Kyon and yuki relationship tips

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kyon and yuki relationship tips

It was a straw with a black tip on the bottom. "Ah, that's the Haruhi looked at my paper, and read: "Are you an idiot, Kyon? Don't tell me you. And I believe that Kyon gives Yuki the individualism that she has desired Kyon has a real, founded and amazing romantic relationship with. the most change when she finally accepts his advice and at times, his criticism. Kyon (キョン Kyon) is the main protagonist of the series and primary narrator. Kyon thinks about his relationship with Yuki and partially admits that he has.

He found Yasumi there, and she looked happy. She said she didn't know what would happen when someone knocked at the door. Another Kyon walked in, and Yasumi got them to clasp hands and combine into one. She called him "sempai", but noted she'd made a mistake. She said they would meet again before vanishing. Tachibana admitted them to the school, which was under Sasaki's closed space. Upon entering the clubroom, they discovered another Kyon along with Yasumi.

She got the Kyon's to clasp hands and combine into one. They combined into one Koizumi as well. Combined Timeline A disembodied voice Yasumi's explained what happened to Kyon. Meanwhile, the school appeared to be within Haruhi's closed space as well as Sasaki's.

Kuyou used her powers to summon Haruhi to threaten her and so force Kyon to move Haruhi's powers. When negotiations proved fruitless, Kyon jumped out of a window to catch Haruhi. Both looked like they would fall to the courtyard and die from the fall.

However, they were caught by the hand of a celestial. The celestial started attacking the clubroom when time slowed down Kyon noticed Yasumi standing on the roof of the school. Kyon and Haruhi were taken away to separate times and places. Haruhi was simply returned home. Kyon appeared a month later in Haruhi's bedroom, requiring Asahina to return him to his proper time.

Afterward, Koizumi opined that Yasumi was a portion of Haruhi's subconscious. While Haruhi didn't know about her own powers and was insensate during the aggressive negotiations, Yasumi had a much better idea of what was going on, and deliberately ended Sasaki's closed space.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Both closed spaces crumbled when Kyon and Haruhi were taken away. Koizumi explained Yasumi's name an anagram of Haruhi Suzumiya to Kyon. By the next Monday Yasumi had contacted Haruhi and let her know she had to quit, as she wasn't really a North High student. Yasumi claimed to be a middle school student who had acquired a North High uniform.

Observation Nagato and Koizumi both denied that there was anything unusual about her; Koizumi admitted she might be a little unusual but that it amounted to nothing, and she wasn't a threat to the Brigade.

Watahashi requested her name be spelled in a certain way to make her name's meaning more obviouswears a hairpin with an emblem of a faint smile at the end of The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi comments on Yasumi's hair accessory and mentions that she wore something similar herself in elementary schooland wore a North High uniform which appeared to be too large for her. She is described by Kyon as a girl that was moe in a different manner than Mikuru Asahina.

Yasumi demonstrated great intellect, such as immediately finding and opening the sealed "Mikuru" folder on the Brigade computer.

While doing so, she hummed a tune that Haruhi had learned during Live A Live. Yasumi She soon displays the ability to create separate timelines as she had intervened in Kyon's phone call to Sasaki in order to prevent a meeting with her companionsand eventually merge them in order to help Kyon out of the crisis they cause.

She also has the ability to create Closed Spaces and Celestials. She is eventually revealed to be a part of Haruhi's subconscious that had noticed that the SOS Brigade was in trouble and thus appeared to help them. She eventually vanishes once the crisis is solved, with Haruhi attesting that she appeared at her door admitting that she was a middle school student who had snuck into the SOS Brigade.

Powers Haruhi at North High Haruhi has the ability to create reality or "data"but the power is unconscious and she is unaware of it. Just by thinking, she can alter reality. Sometimes this manifests as the ability to make something of her desires truly exist, such as closing off a remote island with fog to enhance the atmosphere of a murder mystery.

When she is overjoyed, her abilities have changed the weather, made animals speak and even changed the orbit of the Earth. Many of her powers are implied in the series and not stated outright. In The Melancholy novel, class president Ryoko Asakura secretly a humanoid interface changed the class seating patterns numerous times, but in every instance, Kyon ended up sitting in front of Haruhi.

Kyon couldn't understand why he felt the need to attend the SOS Brigade's early meetings. In the first case, Nagato was able to reverse Haruhi's alteration of reality. In Endless EightHaruhi's powers created a time loop, which she herself never noticed, nor did most humans, but Kyon, Koizumi, and Asahina often did.

