Kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

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kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

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For Sunday publication deadline is noon on Saturday. For Monday publication deadline is noon on Sunday. In Loving Memories must be received by 2 p. For Saturday through Monday publication deadline is noon on Friday The American flag accompanying an obituary indicates a veteran of the U. Please send emails to obituaries sunletter. He was born June 4,and was originally from Merchantville, N.

Jim and his second wife Judy retired to live in Englewood five years ago. He enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, kayaking, swimming, playing tennis, loved the old cars on Dearborn Street, and especially liked gathering with friends to play music. Jim was known to be able to build, or fix, almost anything in his detailed, introspective, humorous way. While in New Jersey, he worked in Data Processing, and was a founding member of the music group, "The Sugar Sand Ramblers," who performed at Albert Hall regularly, and throughout the state for many years.

Jim loved his Florida home and sharing it with friends and family. His gentle, kind and calm, loving ways will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Jim was preced- ed in death by his first wife, Carol Ann; and his parents, Gwendolyn and Ronald Sweet. Another Memorial Gathering is planned for mid-January, for close family and friends at their Florida home.

kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

He was born Oct. Charles lived his life with a smile S on his face and a joke on his lips. There wasn't a waitress, cashier, S bartender, or random person waiting in line in front of him that he didn't connect with. He brightened the days of everyone he encountered and everyone lucky enough to be in his life.

Charles embraced life and lived with a passion. He did everything in a big way. We have to do more to heal trou bled minds. We have to do ev erything we can to protect our children from harm and make them feel loved, and valued, and cared for, Obama said.

Anniversary observances were held around the country, includ ing in Tucson, Ariz. Giffords husband, Mark Kelly, said it is important to pause and support families of the Newtown victims. Newtown asked for quiet and privacy on the anniversary.

Satellite television trucks lled Newtowns streets in the days after the shooting, and me dia have often returned since to the community of 28, people for stories related to the attack. In an effo rt to keep the anni versary focused on quiet reec tion, First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra announced in October that Newtown would not host any formal remembrance events. The news media were asked to keep their distance, and No Media signs went up around town as they did in the weeks after the tragedy.

Some news organizations stayed away Saturday from Newtown. A reporter and pho tographer for The Associated Press, whose reports are avail able to media worl dwide, were present in the community, and some townspeople were willing to share their thoughts.

Andrew Snow, a mechanic who was drinking coffee at the general store with a friend, said it was an especially difcult day. A year-old high school basketball player and several teammates were walking through a neighborhood last month when they spot ted Robert Lerberg pulling weeds in his yard.

Authorities say the teen ran up behind him, kicked Lerberg to the ground and then erupt ed into laughter. One of the students videoed it, according to Lee County Sheriffs ofcials. Authorities said the teen also allegedly knocked on another door that same day and slapped an year-old victim in the face. She faces two charges of felony battery on a person 65 years old or older. The Associated Press is not naming the suspect because she is a minor.

The suspect said she was only imitating similar acts shes seen online, deputies said. That was one of the worst things done to me in my life, Lerberg said. All I could say was, Very funny, thanks a lot.

The incident sparked outrage in the commu nity, and prompted supporters to create a Face book page titled Fort Myers Supports Robert Lerberg. The sheriff even held a news confer ence to speak out against the brazen unkind ness.

Several members of the basketball team and Cypress Lake High School principal and athlet ic director stopped by Lerbergs home Saturday to apologize and lend their support. Lerberg told The News-Press they all hugged and cried. That meant a lot to me. Teen kicks year-old Fla. The workshop will take place from 5: The public is invited to attend and there is ample free parking. The ofce telephone number is Investigators on Sat urday were working to nd out what motivat ed a teenage gunman to enter his suburban Denver high school armed with a shotgun looking for a specic teacher a day earlier.

Quick-thinking stu dents at Arapahoe High School on Friday alerted the targeted educator, who quick ly left the building. The year-old shooter identied by author ities as Karl Pierson critically wound ed a year-old stu dent, but the strategic response by police on the eve of the Newtown massacre anniversary appears to have avert ed more bloodshed.

About a half hour af ter wounding the girl, Pierson was found dead in the school, ap parently of a self-in icted gunshot wound. I believe the shoot er took his life be cause he knew he had been found, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said. Two other students were treated for minor injuries and released.

Robinson said Pier son, a senior who par ticipated in debate ac tivities, had had an altercation with the teacher, but the sheriff did not provide details or elaborate on a mo tive.

