Maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

INTERVIEW: Maria Bello

maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

If Viggo Mortensen has anything in common with Tom Stall, the diner a staircase sex scene (with co-star Maria Bello) that could acquire cult status. it was kind of a microcosm of their relationship in a way, on some level. Actress Maria Bello tells it how it is. And this year, she offers her best work to date, opposite Viggo Mortensen, portraying equal parts of fear. Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, co-stars of "A History of Violence," every single scene, we got into our characters' relationship, and the.

I just want to know how things are going to go. The glance of an enraged eye, the gleeful clumsiness of a playful sex scene, the ruthlessness of a woman scorned — this is powerful work, quite clearly drawing upon some inner source of resiliency to command such presence. When I was a younger woman, I was so much angrier than I am now. She has to deal with that now and figure out who she is. Maybe she should receive herself, so then she can receive him.

A mother in her own right, the actress was able to tap into the psyche of a woman who feels threatened by outside forces grasping at the strings that hold her life and sanity together.

maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

I know what that is, to want to protect someone so much and to want to kill someone to protect your child. I want to save him from everything and protect his little soul. He has his own destiny, and to really be okay with that, I have to talk myself into it every day.

maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

Bello is a different, more intriguing sort of screen actress. She reads — something she considers her passion — and at times tries her hand at authorship. Bello was ungraciously looked over for an Academy Award nomination for her performance in The Cooler in A History of Violence has generated considerable steam in that arena, but as the actress sees it, the world of film awards is foreign turf that does not faze her in the least.

There were so many heroes that day, and this is the story of two of those heroes. Bello found herself identifying with her character in this regard and perhaps on a whole other level all together. And to try to hide yourself, I certainly work on that and worked through that in this movie. I tend to still work on it, which is, who do we present ourselves to be in the world?

What is our truth really? Not who society wants me to be but who am I really? And he directs like a good father. He has a very firm, guiding hand — a great vision — yet he lets his children go and play and explore and become, but always reins you in at the exact moment to make you feel safe. He made me laugh all the time. Yes, it feels momentous. It sounds like you had an epiphany of sorts when you began your relationship with Clare. Prior to that, had you had much involvement or investment in LGBT issues?


Yes, always, even when I was going to a Catholic university. I was very inspired by Marsha P. Johnson, a famous African-American transgender, flamboyant, really beautiful woman when I used to live on Christopher Street. She threw the first shot glass at Stonewall.

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Did you journal continuously or in spurts over the years? I started at 10 but only have them going back to age The first one I have is a green notebook with little hearts drawn all over it. I had no idea it would become part of a larger conversation.

maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

I always journalized pretty consistently. Sometimes they were just gratitude lists I made because I was so miserable. What big picture started to emerge from reading them? Relationships are fluid, partnerships are fluid, life is fluid and the more you accept that, which is sometimes a very hard thing to accept, you become more mindful.

I always loved that.

Don’t label Maria Bello

How do you differentiate between happiness, joy and containment? More coming from my preferred self, my most authentic self.

When I can do that and be in the moment, I am more curious and happier when I have an understanding of that and, you know, connect to my higher power. Call it God, call it whatever you like.

maria bello and viggo mortensen relationship

And also watching my son play soccer.