Nagato was fully aware of the time loop due to her humanoid interface nature. Closed Space Main Article: Closed space When her emotions become unstable, she subconsciously creates closed space and celestials which begin to take over the world, destroying things. Koizumi said that the system was born of "common sense"; Haruhi encloses the celestials in closed space to prevent destruction in the "real world".

According to Itsuki Koizumi, Haruhi's powers created espers like himself, time travel and even aliens such as Yuki Nagato. This is in contrast to time traveler Mikuru Asahinawho vehemently disagrees with this.

Nagato stated that her organization, the Data Overmindexisted even before humanity, which would conflict with Koizumi's statement as well. Koizumi said that Haruhi has the power to create a new world destroying the old one in the process and the "current world" came to exist as a result of Haruhi's power.

As a result, some of the 'Agency' believes Haruhi to be a "god". While Koizumi initially said he might agree with this statement, he later admitted to being a skeptic, saying that if she were a god, she could not live in this world without becoming self-aware, but since Suzumiya lives in the world she can alter without noticing, Koizumi concludes that she can only alter the world to a certain extent.

He states that Haruhi does not really believe in espers, aliens and time travelers, and they only exist because she subconsciously wishes them to do so. If she ever became aware of them, or other strangeness such as " talking cats ", she would recreate the world in such a way that talking cats made sense. Koizumi feared this would "overthrow all the concepts already known to mankind". Koizumi believes that someone granted Suzumiya these powers, but also prevented her from knowing about them.

This entity is more likely to be a god. If her mentality became negative, she might focus on destruction. Koizumi prefers to live in the "current" world despite its problems, as humans would eventually sort them out.

Rival esper Kyoko Tachibana believes that Sasaki originally had these powers, and some were mistakenly transferred to Haruhi. She wishes to move these powers back to Sasaki. She and Koizumi strenuously disagree on these beliefs. According to time traveler Mikuru Asahina"Suzumiya-san does indeed possess the power to change the 'present,' but I don't think she has the ability to reconstruct the world.

This world has been this way since the beginning, it's not created by Suzumiya-san. Esper Kyouko Tachibana believes that Sasaki originally had these powers, but they were "stolen" from her and given to Haruhi instead.

Tachibana wishes to recover this power. Creating Alternate Realities Haruhi has the ability to split and recombine reality into two alternate parallels. She demonstrated the ability to subconsciously create a younger copy of herself, Yasumi Watahashi. In The Disappearance Yuki Nagato was able to "steal" Haruhi's abilities, creating yet another reality, although the changes were eventually reversed by previous and future versions of herself, Mikuru Asahina big and small and two versions of Kyon.

Kyon Haruhi shanghais Kyon into service to create her club. Kyon was the first person Haruhi ever spoke with in high school. Of all characters in the series, Kyon is Haruhi's sole voice of reason, and is the only person Haruhi will ever take advice from, such as making her forfeit their team's place in the baseball tournament, adding a fiction disclaimer for the SOS Brigade movie, and convincing Haruhi to revert the universe back to its normal state.

Haruhi is implied to have unrequited feelings for Kyon, although she maintains that love is a sort of mental illness. It has been recurringly shown that Haruhi becomes irritated whenever it is even implied that Kyon is interested in or is the subject of interest of another girl such as in The Boredomshe suggests putting Mikuru's hair in ponytail, but after a quick look at Kyon, she drops the subject entirelylikewise when she accidentally reads a confession of love to Nagato that seemed to have been written by Kyon she immediately erupts into fury.

In the film version of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya the alternate Koizumi theorizes that she does, in fact, hold romantic feelings for Kyon given that she willingly opened up to him despite him seemingly being completely ordinary. Though this is not outright stated in the film it is strongly hinted at when Koizumi, after admitting that he fancies Haruhi in this universe, remarks "Makes me jealous In the same story, Koizumi the real one also notes that he had never seen Haruhi so distressed when Kyon falls down a flight of stairs and ends up in a coma, she subsequently spends the next three days with Kyon in the hospital even bringing a sleeping bag with her.

Kyon nearly hits Haruhi. On multiple occasions, Haruhi's attempts to interact with Kyon on a deeper level seem to be thwarted by the same world that bends to her will, such as Haruhi's failed attempts to go on a date with Kyon during the SOS Brigade's search for mysterious phenomena, and Haruhi trying to throw grass at Kyon, only to have the wind blow it back at her. Regardless, Haruhi's relationship with Kyon has often been described as an unbreakable bond of trust.

