear, they have had their shares of disagreements. And I thought 2D was the first to meet murdoc, then russel and. When I got inside, Murdoc gave me strawberries and told me about all a very special bond, but it's probably a daughter-father relationship.

Murdoc, you got to get the combin! They know where you You must get out! You have to get out! Murdoc, hurry before it's too late.

murdoc and noodle relationship

Armed with an ancient spellbook, he set off into the underworld, but failed to find her. With Russel's whereabouts still unknown, he and 2D have been working on the third album with the help of a Noodle cyborg constructed from Noodle's DNA from the windmill wreckage.

However, due to the improbability of anything Murdoc says and the fact that only DNA was gathered, the status of the real Noodle was in question.

It has since been confirmed that the real Noodle is alive. Recently, Murdoc has called Noodle his greatest asset.

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Noodle is confirmed to be alive in an exclusive new Gorillaz video for the single "On Melancholy Hill". In the video, a luxury cruise ship called the "M. A crew member rushes over to cabin 13 to warn Noodle who is sitting, wearing an oni mask that the ship is under attack by pirates and to take her to the lifeboats. Noodle walks over to her briefcase and opens it, revealing a Thompson submachine gun. She then passes the confused crew member and heads out to face the pirates.

She kills one of the pirates, but the other drops a bomb on the ship, sinking it. Noodle is seen floating out to sea in a lifeboat which is later picked up by the now-giant Russel. Murdoc has since posted on his Twitter page that he was surprised to see the real Noodle alive and is claiming to be on his way to retrieve her. In one of the visuals for the live show, Noodle is seen playing a melodica to the track "Broken".

In the storyboard for the potential video for "Rhinestone Eyes", Noodle is seen to be carried on the top of the giant Russels head as he swims towards Plastic Beach. Once the fighting stops near the end of the storyboard, she is seen to step out of Russels mouth, and removes her cat mask, revealing some scarring to her face and eye.

She was also noticeably taller with thinner legs, and occasionally seen sporting a monkey named Mike. In these videos she is depicted as having black eyes with no irises or pupils, unlike 2-D whose eyes were fractured by Murdoc's stolen Vauxhall Astra, but this difference is likely because the pan of the video was zoomed entirely on her eye, making the green noticeable.

Most of the time, though, Noodle's eyes are covered by her hair. When up close, they're green. In Phase One, her hair was completely black, and she was always wearing her helmet as seen on Brit Awards Showexcept for select live performances. During Phase Two, Noodle's hair became purple and blue tinted and somewhat longer, covering her eyes. According to the original promotional booklet, Noodle was sixteen as of January It was confirmed by a Gorillaz e-mail sent out on Halloween that she was born on that day, 31 October, in In "On Melancholy Hill", Noodle is seen wearing red lipstick and her body is noticeably more matured with her height and body structure, since she should be 19 years old in this video.

That is, if the Gorillaz have been paying attention to dates. She is also seen wearing a white and green cat mask. Underneath the cat mask is a large, dark bruise on the right side of her face.

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Noodle is the only member of Gorillaz, besides 2D, who demonstrated any type of vocal talent. During Phase One of Gorillaz, Noodle could only speak Japanese, with the exceptions of her bandmates' names and small words such as "duh" or "yeah", and Russel had translated for her; but she had done vocals in English: She also did an alternately Japanese and English vocal narration for the track "Left Hand Suzuki Method", originally from theG-sides album. It was not until Phase Two with the Demon Days album that anyone actually heard her fluently speak English conversationally.

Noodle is a fan of Miyazaki's films. This file also features a reference to Prince. In Rise of the Ogre, many pictures of Noodle include her holding a guitar in her left hand, showing that she is right-handed.

However, in pictures for the Gorillaz bite "Search for a Star", she can be seen holding a pencil in her left hand, perhaps implying that she, like 2D, is ambidextrous.

This is further supported in the "On Melancholy Hill" music video, where in which both she and her cyborg clone are shown firing their guns in a left-handed fashion.

Voice actors There are several people who make up the identity of Noodle, they include former Cibo Matto vocalist Miho Hatori and Talking Heads' Tina Weymouth, who both had provided singing vocals for Noodle on the first album; Haruka Kuroda, an actress who provides Noodle's speaking voice i. In Plastic Beachit's been a matter of debate for fans as to who is "Noodle".

While some argue that Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon provides Noodle's voice in "Empire Ants" and "To Binge" and that her guitar portions were provided by whoever plays guitar on a given song, including Simon Katz, Simon Tong, and Damon Albarn, some argue she is not at all on the album. The question is where the video of "On Melancholy Hill" takes place chronologically: But during production of the album this was never implied and obviously the twitter posts by Murdoc came out after the album was released.

