Minx and krism relationship questions

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minx and krism relationship questions

A funny moment that isn't done by Minx but features her - Krism accidentally exits . Krism questions why the nipples are on the wrong sides. . of the Rachel x Chloe relationship development and Krism cringing at the dialogue (particularly . Read My questions from the story Ask Krinx by Way-Too-Many-Fandoms ( Sunsets Me: HEY KRISM, MINX GET OV Have any questions about Krism or Minx? Me: Anyway, I was wondering, who is more dominant in your relationship? +. Jul 24, When Minx suffers heartbreak from another she decides to perform in Inside YouTube-Krism-Chapter 8 These questions rolled around in my brain as I slammed the door to my room shut. . My brain sparked a connection.

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I closed my eyes and started to wonder, why me? Two Hours Ago I looked at the clock frowning as I saw that the day was ending. I wanted to work on animation but instead I spent the entire day gaming and Minxing. I shook my head.

I didn't know how to describe her. I stood up from my desk chair, hearing my back pop. It hurt like hell. I walked slowly to my door, taking my time to check myself in the mirror. I was not looking good, with bedhead and my wrinkled clothes, I was a mess.

I sighed and shook my head. I could hear Minx in her room, so I knew I wouldn't run into her. I opened my door quietly and crept out, trying to be as silent as possible, which wasn't possible with the creaky floors. I started to walk to the stairs, but heard quiet voices. I caught my name and hung back.

Why were they talking about me? I stood beside the stairs and looked down.


Marzia, Mark, and the Australian girl were standing at the bottom talking. I swung around so they couldn't see me and decided to eavesdrop. I heard Marzia sigh.

I mean why would someone be so antisocial? I could snap her neck in an instant. I've like only seen her once. Is she even a Youtuber? I walked down the stairs and saw Mark look at me out of the corner of his eye. He quickly started talking about Dark Souls. I laughed inside, this was war.

I smiled when I walked past them. I could be social if I wanted to. I circled around and went up the adjoined staircase, without doing anything. I got back to my room, sat down, and sighed.

minx and krism relationship questions

Why was I even here? Minx seemed to be the only one that accepted me. I didn't need to be here, I didn't deserve to be here. Why did I think I could make it here? I stomped my foot angrily, like a child having a temper tantrum. I could do this! I was getting a chance at happiness and I needed to use it.

minx and krism relationship questions

And then there was Minx. I couldn't just leave her here. These were her friends but I needed her around me. I couldn't leave her here. I couldn't let them win. I needed to see her, to listen to her laugh. I cracked my door, and looked into the gaming room. Minx's door was cracked.


I peeked in and saw it was empty. I must have just missed her. She was probably doing something with them. It was quiet, too quiet. What was with the silence? I opened my door and walked to my hiding place by the staircase again. I heard noise only from downstairs. They must have all been hanging out. Then I heard a distinctive laugh. Everyone was here but me. I craned my neck and saw that the table was set. They were eating dinner together, everyone but me.

I felt like crying. They just saw me, they just didn't invite me. I saw Minx and the others sit down together, and blinked back tears. I thought we were friends now. She just decided otherwise I assumed. I would just leave. I crept back to my room and lay on my bed, crying. I didn't need friends; I had myself and my thoughts, haunting me. That was all I needed. Startled I sat up and looked around.

I had fallen asleep, thinking about Minx. I sat up and stumbled to the door, trying to at least appear to be normal. I opened the door and frowned, but smiled as I saw who it was. Minx stood there smiling nervously, blushing and looking anxious.

minx and krism relationship questions

I automatically smoothed my hair. I smiled at her, trying to remain my usual perky self. After seeing her down there with everyone, but not inviting me, I was still feeling down.

Didn't expect to see you so soon. What, could you not get enough of me?


I sounded so flirtatious it wasn't even funny. Minx smiled and slightly blushed. Want to come down and eat with us? It's a gourmet meal, not one to miss. Minx actually wanted me there! I'd show them antisocial. Just let me change into something nicer.

My hair was a mess and there was a little bit of drool on the side of my mouth. I quickly ran to my closet and grabbed a blue t-shirt and black jeans.

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