Kamui and kagura relationship advice

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2- Gin-san and Kagura's father-daughter relationship; it's just really cute. to see some serious Gin/Kagura story during the Kamui/Taka arc. Kagura is all about the bonds and friendships forged around her, having in the shadow of someone else (Hijikata for Okita, and Kamui for Kagura). That I think , is an important dynamic of their relationship later on and is an. A different look at the relationship between Kamui and Kagura. One-shot. .. She had ignored his advice at first, when she had just arrived.

She pleaded her Dad not to kill her brother. That particular doing of Kagura shows exactly what kind of bond they shared. Kamui would always protect Kagura while Kagura would always protect Kamui. And that broke the relationship they had. It's easy how simple words and little acts can break a bond so strong that it would take it years to be repaired. Many years have past since the death of Kouka, the baldness of Umibouzo and that faithful day when Kamui left Kagura.

In the present he sees Kagura as a weakling. He tries to kill her. He doesn't know how much stronger she actually is. And that she might be stronger then him.

Now don't get too triggered I will explain what I mean. Kamui may be strong in physical way but mentally he is still a child. He has isolated himself from his family while Kagura has been with her 'family' for long time. Family is made of LOVE and no matter how powerful you are, not having the love your family gives you and the support there always have for you makes you weak. This battle is important because it shows how much Kagura has grown and how much not of a weakling she is.

Exactly after that fight Kamui finally acknowledges that Kagura may not be just a weakling but something more.

kamui and kagura relationship advice

Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc or as I call it it's the battle of changes. Kamui in his wishes to kill his father attacks him. In their fight is kinda obvious that Kamui is presented like an immature child and Umibouzu - as the strong willed father, saying stuff like: The only think the girl wants it to have her biological family back together. To have the strong bond with her brother and to feel the fatherly love again. Kagura may not match Kamui's powers but her purpose is stronger, brighter.

The two thought long and hard. Some of the 'names' they came up with were too embarrassing to say, some were just plain cheesy and the others were too bland. Now it was Hijikata's turn to go through the ones Kagura thought up.

They had been at it for a while now. Mainly because the first few names were all about mayonnaise and, after 'Mayo-tan', Hijikata had stepped in and forced Kagura to forget about mayonnaise altogether and think of normal ones. At some point, Hijikata had started smoking a cigarette and Kagura had ordered her third meal set. Plus, do I really match any of those normal names you came up with? Kagura looked at him, a blush crept up her cheeks. She would rather go on a diet than call him babe, boo, love etc.

Then what do you want to be called? Kagura put down her fork. Hijikata chocked on his cigarette. Damn, those eyes were boring into his again. They sighed, glad that this part was over. Now they just had to come up with the back story of how they became a couple, proper dates and details of special moments and then come up with a good way to tell the one's they knew that they were a couple. Great, They simultaneously thought. Hijikata lit another cigarette while Kagura ordered her fourth helping.

They would be here a while. It had gotten pretty dark outside. The last customers were finally leaving the restaurant. A couple that had stayed there for hours. She was all too glad to get rid of them. The kitchen was almost out of food just from the girl's orders, and the restaurant was starting to have a lasting smoke cloud, from all the cigarettes the guy went through.

They were a very good looking couple, though. The man was the very definition of tall, dark and handsome. The girl looked like a model, with great curves and an almost otherworldly beauty about her. The waitress felt envious. That is until she saw the guy try to put his arm around the girl's waist and the girl responding by giving him a drop kick. Hijikata slowly got up.

Like I'd purposely do perverted things to you, brat! Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he spotted a group of people walking towards them from the opposite direction. Kagura was instantly at his side. She grabbed his arm and wrapped it around herself.

kamui and kagura relationship advice

The people passed by them without incident. I was just mimicking how the other girls act with their boyfriends. If you suddenly act all disgusting and girly, it would make people suspect our relationship.

