Kurogane and tomoyo relationship

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kurogane and tomoyo relationship

Whether you see it as a platonic, romantic, or sexual relationship is your choice, but the truth is I think fai likes Chi and Kurogane like Tomoyo. Kurogane x Tomoyo is a pairing with a lot of canon support, only behind the already The relationship between Kurogane and Fye is definitely strong but it's a. Kurogane is a ninja warrior directly under the service of Princess Tomoyo (a . too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change.

While serious, Kurogane is very easily irked by others, especially by Mokona Modoki and Fai, who keeps calling him ridiculously cute nicknames such as "Kuro-puu", "Kuro-wan-wan" or "Kuro-rin". However abrasive and ruthless Kurogane may seem, he has a compassionate nature and a desire to protect.

An example of this would be how Kurogane continually questions Fai on his actions and character, and lets the wizard know that he should stop hanging onto his past and embrace the future with his new companions. Or, Kurogane's own statement that "If someone wants to take away the ones I want to protect, I'll kill them too. In the next world they visit Koryo Country however, Kurogane offers his services to help raid the castle of an evil lord, and stays behind in battle to let Syaoran go on ahead.

Eventually, he risks a loss in strength to avenge his comrades' "death" they were of course still alive by defeating their killer in battle. It is noted that after he finds out Fai and Syaoran are still alive, he lost his passion for the battle.

Thanks to Fai, Kurogane could summon his sword from his left hand in a similar way to Syaoran in case Mokona was not there to give him his sword. Appearance Kurogane bears a striking resemblance to his father.

He has red eyes and black hair that is complicatedly spiked up. As he is a warrior, Kurogane appears to be very muscular and strong. He is slightly tanned, and is very tall. Ginryu Kurogane's parents Kurogane grew up in the province of Suwa in Nihon. His father was the lord of the province and a great warrior whose job was to protect Suwa and its people.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship

His mother was a miko who also protected the land with a magical barrier or protective ward called a kekkai that prevented demons from entering. Kurogane was an energetic and outgoing child who never wanted to disappoint his mother and wanted to be just like his father. His ambition was to become stronger, not for the sake of being strong, but so he could use his strength to protect the people of Suwa and his parents.

When Kurogane became a teenager, trouble began. His mother had tuberculosis and would often collapse, coughing up blood, and Kurogane would strain himself to make sure she felt comfortable. His father was also away most of the time to fight against the demons. Finally, one day, Kurogane came home to find his father seriously injured and his katana in shards.

With the blessing of Kurogane's mother, his father left to fight, leaving Kurogane to protect his mother at home and told him that he should always use his strength to protect the ones he loves. Right after he left, Kurogane's mother collapsed again.

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Even though she was in a critical condition, she insisted that she be taken to the Inoriba meaning Place of Prayer to pray for success against the demons. Moments later, Kurogane found his mother in the Inoriba, impaled by a large sword with a peculiar bat-like carving for its hilt that had suddenly appeared out of a void and disappeared before Kurogane could react. Despite his efforts, he could not stem the blood flow and she died.

At the moment of her death, the kekkai broke and the demons swarmed through the province. As the demon devoured the arm, the katana fell to the ground.

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Kurogane's resolve broke and, in fierce rage, he took up his father's sword and charged towards the demons. She deduced that both the lord and the lady of Suwa had died, and demons swarmed the province as predicted in the dreams of her younger sister, the miko-princess Tsukuyomi. They found that all the demons were killed with Kurogane still in the ruins of his home.

As Amaterasu approached Kurogane, who was too shocked to fully comprehend all that had happened and was still carrying his mother's body, he attempted to attack her. The empress ordered her ninjas to attack, but soon realized that Kurogane had lost his sanity and would do more harm than good when he killed all her warriors with ease. Amaterasu decided to personally subdue him, but was interrupted by Tsukuyomi.