It is Haruhi and Kyon kiss because of this bond that Haruhi chooses Kyon to be the only being to be with her when she attempts to recreate the world, despite knowing Kyon for such a short amount of time. Haruhi often exploits Kyon's apparent to her lack of imagination. Anytime she has a task that would be complicated by somebody else's creativity, she'll assign that task to Kyon. Examples include drawing her message on the school quad, converting her drawing and uploading it to a website, pointing a camera as she directs, and going to pick up a room heater without picking apart the deal she made for it.

She is shocked whenever he manages to mess up such simple tasks. Because Kyon is always busy snarking in his own head, Haruhi sees him as a warm body who can provide silent support when searching for a missing classmate or dealing with the gratitude of a rock band she helped out.

His presence means she's not alone when skating out at the limits of her bravado. In addition, near the end of The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya, the college version of Haruhi is shown to have a relatively close relationship with the future Kyon. Mikuru Asahina Haruhi views Mikuru more as an object for boy appeal than a person, which is most clearly defined in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya when she declares Mikuru to be her toy even in a serious fight.

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Haruhi often dresses up Mikuru in cosplay outfits or sexually harasses her. Haruhi believes that any resistance from Mikuru is "futile" and had no compunctions about going to her house and "abducting" her to play her role in her movie when she claimed she was ill. She is also somewhat hostile because she believes Kyon has a crush on Mikuru. Later on in the series, Haruhi begins to grow genuine affection for Mikuru and began to respect her rights more.

Much like Kyon and Koizumi, the two of them are best friends by The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya and she feels the need to look out for her as well as Yuki Nagato. She yells at Kyon and Itsuki when their male escort outfits make Mikuru cry, and becomes solemn when she accidentally hits Mikuru with a blow-dart.

This does not mean, though, that Haruhi does not use Mikuru to make ends meet, but her methods are much tamer than the main series. Haruhi perceives Yuki as a gullible and vulnerable girl, even though the opposite is true. Haruhi also values Yuki's presence in the Brigade, exemplified when Kyon tells Haruhi a false story about Yuki possibly having to move away and Haruhi threatens to give " Yuki's parents " a piece of her mind.

kyon and yuki relationship tips

Haruhi has taken a protective also egotistical role over Nagato. What am I doing in the sexuality section!!! Now I know why she was so embarrassed!!! Nagato blushed, and I slowly put the book where it belonged. An awkward silence followed.

I mean", I said, scratching my neck, "It's perfectly normal for a healthy erm Ugh, I absolutely hate these situations! There's only one solution for this. Operation "break awkward silence with a kiss" begins! I quickly grabbed her shoulders, violently turned her around, and before she could react, I counterattacked with a kiss worthy of James Bond struggling against the sexiest of his enemies. Her eyes opened wide, but then she closed them again, slowly hugging me. I hugged her, and her left leg wrapped around my right leg.

Our arms began to move slowly around our backs, while our hands described a dance that could be compared to a classical interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Then, our hands slowly lowered, dangerously approaching the zone where the back loses its innocent name.

The passion between us was reaching levels so high that it would soon escape the planet's gravity. Someone better find an extinguisher before the nearby books catch fire. But there was no need, because the sound of a throat being cleared interrupted us, leaving us exposed to the penetrating gazes of people around.

Someone give us back our moral clothes! The two walking tomatoes slowly went downstairs, in the most uncomfortable silence ever experienced. I purchased Nagato the psychology book she wanted. After we got out, I began to chuckle, and so did her.

We eventually laughed, and the laugh was so hard that tears came from our eyes. We ended up looking at each other, face to face. Ah, Nagato, your smile looks so beautiful! We suddenly felt a mutual attraction comparable to the one between two neodymium magnets. Our lips approached slowly, like the sun and the moon do in an eclipse.

I could feel energy jumping between our lips, like an electric arc emitted by a Tesla coil. Eventually, our lips merged and a reaction inside us occurred, so violent that it could be compared to the encounter of sodium and water. Nagato pushed me softly to break the kiss. Oh, that sensual face! I think that my brains are going to explode!

I quickly stepped back, because this wasn't the time nor the place. Nagato spoke, trying to catch her breath. Please don't kiss me for at least ten minutes. She grabbed my hand.

Eventually, our hormones calmed down. We heard a voice calling us from not far away. Tsuruya-san, please don't say these things so loud! Suzumiya-san told me about it.

Wait a minute, were you spying on us!?

kyon and yuki relationship tips

I could already imagine Haruhi, Koizumi and Asahina-san being together while spying on us with binoculars. No, a more sinister thought came to my mind. It was "The passionate love of Nagato Yuki, ep. My whole body shivered. Someone close the fridge door! Tsuruya-san spoke to lock down the ramblings of my wild imagination. Suzumiya-san said it would be interesting for you, Nagato-san! She said something about it being 'an important research subject'.