Kagura looked at him, confused. This wasn't so bad. She had a plan, a fake boyfriend she could rely on, and they were ready for their couple debut. And with that, they walked back, hand in hand. It started out with a date to the family restaurant, that almost everyone Kagura knew frequented. That time, only Kyubei and Otae met them there and found out of their couple status.

The day after that, Shinpachi had barged into the Yorozuya with questions about it, after hearing the news from his sister.

Gintoki had intervened in the glasses' freak out, only to freak out himself when he realized what Shinpachi was freaking out about.

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Kagura had knocked them both out the moment they tried to grab their wooden swords and go outside. Hijikata arrived later, when they had gained back consciousness, and Kagura threatened to go live with him if the two freaked out any further. This freaked them out in a different way and they immediately acted like they were okay with the new relationship, in an attempt to keep the girl under their roof.

Kagura had then took Hijikata downstairs to tell Otose-san and the others. During that time, Sa-chan had fallen out of the ceiling whilst exclaiming about how a no sex appeal brat got a boyfriend before her and what not.

The next day, they spent it walking around Edo on another 'date'. A 'priest' with long hair and a creepy looking assistant passed by them and almost tripped when he saw his leader-ah! He meant the random girl with the Shinsengumi vice-chief. Hijikata had thrown a few coins into the can Madao was holding up in the street and the man immediately approved of the new boyfriend.

The 'couple' then met Tsukuyo and the others when Kagura took Hijikata down to Yoshiwara. They had rushed out of there when Hinowa had started talking about the more 'adult' aspects of a relationship to Kagura and asking if she needed 'the talk'. By the time Kagura had 'randomly encountered' almost all the people she cared to tell about their relationship, the two were exhausted. They were resting at the usual dango shop, having a well-earned snack. I don't need to tell Papi anything, since this is fake anyway and will be done by the time the letter reaches that baldy.

I'm pretty sure your crush is still missing right now. He shoved a mayonnaise draped dango into his mouth.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sougo had not been seen ever since the day they had started 'the plan'. Kagura had been worrying about it non stop.

What was the point of all this if the sadist wasn't even around to see it? Maybe this 'relationship' disgusted him so much that he left Edo. Hijikata noticed the look on her face. He will show up again in no time.

kamui and kagura relationship advice

What the hell was going on in Sougo's head? Normally, when you see the girl you like with another guy, you'd try to win her over from the guy she's with.

But that idiot pulled a disappearing act instead.

kamui and kagura relationship advice

Maybe he was trying to come into terms with his feelings for China. At least that's what Hijikata hoped. There was a possibility that the sadist was somewhere, currently planning Hijikata's murder. A few days passed and, by then, all of Edo was well aware that the demon vice-chief and the Yorozuya amanto girl were a couple.

Kagura had avoided Gin-chan and Shinpachi as much as she could since then. They were trying to act like nothing was different but Kagura kept catching them, whenever she went to visit her 'boyfriend', trying to sneak into the Shinsengumi compound with an assassination plan and what not. In their eyes, Kagura was still the innocent, naive and childish fourteen year old and it was the creepy mayonnaise bastard that had seduced her, with sukonbu they assumed.

I knew something was weird about him when I met that V-hair! She was napping in her closet when the two came back to the Yorozuya, shouting at the top of their lungs.

Kagura immediately shoved her closet door open. She blinked a few times. She had expected to see Gin with lake toya and Shinpachi with high blood pressure, on their way out to go to the Shinsengumi compound. Instead, she found two idiots, right outside her closet, faking the whole conversation. They continued like this for a bit until Gintoki got tired of it.

In one swing of Lake Toya, he destroyed the door, leaving no barrier between Kagura and the two. They then turned to Kagura, whom tried to hide behind her pillow. He looked at his sort of daughter straight in the eye. She ddin't know what to do. She trusted Gin-chan and Shinpachi with her life, but her love life was a different matter. Just as she was about to make a run for it, Hijikatasurprisingly, barged in. You should just tell them already. I think we need their help.

Kagura stared at him, speechless. What did you guys think of the pet names the 'couple' thought of?