Kareena kapoor and karishma relationship quotes

10 Quotes That Prove Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan Are the IT Couple of Bollywood

kareena kapoor and karishma relationship quotes

Discover 32 Kareena Kapoor Khan Quotations: Kareena Kapoor Khan: 'It's of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita, and the younger sister of actress Karisma Kapoor. . it's like a tag to cement the relationship for your friends, family and public. Kareena Kapoor Khan Quote. "I feel that love is "My relationship with Sara and Ibrahim (Saif's kids) is the way it should be. "Karisma is my father's favourite. The love story that started off as a controversy, but turned out to be everyone's fave Bollywood real life saga, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's relationship.

I didn't see anything wrong in it. Kareena Kapoor's only condition to get married to Saif, and be the Pataudi daughter-in-law. That is the only condition on which I married Saif. Saif Ali Khan talking about how Kareena was his perfect match. I met Kareena at a point in my life when I was ready to consolidate and build in every area of my life.

She brought a great sense of stability; I felt like we were able to create a solid foundation on which I could build emotionally, financially, and professionally. Kareena Kapoor on how fortunate she is, to be married to Saif Ali Khan. I am lucky to have found this man who is so modern, so liberated. He's much more intelligent than me. I like the fact that he is so well read and that I can count on him for everything.

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When Kareena opened up about their decision to keep their marriage a strictly private affair. People just want to know what we're eating, which designer I'm wearing, who we've invited…Saif and I decided that we wanted to keep the purest part of our relationship sacred. We followed protocol by going out on to the terrace and waving at the media after officially registering the marriage, but they didn't need to know more than that.

Kareena Kapoor on how she is enjoying her life, post-marriage. If you are in love and you are happy, then that's all that matters. I believe in the institution of marriage and it's like a tag to cement the relationship for your friends, family and public.

And it is a celebration of the fact that Saif and I are in love, and we want to spend our life together. Kareena Kapoor talking about her feelings towards Saif's princely status. I stay away from the limelight as I think my work should speak on my behalf. My father is a cosmopolitan person. He always supported the fact that I will be an actress.

There is nothing else I would do rather than being an actor. I am passionate about acting.

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Girls in our family are not allowed to act is quite an outdated thought to have. They did it till my mother but now no more. My thinking is lot more different with many actresses in the industry. I don't understand why people in showbiz put their profession of acting in the back seat after marriage. Even before marriage, I was with Saif for five years and I worked with almost every actor. I will continue to do like I did before my marriage. There was never an option in my mind.

I always wanted to be a movie star. The first drink I had was with my father in Boston in America. I would love to sit and chat with him over a drink and he has been one of my best friends. My father is a Punjabi, my mother, a practising Christian and I am married to a Muslim. I have been brought up by my mother as a Christian, but I equally celebrate Diwali and now respect the Muslim culture.

I am just blessed to have the best parents and be part of such a contemporary world. But they also have the most wonderful relationship and are the best of friends. My father is comical and my mother, entertaining. My mother is like she will say anything. My father will crack a lot of jokes.

kareena kapoor and karishma relationship quotes

People like his company, but he is slightly more reserved than my mother. My mother does not like to be in the limelight and does not like going to film parties. My father is very outgoing and does not mind going to a film party. Both Lolo and I have taken after my mom. He is a combination of everything. I love the fact that I make spelling mistakes with him. And he will say, 'Bebo, that's not the way. He told me, 'Darling, you can't make statements in public when you don't know the meaning of the word.

She and I are really close. She is lovely and stunning. She is deep and very emotional. And, in that way, we are both similar. I'm just so lucky to have her and she is the rock of the family, who binds us all together. She is one of the nicest human beings. She is always there whenever you want her. My life can't function without her. There is no way in my life I can think of a day without my mother. That is how much I am dependent on her.

kareena kapoor and karishma relationship quotes

If a project does not excite me, I will never do that movie. I have only one wish — that when I turn 60, I would like to be remembered as an actor and not a star, because stars come and go, but actors remain! There was responsibility of the family First of my mother, then my sister Karisma and now Saif's responsibility.

But he Saif is pretty much on his own, he is a responsible person, he's quite mature. I have been balancing things. I am an actress who has been open about my relationships.

There is nothing wrong in falling in love. I don't understand why people ask this? Because love is like the way you breathe air You love your mother but still you work.

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I love my mother, family and I still work. I have never given him a chance to be possessive. He is quite liberal in his thinking. Possessive is a very wrong word in a way. I could be more possessive than Saif. I mean the cliches are always there - like things change after marriage, man changes after marriage - but these are all cliches. I think I am lucky because Saif is not a typical kind of Bollywood actor.

kareena kapoor and karishma relationship quotes

That's why I think it works for us better. I think every actor does that and Bollywood is changing. We are quite progressive in our thinking. If I like a role and if it requires me to do certain thing, if I believe in it, I will do it.

And if I think it's not required, I'll not do it.