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Defective Detective: Lynley and Havers, both of them. . up the entire precedent of their relationship: Barbara can call Lynley out just as much as she pleases. In this latest doorstop of a book, Havers' career is once again on the line. Lynley's troubled new love relationship with Daidre the veterinarian. But when Lynley enlists the help of his friends Simon and Deborah St. James, the .. Lynley and DS Barbara Havers but also in the interweaving relationships.

Eventually, though, Doughty reports back that there is no trace of the two to be found. The tables turn quickly, though, when Angelina returns with her lover Lorenzo Mura, claiming that Hadiyyah has been kidnapped from them, so Azhar must have taken her.

Inspector Lynley is assigned to go along as liaison between the parents and the Italian police. Isabelle Ardery, the boss, refuses to let Barbara come along. Barbara absolutely refuses to believe that Azhar has had anything to do with the kidnapping.

She has already given information to a tabloid journalist to create enough furor in Britain about the kidnapping for someone to be assigned to the case, and that liaison with Mitchell Corsico is not only a breach of trust but a major source of drama—and irritation—for the rest of the novel.

The novel ends with Corsico assuming Barbara is in his debt. Who talks like that to her boyfriend?? I reckon people have stuck with George through thick and through thin because of their love of the characters, Havers in particular. Yet I have to admit that our Barbara irritated me throughout this latest episode, falling back on her old ways and actually casting doubt as to whether her career deserves saving, as Sergeant Nkata made all the sane decisions during this investigation. George seems to require more and more space to tell less and less story, and the last half dozen or so titles have failed to satisfy in the crime department.

Meanwhile, my blogging colleagues are churning out two or three reviews a week, while I have spent the first two weeks of my summer vacation alternately reading and listening to the audiobook of Banquet in my car in a frustrating attempt to speed up this process. Why are her books so long?

FAREWELL TO LYNLEY: This Endless Banquet Does Not Satisfy

The rest may be due to her emphasis on the psychology of her characters. But her exploration into the darkest impulses of the human mind is pretty superficial in my opinion, often played for shock value without being particularly insightful.

I could have told you by the end of her first appearance in the novel that Caroline Goldacre was a mother. Over the course of the next six hundred pages, we learn just how loathsome she was, but we never explore how or why she became this way. Or take her second husband, Alastair MacKerron: Yet those moments between the lovers become essentially the same scene played out, with slight variation, over and over and over again!

Believing the Lie (Inspector Lynley, #17) by Elizabeth George

The way that storyline played itself out made me want to throttle all three of them! The alternating scene structure of Banquet made me feel like I was stuck in a sort of repetitive loop throughout my reading. I actually did not notice my mistake for a long time. In short, the novel feels extremely padded, adding to a sense of deep disappointment by the end.

We have seen this phenomenon over and over again, and not just in mysteries. The fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire Saga is over four hundred pages longer than the first and a hundred times less satisfying. She can still pen an episode that is incredibly gripping, and then she will drag it down with a compendium of overripe descriptions of minor people or places.

But reading them has, as I say, brought up these questions that I would like to open up for discussion. Can a story from this genre sustain itself over eight or nine hundred pages? Does the serialized nature of the modern mystery create an almost insurmountable obstacle toward the creation of a strongly clued puzzle?

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There is no doubt that the modern mystery presents a more realistic depiction of how crime decimates a community. Is this move toward realism a good thing for the aficionado of detective novels? As a lover of complex characters myself, I still feel that Elizabeth George gets bogged down in the inner life of her characters, reducing the reading of her mammoth books to a slow crawl.

Will Barbara take a huge step too? I'm still tidying up my note book. This is one of the scribblings. It's an episode of the Emerald Series. I'm not entirely happy with it but I have to post it anyway. But will Barbara ever believe it can work?

This was an older story I was never happy with.

This Body of Death

I have now re-jigged it slightly but it is not in my usual even chapter lengths. Until it happens and embarrassment turns to magic For Sparklebright on her birthday. A visit turns to lunch, then a date for Good Friday Will he end up staying permanently?

A fluffy little piece of nonsense to sweeten Easter.