Phase 3 has no named "voice coach" as of yet for Noodle or Cyborg. Her voice does appear in the demo "Electric Shock" and "Rhinestone Eyes" but again, no one has yet been confirmed. Guitars Noodle is most often seen with either a yellow Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Les Paul or a fictional, generic red guitar.

She also has an acoustic guitar which is seen in "Feel Good Inc. However, trouble seemed to linger around him. Originally, Russel attended The Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters, but was forcibly removed when he mauled several other students as a result of demonic possession. After being expelled, the possession and the anxiety sent young Russel into a coma. He would not wake for another four years, at which time a man called Father Merrin exorcised the demon inhabiting Russel's body.

Unable to return to the Xavier School, Russel was sent to a school in Brooklyn, in which many students were practised in the numerous fields of hip hop. Much of his hip hop prowess comes from a bizarre but violent incident involving a drive-by shooting that killed all of his friends from the fictional Brooklyn High School in New York City. Following the shooting, the spirits of all of Russel's friends took residence in Russel's body and have possessed him at unpredictable moments ever since.

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The most prominent of these spirits was Russel's best friend, Del, who was based on and voiced by Del tha Funkee Homosapien. Del appears as a blue, rapping ghost in such videos as "Clint Eastwood" and "Rock the House.

During the band hiatus, Russel went through a terrible trauma in late Del's soul was ripped out of Russel by the Grim Reaper in late and Russel, a mere shell of his former self, took a year to recover. Shortly after the exorcism Russel took refuge in Ike Turner's basement where he began making an album called: He was the last to return to Kong Studios. When he did return, the band was startled at the fact that his already large proportions had doubled or even tripled.

It was a hoax, however, and the band has once again gone separate ways. It would not last too long, as it was promised by Murdoc in the autobiography Rise of the Ogre that their biggest project to date is apparently being planned. Russel was, according to Murdoc, "all good, too. He's still stitching together his taxidermy army of undead animals and practising his drums, but I think he's getting into production. It's a great role for him because his knowledge of music's just too big for him to be stuck behind a drum kit.

However, what these photos do show is that Russel appears to have grown to literally giant proportions, and has lost the hats he usually wore during Phase 2, but has otherwise not changed very much.

Jamie Hewlett explained in the Making of Plastic Beach DVD that his gigantic size was a result of eating massive amounts of polluted material while swimming to Plastic Beach, causing him to swell up into his giant state. A Phase 3 character ident was released before the release of Plastic Beach, depicting Russel stomping across a pier in rage and diving into the ocean, headed towards Plastic Beach.

It appears, from his remarkable absence in videos and pictures, that Murdoc did not intend to invite Russel back to Gorillaz for Plastic Beach. It was later revealed in a scrawled note by Russell that he believes demons whether they are real or in his head is unknown convinced him to jump into the sea.

In the music video On Melancholy Hill, Russel has grown extremely large to the size of a whale because of the pollution in the water, that he reportedly ate along the way to Plastic Beach. And is shown lifting Noodle's life boat with her in it on his head. Also he is seen bringing Noodle to Plastic Beach in the storyboard for the music video of Rhinestone Eyes.

On 9 Marchhe was voted the third most sexy cartoon musician of all-time by Nerve. Personality As a calm and wise member, he is known as a Mountain of madness which means he is easily angered.

This may be a result of his frequent trauma from numerous possessions. His mental state has deteriorated noticeably since Del's exorcism. Despite his mental status, Russel is known to be a very eloquent speaker, largely due to the private schooling he received in his youth.

Russel has also seen the Grim Reaper twice. He is on medication for his depression, psychosis, and traumatism, most likely Xanax; Murdoc unsuccessfully tries to calm down Russel during an interview in We Are the Dury by telling him to "Pop another Xanax" and later in the same interview, Russel talks about how his medication was wearing off during the recording of "White Light" on the album 'Demon Days', resulting in the erratic and violent drumming heard during the track.

Similar odd or funny stories are tied to other tracks on the two Gorillaz albums: He is laid-back for the most part, almost melancholy most of the time, but has very little patience for Murdoc's antics and 2D's idiocy. He is often the one who has to solve discrepancies between his bandmates, and has often been forced to stick up for his ridiculed and abused bandmate 2D despite bullying 2D himself, on several occasions.

When Russel discovered Murdoc having sex with 2D's then girlfriend now ex-girlfriendPaula Cracker, he punched Murdoc in the face and fractured his nose. He also claims that he will do anything to protect Noodle and the two have a close bond with each other. He is sensitive about his admittedly massive weight, which is apparently the result of a wheat allergy. Russel often calls Murdoc "Mudz" and 2D "D".

