Kashibai and mastani relationship advice

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kashibai and mastani relationship advice

His latest, Bajirao Mastani, doesn't disappoint on any of those counts. .. and Mastani sink deeper into their doomed relationship, and a dignified Kashibai holds. A few years later, Kashibai and Bajirao's eldest son Balaji Baji Rao, also known [5] He wanted to show the relationship between Bajirao and Mastani because it was Manveer goes into deep depression and on the recommendation of the. Marriage with Mastani made him owner of one third of Chhatrasaal She was blamed for Bajirao's negligence towards his first wife Kashibai.

Bajirao Mastani and our problem with polyamory

Many of her qualities and exceptional traits are neither highlighted nor referred to in your distorted version of the love saga. She was envied and resented not only for her beauty, prosperity and qualities.

kashibai and mastani relationship advice

You put a new wine in the old bottle. Pairing of Paro and Chandramukhi in Devdas and Mastani and Kashibai in Bajiroa Mastani is nothing but commercial add-ons to your movies offering more food for entertainment. A fiction like Devdas can be fictionalized to some extent while going through adaptation for celluloid.

kashibai and mastani relationship advice

That is what happened to Bajirao Mastani. The Pinga Re number is out of sync with the frames right before and after it in the film. Was it meant to be a temporary relief in the tempestuous atmosphere rife with angst and hostility towards Mastani, or make Priyanka Chopra happy with one dance sequence while Deepika has two dance sequences in the film?

Or, did you intend to glorify Kashibai by making her dance with her pet hate?

The Family That Was – Peshwa Bajirao’s Relatives – Rau to Ranveer Singh

Do you think that Radhabai would allow Kashibai to dance with Mastani in the courtyard of Shanivar Wada? Your cinematic depiction of the Maratha history shows only that Mastani for being a Muslim in maternal origin was not welcome to the Peshwa family.

There were a few other reasons. The Peshwai was transferred from the Deshastha Brahmin community to the Chitpavan Brahmin community which Bajirao belonged to.

Priyanka Chopra On Success Of Kashibai In Bajirao Mastani

Radhabai did not accept Mastani apprehending that the Deshastha Brahmins would take advantage of this in order to get back the Peshwai. She was brought up with faith both in Hinduism and Islam. She was a devotee of Lord Krishna.

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She sang devotional hymns on one hand and offered Namaaz on the other. She often got into a trance while worshipping Lord Krishna. She was trained in not only music and dance but also martial arts.

She was sound in politics and diplomacy too.

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She knew fencing, horse riding and spear throwing. Even she accompanied Bajirao to battlefield a few times. Mastani when married off to Peshwa Bajirao brought lots of wealth in form of dowry, which added to his property and power as well.

Marriage with Mastani made him owner of one third of Chhatrasaal Kingdom and a diamond mine in Bundelkhand. He also got 33 lakh gold coins.

kashibai and mastani relationship advice

If she were a mere dancing girl, it would not have been possible to bring lots of dowry with her. As a token of gratitude, the King of Chhatrasaal married off Mastani to him. Even several efforts were made to exile Mastani from the Maratha kingdom.

She was once put under house arrest for her growing influence on Bajirao.