It starts in 30 minutes! I'll pay for everything! Just enjoy the movie with Nagato-san! I'll pay for the dinner after that, too! Wait a minute, you had this planned in advance? I began to look around me to check if Haruhi was hiding somewhere around. I just had the feeling that Haruhi was around, somewhere, spying on us.

Let's go see the movie. It can be terribly painful, but it can also be beautiful, and it never stops being interesting. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I wish all of my colleagues came here to experience it. By the way", Tsurya-san whispered, "if you need any help learning about sexuality, don't hesitate to call me! I can answer all your doubts! You didn't have to say that in front of me!

Nagato blushed, looked down, and blushed. Drop me a call or an e-mail, and we can talk any time! Definitely, the Tsuruya family was well protected.

While watching the movie, it felt good resting my palm on Nagato's shoulder. She would hold my hand with hers and caress it softly. The movie was very romantic and touching. It made my eyes leak a couple of drops at the end.

Everyone applauded, and so did we. As the lights turned on, I looked at Nagato and her cheeks were filled with tears. It was the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen. She was sniffing and cleaning her tears, as she smiled. Everything she did made me fall in love with her more and more.

As I was thinking this, I was approached by someone at my left. I turned, and Tsuruya-san gave me a handkerchief and winked at me. So I passed it to Nagato. It makes you want to make your own, don't you think so, Kyon?

What are you doing here!? I knew you were behind this, you evil mastermind! So, what is it this time? I also noticed that Asahina-san had been crying during the movie, too. Haruhi ran down towards us. Haruhi would talk to her and pat her shoulders, and smile at her or make some gestures indicating instructions. This was repeated five or six times. The talk finished with Nagato hugging Haruhi.

Tsuruya-san then escorted us to a very fine restaurant that belonged to her family. Anything you consume is on the house, you're special guests! The one you wrote for the Literature club? You would shake them and it would make it seem like it snowed inside. Maybe I'll buy it for her on her birthday.

Wait a second, what day was she born? Perhaps you mean as a humanoid interface? I see", she said, smiling and looking at the table. That was around a month after classes - no wait, it was Tanabata, right? Haruhi was so right. There was so much about Nagato that I didn't know. She was the shy innocent girl, and she was also the "great goddess" that saved me from a lot of problems. But I was discovering many things about her.

She had deprived herself from enjoying life as an earthling. But today she also discovered many things about herself that she probably didn't know in the first place. Now we know that she likes chocolate ice cream.

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And of course, that she loves to see snow fall, and she is very curious about sexuality. I was dead tired. So it was time to sleep. I woke up, but I was surprised to see that I was no longer in my room.

I was in Nagato's room. Had I been teleported there, or Still wearing her school uniform. Hey, why am I wearing my uniform, too? Nagato blushed, and hugged me. And some are animated! But why does it look so big? Remember I told you we could share a dream? But it feels very real. But now I'm able to process them in a virtual space. This way, my data remains intact even in the case of a malfunction.

Asahina-san gave me the idea. Before I knew it, we were sitting on the couch in her living room. I noticed that her appartment had changed since I last came to visit her. There were curtains, and several TV sets showing snowy scenes. So is this how Nagato's dreams look like? But it wasn't the time to ask myself such questions. All I knew was that she was there for me, and I was there for her. She reclined her head on my shoulder.

I looked at her, and she closed her eyes, softly smiling. I felt a strange warmth coming from her. I bet she was feeling the same. Nagato, what are you saying! Nagato softly pushed my body so that it would recline on the couch. I admit it, I'm a perv. I've read too many explicit doujins and there were some disgusting things there. I didn't want to spoil Nagato's I would never agree to make Nagato do those nauseating things that would make her look like a slut.

In a loving relationship, there are limits that the spouses establish as part of the mating ritual. I've read some other doujins and magazines where they focus more on the feelings. I've found them pleasing as well. Making love is much more about touching the other person's feelings than the body. This is not only what I have researched, but it's my own opinion as well. Not only because a four-year-old alien was lecturing me, but because I realized how dirty the human mind could be.

Nagato opened my right palm and interleaved her left hand fingers with it. She did the same with my left hand. But so far I haven't found a single culture or religion that finds sex in dreams unacceptable. Or it's that you don't Not with those sad eyes! I don't think I'm ready yet I never knew Nagato was so well-versed in this stuff. Maybe you feel much more comfortable while you're dreaming? For us, to do it while we dream? Because this is my dream.