Russel's hobbies include food, eating, cooking, taxidermy and athletic shoe. Russel is a noted expert on music, not just Hip Hop. He recently put his taxidermy skills to good use by creating "Animal Kwackers", in which the user creates his or her own hybrid animal using an assortment of body parts the legs section includes wheels and, if they desire, name it and add it to a worldwide gallery.

The reason for this is explained in the last two thirds of the Intro, which mention helping Russel to create an army of beasts. Character Appearance Russel seems to be Murdoc's height 5'10' but is larger than him and 2D due to his weight.

His eyes are a milky white which has resulted from his numerous possessions from demons and Del.

murdoc and noodle relationship

Russel became angry at Murdoc for not inviting him to help make the Plastic Beach album. In his furious state he wrote what seemed to be a suicide note stating that the demons have chased him down and had forced his heavy hip-hop hand, and that he needed to get to the calm of the brimy deep of the ocean.

He even wrote down the code word 'Ocean Bacon' which was how Noodle got her memory back. The time has come. The demons have chased me down and now forced my heavyweight hip hop hand. I need to get there. The expanse, the calm of the eternal briny deep.

So this is it Throw myself into the sea. In the 'Rhinestone Eyes' music video, he and Noodle reach Plastic Beach where there's a battle going on. At the end of it, Russel is shown leaning against the island looking down at everyone and he opens his mouth to reveal Noodle who steps out and lifts her mask up showing her face. Cyborg Noodle she was created by the band leader, Murdoc, as a replacement for the band's original guitarist, Noodle, whose whereabouts were allegedly unknown.

She serves as both a guitarist and a "gun-slinging bodyguard" for Murdoc. Aside from her built-in knowledge of musical instruments and theory, Cyborg Noodle also has a vast knowledge of weapons and fighting techniques, as well as basic skills, much like Noodle.

You always seem to wait four or five years before releasing again but this time it was seven. So much has happened since Plastic Beach. First, we got attacked by pirates, then I got eaten by a big whale called Massive Dick. I was on Guadeloupe, so I had a gap year and learned how to make friendship bracelets. Not long after that I hitched a ride back to England and joined the others in the studio.

What sort of hopes do you have for the new album? Is there a particular message you want to get across?

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Please can I go to the toilet? Do you feel comfortable talking about it? Just needed some time to do a little thinking, and Ike offered me his spare room.

murdoc and noodle relationship

Had the place decorated real nice. Besides, we only work with folk we like, so we never had a problem. Danger Mouse was a true gent. After Plastic Beach, when Murdoc used your hip-hop machine for the beats, you ate some bad seafood right? And then you were captured against your will? Were you annoyed at Murdoc? Not just bad, toxic. I swallowed so much of that shit, I swelled to 60 times my target weight.

I washed up in NK and got put on display, caged in Pyongyang like a freakshow. Said I was the North Korean Godzilla or some shit. But then I realised, this was probably the most entertainment these dudes had since someone drew a face on a turnip in Any surprises in store? Life is a like a merry-go- round, controlled by the man. But for night only, we are in control.

Demons in dreamland, baby. So head to the sea and enter a new kind of utopia, a society of equals, everybody on the same page of the book we call living. Gorillaz, humans, one and all, singing truth to power. Then "On Melancholy Hill" rolls around, and opens with Noodle on a cruise ship. She presents a decidedly more adult appearance, wearing lipstick and stockings-she is 19 now, after all — and instead of making her way to the "lifebewtz", takes her gun and actively attempts to fight off the flying pirates, managing to down one but not the other before the cruise ship is bombed and sank.

She's not innocent anymore, but she has grown up. It probably also means something that we never see her eyes. By contrast, Cyborg Noodle hasn't grown up — Murdoc based her on his memories of the last time he saw Noodle.

She likes Robert Pattinson, for Pete's sake! Until I finally realized why The band is named after The Monkees. A group of gorillas are also known as a band. Why is Noodle shaking her butt in Murdoc's dream? Well, it is Murdoc we're talking about. The fact that each of the albums is associated with each character.

Noodle the production of the album in-universe is credited to her. Murdoc and 2-D though the heavier hip hop and rap influences also point towards Russel Advertisement: The ending of the heavily political "Hallelujah Money" video features a clip of Spongebob Squarepants from an episode called "Karate Choppers," bursting into tears. While it's still really jarring, an amusing tidbit is what in the episode itself he's crying about: Krabs telling him "Spongebob!