Mass effect save the council ending relationship

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mass effect save the council ending relationship

Obvious Spoilers Ahead: So, the end of ME1. The choice to save the council or concentrate on Sovereign. I thought about it, and I figured. in mass effect remember the final decision where you choose to either I always save the Council in the end, either on my Renegade or Paragon playthroughs. .. Reminds me of people who stay in abusive relationships. At the end of the Virmire mission, you must choose to sacrifice either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko. Saving the Citadel Council At the start of Mass Effect 2, during the opening cinematic, the Normandy SR-1 is destroyed . What happens with Tali if you chose not to continue the relationship in ME3.

During Mordin's mission, once you've met up with Maelon, you have choices to make for both Maelon's life and his research which has ramifications for Eve's life in Mass Effect 3. Upon entering Maelon's lab you'll go into a cutscene in which Mordin confronts Maelon and finally ends up charging him with a gun drawn - at this point you can use a paragon interrupt to save him. It is possible to complete Zaeed's mission and gain his loyalty without killing Vido, while simultaneously saving the facility.

The paragon route through this mission requires a high amount of paragon points. Due to this, it's recommended that if you have the Price of Revenge DLC that you get Zaeed's mission out of the way early on in your play through. Taking the renegade route through this mission will result in the deaths of everybody in the facility, and Vido. During Thane's loyalty mission, you can paragon interrupt his son Kolyat and prevent him from shooting his target.

mass effect save the council ending relationship

Alternatively you can wound Kolyat to also prevent the kill from occurring. Suicide mission To survive the suicide mission with no deaths, there are a number of tasks you must complete throughout the game. Ensure you scan enough planets to have all of the required materials for the ship upgrades, otherwise you'll suffer losses and major damage on your approach to the final mission.

During the suicide mission after passing through the Alpha Relay, you'll need to use the following squad selections: Mass Effect 3 During Mass Effect 3, everybody can die, depending on the options you choose and the ending you select. Your loyalties are imported from Mass Effect 2 and in the case of Grunt and Zaeed directly influence if they die later in the game.

If you don't, they perish in a future reaper attack. Turian Bomb, you're able to rally him into completing his original mission diffusing the Turian bomb on Tuchanka. Doing so results in him sacrificing his life. If for some reason you do not complete the mission to defuse the bomb, a large chunk of Tuchanka is wiped out, including Eve, the female Krogan, if she had survived curing the genophage.

Krogan Team mission, you're given the option to kill or save again the Rachni queen. Choosing to save the Rachni queen will wipe out the Krogan commandos, including Grunt if he wasn't loyal in Mass Effect 2.

Curing the Genophage Mordin or Padok Wiks can die on Tuchanka depending on whether Mordin is alive replaced by Padok Wiks if not and whether you choose to cure the genophage. If you choose to sabotage the genophage, Wrex will find out if Wrex is alive and confront you, resulting in his death. If you chose to destroy Maelon's research during Mordin's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, Eve, the female Krogan, will die from complications during the creation of the genophage cure.

Thane, Kirrahe and the attack on the Citadel Thane will always die during Mass Effect 3, if he survived the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. If you've visited him before Priority: Citadel II, he will die saving the life of the Salarian Councillor.

Decision on the Council *SPOILER* :: Mass Effect General Discussions

If neither Thane or Kirrahe are available, the councillor will be killed by Kai Leng. Killing Udina during the second Citadel mission after he attempts to seize the Citadel. During this moment you can also end up killing the Virmire survivor if you choose the wrong options. Samara's convictions After evacuating the Ardat Yakshi monastery and Samara has found her daughter, you must stop Samara from committing suicide with a quick time event.

Uniting Rannoch After Priority: Not saving Admiral Koris will result in his death and give you a hard time in preventing the destruction of the Quarian race. During the Rannoch missions with the Quarians and Geth, if you choose to side with Legion and allow the Geth to wipe out the Quarian fleet, Tali'Zorah will commit suicide. Legion will "die" regardless during this same set of scenes, as he merges into the Geth conscience.

It is possible to keep both the Geth and the Quarians alive. Horizon, you will confront Henry Lawson, Miranda and Oriana's father. During the confrontation with Henry Lawson you will be given the opportunity to shoot him in addition to a variety of conversation options allowing you to talk him down. If Miranda is alive, she will also get an opportunity to shoot him.

If Miranda shoots him without you talking him down first, he will get off a killing shot on Miranda before he dies. The final missions After making your way through the Cerberus headquarters space station, you are confronted by Kai Leng and finally get to kill him after the mess he made on Thessia.

Following this, you travel back to Earth for the final mission. Any squad mate can be killed during the final mission if your overall readiness is too low. These files can easily be transferred between computers, and even downloaded from the internet if the player wished they had taken different actions in the original game but do not wish to re-play it.

This comic retells the story of Mass Effect while allowing the player to make several important plot decisions. The choices the player makes will then be imported into Mass Effect 2 as if they had been made in the original game. On PlayStation 3, Mass Effect: Genesis requires the Cerberus Packwhich is included in every new copy of the game.

