Kit watkins this time and space relationship

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kit watkins this time and space relationship

for Labyrinth - Kit Watkins on AllMusic - - Kit Watkins' solo album Labyrinth On early tracks such as "Glass of Time" and "Mt. St. Helens," he fills up the. before kickoff, BJ was walking down St Mary's Street in Cardiff shopping for Black and Amber kit. This relationship, of course, It stops the drift defence in its tracks, and gives the Watkins boys the time and space to weave their magic. The first line-up of the band included Kit Watkins (keyboards), Frank Wyatt ( keyboards, . Happy the Man were, and still are, ahead of their time in so many ways. . This started for me the understanding of the relationship between human .. At the time I was in a space where I was trying to find myself, and most of all I had.

I don't recall writing or performing with the intent to be timeless, but I do know we tried to create real music, using dynamics, chords, voices in ways that would be technically correct and strike emotional and even archetypal levels in the listener.

As such, the music should by logical extension be timeless.

kit watkins this time and space relationship

Along the same lines, Kit maintains that many of your personal compositions are timeless. What was your approach to songwriting? Did you ever write things out on paper?

kit watkins this time and space relationship

My approach to writing was chords. I would experiment with chords on the piano, and after moving through progressions that seemed to express my feelings at the time, I would then try to establish some motion within the chords.

kit watkins this time and space relationship

Basically my songs would never have emerged without the rest of the band though. Having the idea in piano form, I would play for the guys, and there was so much truly genius talent in those guys that they could work out an orchestration that just fit perfectly with my "rhythm" piano parts. I did often write things on paper, but usually for copyright use.

Kit Watkins

My poems and lyrics of course were all written down. I was trained as a musician from grade 3, when I started clarinet. I changed over to saxophone in 8th grade, and was All-State Symphonic band first-chair tenor sax in Virginia for three consecutive years. I had a music scholarship to several schools, but chose James Madison University because George West had just transferred there to instruct Jazz Composition and direct the jazz ensemble.

Did the band ever use sheet music on stage?

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No, all tunes were memorized note per note, no small feat looking back at the tunes. There were some very complicated things going on in there laughs.

Did you enjoy writing lyrics? Did you ever wish the percentage of vocal material was higher?

kit watkins this time and space relationship

I really enjoyed writing lyrics a lot. I was not a lyricist by any means really, more of a poetry kind of writer, and I use punctuation and the shape of the lines on paper to accent the feeling I'm trying for.

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Almost all my lines seem to not end, as I use a ' The high clouds, restless I suppose I did wish our vocals were used more, but we did what we could. Stan came through for us as a vocalist or we would have had none. In the Cliff Fortney and Dan Owen bands we had some amazingly beautiful vocals, and we early on experimented with up to five-part harmonies, but the vocalist as a focal point was elusive with our music I think.

After losing Cliff and Dan we were a bit afraid to find someone to replace them, perhaps because our identity had gelled substantially by that time. I can only dream of what sounds would have come from a sustained group with either Cliff or Dan. It would have been marvelous I'm sure.

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The set lists for live shows sometimes included a song called "Merlin of the High Places. Can you describe it? I was really into Merlin and King Arthur then, and had visualized an entire musical on the theme.

I think Kit has a tape somewhere of the piece. It was the first thing we did where we at parts of the music went entirely acoustic with recorders, harpsichord, finger cymbals, similar to the acoustic break in "Open Book without Words. They struggled to find another label to pick them up.

In the Spring ofHTM disbanded only months after having recorded a demo tape of their 3rd album. InKit released the band's demo and called it, 3rd, Better late. During which concert, Brad broke a guitar string and took time out to repair it. During this break, someone called out a request, "Play Untitled!

kit watkins this time and space relationship

Kit honored the request. Labyrinth DuringWatkins launched a solo career and recorded his first solo album, Labyrinth, with Coco Roussel on drums on Kit's own indie Label Azimuth.

In a review of the album, critic George Varga described Watkins as "a composer and synthesizer wizard of almost unequaled talents. The duo performed with backing tape accompaniment, often ending their set with an unaccompanied improvisation. Watkins' next effort, Frames of Mind, with Brad Allen on guitars and vocals, appeared in The album was a fun and quirky mix of new wave pop and hybrid world music, recorded at Watkins' home studio in ArlingtonVirginia and released on his label, Azimuth Records.

Linden Music closed its doors in due to distribution problems, but Watkins has continued releasing his work on CD, first via MP3.