Rather than let her sister subdue Kurogane, Tsukuyomi suggested that she do so. Using her magic, she stopped Kurogane from attacking her, knelt beside him and whispered, "Let's let your mother sleep, shall we? At those simple words, she managed to snap him out of his madness. Realization swept over him and he broke down in tears, and finally, exhausted, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself cleaned and his hand in bandages. She introduced herself as Princess Tomoyo; Tsukuyomi was a hereditary title given to the miko princess of Shirasagi Castle.

Later, Kurogane was accepted as a ninja of Shirasagi Castle, yet he still continued to search for the carrier of the sword that killed his mother.

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He never found another sword like it and only recently discovered from Syaoran accidentally viewing Kurogane's memories in the Book of Memories in Rekoruto that the one responsible for his mother's death was the same person Fei Wang Reed who attacked Sakura when her feathers appeared in the Kingdom of Clow. Fei Wang originally intended to turn Kurogane into his "pawn", similar to what he did with Fai.

Journey Kurogane and Princess Tomoyo of Japan At the beginning of the story, Kurogane tells Syaoran that he would not help in finding Sakura's feathers, since it was not related to him. Anyway, he ended up aiding Syaoran and the others, teaching Syaoran how to fight and use a sword as well.

Kurogane showed a strong reaction when he saw another Tomoyo in Piffle World. After hearing how she met Princess Tomoyo in a dream, he hesitantly asked her how Princess Tomoyo is.

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Just before he left, he affirmed that he will definitely go home. In the Tokyo arc, Kurogane was involved in a short fight with Kamui. Fai thus became a vampire and survived. Since it was not Fay's wish to live but Kurogane's, Fai can only take blood from Kurogane. Fai refrained from calling Kurogane nicknames from then on, in an effort to distance himself from Kurogane.

Fai felt that by calling him the nicknames he had "crossed the line" that he himself had drawn to avoid getting too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship

Kurogane noticed that Fai and Sakura were up to something in the Infinity world, but he did not say anything. After Sakura left, he finally spoke up, refusing to let Fai give up his eyesight to go to Celes. This caused an angry Kurogane to unsheath his sword and attack Ashura and Fay. He and Fay fought fierce battle that devastated the room around them. In the mayhem, Kurogane destroyed the body of Fai's twin and managed to overpower Fai in that moment of weakness.

Kurogane then turned on Ashura, demanding to know why he'd shown them Fay's memories. The king responded by saying that he only wanted Fai to "grant his wish" and kill him. Ashura then launched vicious spells against Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran, Mokona, and a defenseless Sakura's body in order to force Fai's hand to kill him. It's just that they haven't shown any kind of romantic inclinations towards each other. They act like friends, not at all like how touya and yukito acted together, for example.

It's mostly the opposite. Subaru and Seishirou were trying to kill each other numerous times. Taishakuten killed Ashura-ou, because his lover wished for that. Kazahaya and Rikuo are bickering like an old married couple, while Saiga and Kakei are definitely not just hugging all the time. Kendappa killed Souma, and then herself with Souma's weapon. Saya died for Tohru. All of them never kissed, but all of them are canon well, maybe Kazahaya and Rikuo aren't, yet. What Kurogane and Fay have done for each other is more than Touya and Yukito ever could.

It doesn't seem like anything more than another ship from yaoi loving fangirls who will leap on anything at all and turn it into a couple. Oh, to the contrary.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship

While there is a vocal group of yaoi loving fanbrats, this ship has fair amount of fans, that never ever liked anything shounen ai-ish in their lives before. And there's, of course, fans that just love a good chemistry of two characters, no matter what gender they are. You, and only you. They have a strong bond, there's no denying that.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship

But that doesn't necessarily mean a romantic bond. The vow was a formal oath, recited by a servant to his master. Generations before have said the same words, and I don't believe, all of the ninjas were in love with their masters.

The meaning of true strenght, is something Kurogane understands because of Fay, and Tomoyo knows it.

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She's happy, Kurogane's finally grown up, and found his peace. She kinda does look the same way at Fay, if you pay a closer attention. Kinda long post, but one last thing: I would totally ship Tomoyo with Kurogane.