Xbox and PC owners can purchase Genesis separately. Another way of getting the save game variables that you want is by using Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor.

This save game editor allows you to change variables and checks placed within your Mass Effect 2 save file, which contains data from your Mass Effect save file if you imported one. Instructions for using this tool can be found in this forum post Registration Required. If a player beats Mass Effect multiple times on a single Shepard, either by saving and re-loading or by starting a new game plus, each "victory" will be a separate Shepard that the player may import to Mass Effect 2.

The player need not worry that they are over-writing one of their Shepards, and may review all the major specifications and decisions of a Shepard before they choose to import the file to ensure it is the right file. Character Transfer Edit Character Stats and Levels Due to several gameplay changesyour character's level and abilities will not transfer over to Mass Effect 2.

However, the game will acknowledge your character's level and morality and adapt it in ways that map across to the new system as well. The higher the level of the imported character, the greater the bonuses granted upon importing. Importing a level 1 through level 49 character will grant 1, XP the player starts at level 220, credits, and 2, of each resource. Importing a level 50 through level 59 character will grant 2, XP the player starts at level 330, credits, and 5, of each resource.

Importing a level 60 character will grant 4, XP the player starts at level 550, credits, and 10, of each resource. Having the "Rich" achievement from Mass Effect will grant an additionalcredits. The import bonuses will stack with the Mass Effect 2 completion starting bonusescredits and 50, of each resource.

The player, however, may alter the class of their new character, as well as Shepard's appearance. It is worth noting that if the player opts to change the latter, they must start from scratch to re-design their character's look -- one cannot, for example, simply change the hair color or nose of the previous character. However for the PC version, there is a long string of numbers and letters on the Squad screen for Shepard. The string will allow you to import a face created in a previous Mass Effect 2 game.

This string will only be generated for new faces created; imported faces will not have a string. It should be noted that changing to the default Shepard or creating a new face, then reverting to an imported face can result in a string being displayed on the Squad screen, but this will always be inaccurate. Romance Edit Shepard's romance interest from Mass Effect carries over to Mass Effect 2, as evidenced by a photo of said individual on Shepard's desk in the captain's quarters, and a slightly different scene when the two encounter each other again.

However, there is no option to engage in any romantic repartee with the love interest, as they are not part of Shepard's squad. Despite this, Shepard is considered to still be in a relationship with that individual. Shepard may choose to pursue an additional love interest with someone from Mass Effect 2, though this will have consequences for Shepard's relationship with their Mass Effect love interest in Mass Effect 3.

It should be noted that Mass Effect romances can carry over to Mass Effect 2 without consummation, or even when the player is fairly certain they have rejected the character in question.

Save File Transfer

Merely speaking with a potential love interest once is enough to trigger a romance if Paragon options are chosen. In some cases, even extensive Renegade dialogue choices do not prevent the formation of a romance. Thus, if a player wishes to avoid carrying over a love interest to Mass Effect 2, they must leave that character behind on Virmire, if possible. However, if a player wishes to play through Mass Effect 2 with that particular squad member surviving Virmire but wants to avoid carrying over a romance while still being able to talk to them in Mass Effect, then the player must select the appropriate dialogue choices that terminate the romance subplot when they are spoken to after the first plot world.

The character who was left behind will not appear in any subsequent games in the Mass Effect series. It is a permanent character death. Sparing or killing Wrex during the Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage confrontation.

If Wrex survived, he returns to Tuchanka and has united all the krogan under Clan Urdnot to combat the genophage and strengthen the krogan. If Wrex is killed or if the player doesn't importthe more traditional Urdnot Wreav becomes the leader of Clan Urdnot, and little changes for the krogan. Deciding the fate of the Council during the battle with Sovereignand the nomination of either Captain Anderson or Donnel Udina to the Council.

If the Council is saved with either Anderson or Udina as a representative, Shepard is granted an audience with the Council and has the opportunity to be reinstated as a Spectre.

mass effect save the council ending relationship

If the Council was not saved, then Shepard will not be granted an audience with the Council, but Shepard will still be reinstated as a Spectre only if Anderson was made a Councilor. If the Council was not saved, aliens you meet on the Citadel will be somewhat bitter against humanity, and Avina will have a fascist streak, repeatedly notifying Shepard that certain inquiries have been forwarded to C-Sec, and to surrender if approached for arrest.

The nomination of Anderson or Udina to the Council is not included in the save file; rather, when importing a character from Mass Effect, the player must actually tell Miranda whether Anderson or Udina was nominated to the Council after their escape from the Cerberus facility. This is because of a design oversight, where the point of decision for the first Human councilor in the first game occurs after the gamesave for transfer is made.

If the Council was saved in Mass Effect, the following text is displayed after the first cutscene showing a conversation between The Illusive Man and Miranda Lawson: The Alliance fleet made a tremendous sacrifice to save the Citadel Council and earned humanity membership in this prestigious group. Now the Council is forced to respond to evidence that the Reapers -- enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50, years have returned.

To quell the rumors, the Council has sent Commander Shepard and the Normandy to wipe out the last pockets of geth resistance.