Authorities evacu ated hundreds of stu dents in an order ly procession a demonstration of ag gressive security mea sures developed by police and schools fol lowing the shoot ing at Columbine, some 8 miles west of Arapahoe High. All of the students there started school after Columbine and grew up in a security-con scious era. After that tragedy, police across the coun try developed active shooter training in which responding of cers rush toward gun re and step over bodies and bleeding victims if necessary to stop the gunman.

The rst depu ty sheriffs and police ofcers that were on scene immediately en tered the school to en gage the shooter if they could locate that in dividual and keep the other students safe, Robinson said. This kid, the ofcers went right to him liter ally within minutes, said Gov.

That is a world of change from the way response used to hap pen.

kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

Before Columbine, ofcials followed a contain-and-wait strategy in which arriv ing ofcers set up a pe rimeter to contain the situation, then wait for SWAT team members trained in military tac tics to bring down the gunman. Robinson said Pier son made no attempt to hide his weap on while entering the school from a parking lot and asking for the teacher by name.

When the teacher learned that he was be ing targeted, he left in an effort to try to en courage the shooter to also leave the school, Robinson said.

That was a very wise tactical decision. Students heard shots and cowered in class rooms while awaiting word on what had hap pened. Senior Megan Jef fords, 18, was singing Christmas carols in the hall with her choir class when the shots rang out. A teacher rushed the 18 singers into a closet, where they hud dled for more than half an hour. Hours later, after Jef fords was reunited with her father, she was still visibly shaken and un able to talk much about what happened.

Jessica Girard was in math class when she said she heard three shots. Comfort Suites Need Tax Help? Bjoern Schmidt said sealed containers full of chemical compounds, which when mixed can create lethal Sarin and VX gases, will be loaded at opposite ends of the two cargo ships. The exact quan tity of chemicals to be tak en out of Syria is unknown, Schmidt said.

Both are docked in Cy prus along with the Danish cargo ship Ark Futura. The second cargo ship, which Norwegian shipper Wilh. Schmidt said according to a plan by the Organiza tion for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is in charge of the entire op eration, the cargo ships will take the chemicals to the harbor of an as yet unidenti ed country where the most dangerous chemicals will be transferred onto American ship MV Cape Ray.

The ship is equipped with technology that can large ly neutralize the chemicals. The process will take place at sea and the mostly inert chemicals will receive addi tional treatment at another facility.

Schmidt said the trans fer can take place at sea, but that would mean addition al risks given weather condi tions and rough seas. I think the safest thing is to go into a harbor, Schmidt said. Croatia has said that it would consider providing one of its ports for the trans fer of the chemicals as long as theres no public opposi tion. Danish Commodore Tor ben Mikkelsen, who is com manding the joint Dan ish-Norwegian operation, said its unlikely the cargo ships would take any chem ical weapons aboard until a harbor is found where they can be transferred onto the American ship.

If theres no country will ing to take the cargo or will ing to participate with the transload, were not going to take the stuff aboard, said Mikkelsen.

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We need to know the transload or the disembarkation harbor. Then were ready to go. Each will be equipped with anti-han dling and GPS tracking de vices. Irans state TV said that the launch of the rocket dubbed Pajo hesh, or Research in Farsi, was Irans rst use of liquid fuel. It reached a height of 72 miles. It said the mon key, named Fargam or Auspicious, was re turned to earth safely. TV footage showed the rocket blasting off and then showed the monkey, strapped snugly into a seat.

The report said Fargams capsule parachuted safely to earth after de taching from the rocket in a mission that lasted 15 minutes. Iran frequent ly claims technologi cal breakthroughs that are impossible to inde pendently verify. The Islamic Republic has said it aims to send an astronaut into space. The launch of Pa johesh is another long step getting the Islam ic Republic of Iran clos er to sending a man into space, the of cial IRNA news agency said. Fargam is a male monkey of rhesus ma caque race with brown fur and a pink face.

The primate weighs three kilograms and has a height of 22 inches. Ira nian scientists say a bigger monkey or an other animal will be tested in the next space ight. State TV said the rocket was equipped with new features in cluding sonic sensors and electronic devices that enabled scientists to monitor the monkey, its vital signs and voice.

Mohammad Ebra himi said Irans rst use of liquid fuel meant the rockets speed was about half that of a rocket using solid fuel. Iran said it sent its rst monkey into space in January, reaching the same height of 72 miles.

kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

The rocket carrying the rst monkey used solid fuel and had a high speed. But a liquid fuel rocket has a lower speed and is better for the safety and protec tion of the living crea ture because it caus es less pressure, IRNA quoted him as say ing.

