Joe cheng and ariel lin relationship quiz

Newly Single Ariel Lin Discusses Breakup and Asks for Privacy from the Media | A Koala's Playground

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship quiz

Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another simmering rumors that Ariel and her boyfriend have ended their relationship. I hope she should just hook up with Joe Cheng (i kno am being too. During the interviews, both Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin admitted that, both of them Ariel Lin's mother was crying and felt like her daughter is really getting married. Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. 6 years that Joe Cheng once described his relationship with Ariel Lin . QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Red Velvet?.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship quiz

Being prepared for that moment did not help one bit when both of them started to cry. It was such a sad bunch of episodes, the ones with the two of them apart.

Newly Single Ariel Lin Discusses Breakup and Asks for Privacy from the Media

The worst part was Di Gua even lost all his memories of Xiao Qi! I decided to try out one of her older dramas called Love Contract, which she starred with the very handsome Mike He.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship quiz

But man they look great together! I started watching around episode 15 and the drama was a bit slow but it concentrated more on internal conflicts among the characters.

She played the damaged girl who struggles to cover up her sorrows and for the most part succeeds.

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But eventually it becomes too much for her to handle and she breaks down in front of the boy she loves. Despite the drama being slightly mediocre thank goodness I watched just the last few episodes!

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Those shows aside, my favourite role Ariel has taken on so far has been for Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes. Ariel has these bright intelligent eyes that makes her perfect for playing very smart and wily characters like Huang Rong. I loved the story of this series.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship quiz

This unlikely pair makes me smile and makes my heart swoon just as much as Joe Cheng and all his kisses do! His age is 39 years now born on June and is of height 1. He additionally featured in a few phase play which as indicated by Joe he especially delighted in doing.

He could work on a phase play for Design for Living with a few renowned performers advertisement on-screen characters including David Wang Sylvia Chang. Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Relationship.

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Yes, Ariel was his girlfriend once. Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Where in a Relationship The two have been supposed to be on and off screen sweethearts which every one of their fans is truly glad about.

Ariel is presently hitched to Taiwanese agent Charles Lin. Love, now is a pretty long drama but its totallyy worth it.

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third It Started With a Kiss

I neveeer watch a drama that long but I couldn't resist I got hooked because of how beautiful these two are together and then obviously I had to go watch the other drama they had together which is a lot shorter but really good too: Now, the agencies of these two said that they are dating since when they were filming the drama Love, now but when they are both personally asked if they are dating they just state that they are really really good friends which is definitely true but I hope that they are really really good friends who are also lovers: Devil Beside You, Why Why Love Maybe its because Devil Beside you was my first t-drama thats why this couple will always be my favouritebut these two made me laugh so much since they were so cheesyy together and yet I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot at the scenes they had.

I don't know if this is just me but when I ship a couple so much its hard for me to watch other dramas with the actor or actress being in a romantic drama with another lead because I can't see them being in love with anyone other then each other so it takes me time to get over them: I have no idea if that made sense: And sothis is my list: Like I said before I know for sure that they are couples you guys love that I didn't mention but its either I didn't watch the drama or the couple didn't get to me that much: Also I had too much to say so the blog ended up soo long: In any case let me know which t-drama couples are your favourites?

Do you like any of those I mentioned? If yeswho?