Majandra delfino and brendan fehr relationship tips

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Explore Angela Rowsell's board "roswell" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Majandra delfino, Jason behr and Brendan fehr. Was this because in real life, the stars had gone their separate ways? Majandra "Maria" Delfino had dated Brendan Fehr (her "boyfriend" on the series), There were rumors that Jason and Shiri were dating, but I've never seen anything that. Nov 27, Roswell | Brendan Fehr (Michael) and Majandra Delfino Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr TV Guide Magazine I love their relationship.

So, it was this great series of events and we both jumped in with two feet and made this happen. And I put the project on hold for a bit because I just thought I was crazy. So, I put it on hold. But, then we wound up attending the Austin Television Festival, and not only did we end up seeing so many fans that made me realize there really was a need for this type of genre, but it so mimicked in a weird way what I had already written that it felt so incredibly meta to me.

That was a real drive for me. I want to see that stuff come back. And I will say, having had this stamp of approval from this mystery man was epic- because it made me feel like it could in fact be a great love letter to Roswell that people could actually love. Do you at all worry that fans of Roswell will be so desperate for Roswell back that with this having such similar themes they will always go back to that?

And does doing this mean that an actual Roswell reboot is completely out of the cards? Roswell fans are devoted. So, I just figured that this could really be the next best thing- I figured fans would rather see something, than never see anything again. So, we will definitely always be paying tribute to the original, and of course the devoted fans, and have the little Easter eggs that fans will appreciate- but create something new.

But, of course, we will always maintain the chemistry of these characters.

majandra delfino and brendan fehr relationship tips

I like what that guy said Some guy said that. And some people can think of it almost as like an alternate universe.

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And it still allows Roswell to have been alive and still be alive. How does it feel joining that movement? And Brendan, what do you think of Majandra as a writer? And as you mentioned before, any chance any of the rest of the amazing Roswell cast might come back to guest star?

Do I not belong in front of the camera? So, this has been my long journey of trying to write something worthy to get people to tune in to see it. And of course we would love our Easter egg directors on the show to be kick-ass Roswell players- Shiri [Appleby], Colin [Hanks], everyone!

And as far as Zoe [Lister-Jones]? She has to do what I say! Of course she will be on! She has no choice. As far as Majandra as a writer goes, I think this is a great script. I had so much fun reading it. And even early on when Majandra was just writing music, she was always just so creative- so much more creative than me.

But, this was one that we wanted to keep for ourselves because we are just as passionate about it as the fans are. And I trust her so much in her writing. Brendan and I, as much as we always get into fights with each other and have that back and forth, we have an innate trust in each other.

So, the dream scenario would be him directing a lot of the episodes, with myself as the writer. This would be a great team effort in creating this world. In a dream world, all the prep- the writing, the story and the bible of this world is Majandra, with me putting in my two cents here and there.

I was always behind the monitor and this was always a huge passion of mine. So, ideally, this was really a great partnership as her strengths are really in writing and my strengths are really more in bringing it to the screen. What made you seek out Netflix?

Would you be open to the idea of having the show on another channel as well? We are open to other channels, and we actually have already had a few bites. The reason we are so dead-set on Netflix is because I think Netflix is partly, if not mostly, why our fan-base has multiplied to such a crazy extent.

I feel like our fans are still the same age, and only Brendan and I are getting older. And I think Netflix has this beautiful reputation of being nostalgic. And obviously just the format of Netflix that allows us to do a shorter season of episodes, which I think is really great. Right- it helps you make a better show that is really worthy of these fans and the amazing campaign.

The streaming services, as well as cable, they hire people that they trust and then they let them go do their thing.

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I think a good boss hires someone they think is really qualified, and then basically gets out of their way and lets them do the job they were hired to do- and the cable networks allow shows to do that. And that freedom is important creatively. We also have big players in our industry that are eager to get involved, and we want to be able to come to them with something as prestigious as Netflix.

majandra delfino and brendan fehr relationship tips

How has it gone so far, and how can more fans get involved if they want to see the show on the air? Well, it was sort of one of those experimental things to see if anyone would be interested, and then it just took off as something that became beyond Brendan and I that was run by fans- with one super-fan sort of overseeing the campaign.

What Happened To Them?: The Cast of 'Roswell'

It seems like there is some second-tier movement. You know how Roswell fans are. As far as us, the more people that show that Baron And Toluca is something they do indeed want and that there is an actual built in live audience, then it has more of a chance. But, Roswell knows all about campaigns! So, again, it is this whole campaign where we put this out in to the ether and fans just helped us find our way in helping make this show a reality. But, we still have a long ways to go and need more fans to participate- but they are all out there.

Ideas to give people incentive while feeling the waters of the level of excitement that is out there. Talk about a memory with a Roswell fan that truly stands out to you where you remember knowing just how much of an impact the show had on people. God, I feel like there are too many to count. It was always so clear that it was just such an impactful show. Both Brendan and I were really into attending things and getting out there and meeting people.

The campaign that is running now is just amazing. Every week I find even more new fans saying how they love the show, asking what the campaign is all about. In terms of how close this fan-base is? These fans come from all over to visit. I know one woman named Sue who was a big fan, and she would come all the way from England to visit her American friend that she met while talking about Roswell twenty years ago- they are lifelong friends and they spend time together.

They all have their handles- like Moondragon- who was a huge community member. The two go on to be quite close. Since Roswell ended, Shiri has appeared in a lot of big projects, both on the big screen and on television.

After that, she joined the cast of another short-lived drama on the CW called Life Unexpected. Even better, she became a Mom this year. She gave birth to a girl, Natalie Bouader Shook, on March 23, and is now in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiance, Jon Shook.

The part of the show that intrigued me the most was that they hired Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr to be on the show. While Jason has been working since, his choice of roles has been kind of interesting. Inhe appeared in the New Zealand film The Tattooist, which was released to poor reviews.

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Luckily, Brendan is way different than his character. And a fun fact: Like Shiri, he also appeared in a music video after the show wrapped. The music industry totally digs those Roswell hooligans! Miami as Dan Cooper. When his role wrapped up inhe moved onto the TV miniseries Samurai Girl, and then appeared in a few episodes of the show Bones. Brendan has a movie coming up that ties him right back to his Roswell roots — pretty soon you can see him in Roswell FM, which is about a paranormal talk radio host.

The actress, who once dated Brendan, has become quite popular for starring in a lot of the romantic comedies we totally dig today. Both the show and she have won many awards — for one, she won an Emmy in for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Not only does she own six dogs, but she has worked with Best Friends Animal Society on several projects.

She also falls in love with Michael, since dating within a friend group is totally going to happen. Off screen, Majandra had the hots for her on-screen cousin Devon Gummersallbut sadly their marriage was short lived. Six years prior, she released an album called The Sicks, and any day now, her third recording will be released.

It might have been set back minorly based on her pregnancy — this year, she welcomed a baby boy named Louis Augustus. Also — It must be noted that Majandra was totally on board to play a Schrute for The Office spinoff that never happened. And can I tell you something?