The capsule was equipped with a shock absorber to provide better protection for the monkey.

Daily Commercial

Ebrahimi said the monkeys appetite showed it was in good health after the jour ney. Iran aerospace pro gram is a source of na tional pride. Its also one of the pillars of its aspirations to be seen as the technological hub for Islamic and de veloping countries.

Roger Friedman said late Saturday that Tutu will take a ight early Sunday morning in or der to attend Mande las funeral service in Qunu. He did not say what brought about the change in Tutus plans.

Earlier Saturday Tutu had said he would not attend because he had not been invited and did not want to gate crash Mandelas burial services. The South Af rican government said that Tutu had been in vited. Desmond Tutu says he will attend Mandela funeral Has your job become extinct? For the moment, we have tallied two dead among the blue helmets and several who are gravely wounded, though this is only an early tally and may change, said Frederic Fath, the mission spokesman, told The Associ ated Press An intelligence ofcial in northern Mali said the dead included two Senega lese peacekeepers.

He spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to speak to the media. At the same time, at least 80 Islamic radicals carried out a second attack, on a Tu areg camp in the town of Te ringuite, also in northern Mali, killing two people, ac cording to the intelligence ofcial.

He said the group was led by Abou Dardar, a com mander who was among those who invaded and held the famous city of Timbuk tu in northern Mali in It wasnt immediately clear if there were casualties from the second attack.

The back-to-back assaults are the worst to have rocked northern Mali in recent weeks, and come as France rushes troop to the Central African Republic, its former colony, where at least have died in a week of sec tarian violence. The French military deployed in Mali, another ex-colony, in Janu ary. In the Kidal attack, the car packed with explosives det onated in front of a bank guarded by the peacekeep ers, the intelligence ofcial said.

The explosion blew open the doors of houses in the area. Abdallah Ag Ibrahim, a res ident of Kidal, said the bank crumbled, a U. He said he saw four people who were either dead or injured. Kidal, located some 1, miles northeast of Malis capital, is where an ethnic Tuareg rebellion began in late The French military, as sisted by African troops, succeeded in chasing the rebels from almost all the ar eas they controlled, except Kidal, which remains at the heart of the conict.

Analysts had long predict ed that the al-Qaida linked ghters who controlled northern Mali for 10 months last year had not been de feated, just dispersed by the French-led intervention, and are just waiting for the inter national community to look the other way before staging a comeback. Its too early to tell if the attacks in Kidal and Teringuite were coordinated or if indeed they mark a new phase in the hostilities, but the damage caused met with condemnation from both the U.

French Foreign Minis ter Laurent Fabius con demned the cowardly at tack in Kidal, which came just ahead of Sundays sec ond round of legislative elec tions, meant to restore con stitutional order in Mali. The military did not indicate whether it would act on the pro testers behalf, and protest lead er Suthep Thaugsuban repeated his position that caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra must step down and an inter im, non-elected government ad minister the country before any new polls are held.

An election has been called for February. Thailands military is histor ically noted for intervening during political crises, staging about a dozen coups since the country became a constitution al monarchy inand using the threat of force for leverage.

kringle jingle meet and gre ets with bethany mota

But its interventions in recent decades have been messy. Inthe army shot dead doz ens of pro-democracy dem onstrators protesting a mili tary-backed government in the streets of Bangkok, the capital, and in repeated the blood shed in quashing another upris ing.

The armys coup against Prime Minister Thaksin Shi nawatra Yinglucks brother was a bloodless one, but was fol lowed by the installation of an inept interim government.

The coup also polarized the coun try, which has seen Thaksins supporters and opponents con tending for power ever since, sometimes violently. Suthep and his Peoples Dem ocratic Reform Committee want new laws to banish cor ruption in politics to be imple mented ahead of any election.

The protesters say Thai poli tics are hopelessly corrupt un der the alleged continuing inu ence of Thaksin, who has lived in self-imposed exile since to avoid jail time on a corrup tion charge.

Yingluck has dissolved parlia ment to call elections for Feb. More signicant than what Suthep said Saturday was the role the armed forces played in hosting the event.

The military, apparently seek ing to cast itself in a new light, has repeatedly declared itself neutral in the current political battle, though its no secret that it dislikes Thaksin. Despite being wanted by po lice on an insurrection charge, Suthep sat on a stage during Sat urdays public forum, which was attended by the leaders of the various military branches.

While grown-ups dressed in red cos tumes with wispy white beards, children donned green elf out ts to run the 3. The race was orga nized Saturday by one of Spains leading de partment stores. The Bucs host San Francisco today. That also makes the defending NFC cham pions the type of team the improving Bucca neers need to knock off to prove their sec ond-half turnaround isnt a uke.

Not that star corner back Darrelle Revis and his teammates neces sarily believe the Bucswhove won four of ve following an start, need a signature win to validate their progress. It would be special if we win because theyre one of the top teams in the NFL. But at the same time, a win is a win, the three-time All-Pro said. The streaking 49ers are coming off an emotional vic tory over Seattle, a win that stopped the Sea hawks from clinching the NFC West title.

Three teams Tampa Bay has beaten had los ing records at the time. The fourth, Detroit, leads its division but has been reeling lately and is Linebacker Patrick Willis is not concerned about a Niners let down. We understand ev ery game is important to us. We understand that last week was a very big game, a rivalry game, but this week is just as important, Wil lis said.

Our guys are pro fessionals, they know whats at stake, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. This game is the biggest game on the schedule. This is a must-win game The rst thing is the preparation. Youve got to put yourself in a po sition to earn that. Reynolds scored on touchdown runs of 47 yards, 11 yards and 1 yard. The sophomore has 29 rushing touch downs, breaking the single-season mark for a quarterback pre viously held by Ricky Dobbs Navy, and Collin Klein Kan sas State,both of whom had Reynolds ran 30 times for yards on a frozen, snow-covered eld.

He also caught a 2-point conversion pass on a trick play following his second touchdown. The Florida State quarter back became the second straight freshmen to win the Heisman on Saturday night, earning col lege footballs most prestigious individual award with a perfor mance so spectacular and dom inant that even a criminal in vestigation couldnt derail his candidacy.

Winston received rstplace votes and 2, points. He nished 1, points ahead of Alabama quarterback AJ McCar ron for the seventh-largest mar gin of victory in Heisman histo ry, despite being left off of the ballots that were returned. Manziel was the rst freshman to win the Heisman, and was try ing to join Ohio States Archie Grifn as a two-time Heisman winner.

Instead, Winston made it two freshman winners in the 79year history of the Heisman. He also became the youngest win ner at 23 days short of The year-old also was in vestigated last month for a yearold sexual assault, but no charges were led. Winston is the nations top-rat ed passer and has led the topranked Seminoles to a spot in the BCS championship game against No. The former vestar recruit from Bessemer, Ala. On La bor Day night, on national televi sion, Winston went 25 for 27 for yards and four touchdowns in a victory at Pittsburgh.

It was a brilliant debut that lived up to the offseason hype, when Winston wowed Florida State fans in the Seminoles spring football game and on the base ball diamond as a hard-throwing reliever and clutch-hitting out elder. He had already earned the nickname Famous Jameis before he ever played a college football game.

Clippers at Washington, late L. Minnesota at Memphis, 6 p. Portland at Detroit, 6 p. Orlando at Oklahoma City, 7 p. Golden State at Phoenix, 8 p.

New Orleans at Denver, 8 p. Mondays Games Detroit at Indiana, 7 p. Philadelphia at Brooklyn, 7: Minnesota at Boston, 7: Utah at Miami, 7: Lakers at Atlanta, 7: Washington at New York, 7: Orlando at Chicago, 8 p.

San Antonio at L. BonaventureIona 89 St. Francis NY 67, Canisius 51 St. Kentucky 63 Martin Methodist 79, Georgetown Ky. Michigan 69 Hamline 75, Concordia Moor. Lutheran 72 Toledo 77, Sam Houston St. Johns 55 George Washington 75, Morgan St. Benedict 36 Walsh 76, Lake Superior St. Dakota Tech 47 N. Rangers 33 15 17 1 31 72 88 New Jersey 33 12 15 6 30 75 85 N.

Two points for a win, one point for over time loss. Tampa Bay at Detroit, 5 p. Florida at Montreal, 6 p. Los Angeles at Chicago, 7 p. Edmonton at Anaheim, 8 p. Mondays Games Toronto at Pittsburgh, 7 p. Winnipeg at Columbus, 7 p. Louis at Ottawa, 7: Dallas at Colorado, 9 p. FS1 La Salle at Villanova 4: Amateur Listings col lege scholarships, meeting announcements, schedule changes, outdoors notices can be faxed toor emailed to sports dailycom mercial.

Directors and coaches of recreational and youth leagues can send game results, statistics, team and action photos, and well publish them in the newspaper and on our website. Proud parents can send us individual photos and accomplishments. Just email them to sports dailycommercial. Five things to watch as the 49ers seek their fourth straight win and the Bucs try to build on their recent success: The Bucs might want to watch out for Davis high-hur dling move, too. San Franciscos speedy tight end has a touchdown catch in each of the past four games, the third time in his career hes done so.

Davis has 11 TD re ceptions on the season. With Boldin he has at least ve catch es in each of the past four games and Mi chael Crabtree forc ing defenders to stay with them, Davis might not see many dou ble-teams. Crabtree has played two games since re turning from six months recovering from a torn right Achil les tendon.

Thats a valid point, Harbaugh said. Theres been times through out the year where An quans gotten doubled and Vernons gotten doubled on the same play. Michaels pres ence out there and ev erything hes done and everything hes shown he can do since com ing back, thats anoth er guy, high-level guy, thats got to be ac counted for. Last week, Tampa Bay forced ve turnovers during a rout of Buffa lo, but the sputtering Bucs offense produced only two eld goals off the miscues.

Daily Commercial

The 49ers are sixth in the NFL in rushing, and Frank Gore is within 69 yards of reaching 1, for the seventh time. Ill openly say it: Frank Gore is our focal point, McCoy said. If you can slow that guy down then we can start worrying about every thing else. The Bucs, who hold a edge in the open ing half, have been outscored after halftime. I dont know, Davis said.

If we make eye contact, Ill acknowl edge him out of re spect. They had their mo ments during his col lege playing days, when Davis was disci plined more than once for team rules infrac tions by the intense, ery coach. The O-lineman post ed: You will be a 1 contract and done kin da guy in the NFL. Lol Schiano credits Da vis for continued im provements and hopes he pushed the right buttons to help Davis succeed. I had coached in the NFL and I told him sto ries about guys that can either go be longterm NFL players and get their second and third contract, or they can be zzle-out guys, Schiano said.

And I just wanted to make sure Anthony you know, he was talented enough to get second, third and fourth con tracts, really. Hes that good an athlete. And hes well on his way now. The trophy is awar ded to the service academy with the most victories in games be tween Navy, Army and Air Force. The Midshipmen ha vent lost to Army since and lead the se ries Navys 12game run is the lon gest in the history of the rivalry that began in Army fum bled ve times and was intercepted once in its fth straight de feat.

Embattled coach Rich Ellerson fell to against the Midship men and overall since taking the job in December On the other sideline, Ken Niumatalolo be came the second coach in Navy history to start his coaching career against Army, match ing Paul Johnson The snow that was forecast in the morn ing hours began during the pregame pageantry that makes this game a one-of-a-kind spec tacle.

The snow, along with the freezing tem peratures, created an uncomfortable setting for those in the packed stadium. Many of them left af ter the rst half, which ended with Navy up Making his rst col lege start, Army quar terback A.

Schurr lost the handle on the wet football with his arm cocked to throw. Team mate Larry Dixon re covered, but the 20yard loss doomed the Black Knights to end their rst possession with a punt. Schurr fumbled on the next drive, too, and this time Navy recov ered at its own Quinton Singleton promptly burst through a hole in the middle and ran 58 yards to the Army 4, setting up a eld goal for a lead late in the rst quarter. Angel Santiago came in at quarterback for the Black Knights at just about the same time the intensity of the snow increased.

On fourth-and-3 at the Navy 33, Terry Baggett lost three yards. Midway through the second period, Noah Copeland ran 39 yards for a touchdown to make it Daizha Gosnell added 13 for the Panthers. Eustis improved to with the win. They opened with a 64 on Friday in modied alternate-shot play. The team event ends Sun day with a scramble. Retief Goosen and Fredrik Jacobson were second after a Poulter and Westwood shot 61, and Howell and Leonard had a Kuchar and English had nine birdies and an eagle on Nos.

They had a chance for a 59, but Kuchars 14foot putt on 18 missed to the left. Stewart Cink made an 8-foot birdie putt on the nal at Grande Lakes in the scramble event. Steve and Sam Elkington were second. Jack and Gary Nicklaus shot The yearold Jack Nickaus made a foot birdie putt at No.