Jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

Quotes: Jay Gruden

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

ASHBURN, Va. -- In the years Jon Gruden was away from coaching, his Sunday routine included watching his brother Jay Gruden's. Quotes: Jay Gruden Redskins Public Relations . On having brother, Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden, back coaching. Quotes: Jay Gruden Redskins Public Relations. On missing "Josh Norman is having a fine camp, John, thank you for asking.

And then, yesterday's we got half of it in we missed the two-minute portion. No, no, he is doing good.

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He is doing good. I think he is more comfortable all the way around, you know, he has established himself, he is clear-cut, you know, top corner in this league for a number of years now. So, he just consistently works on his craft. Both of those guys are great leaders like you say and work extremely hard and great role models for the younger players. You know, I think Matt Ioannidis works harder himself. Jonathan Allen is an extreme hard worker.

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

So, I love the leadership of those two guys but I love the whole entire defensive linemen room as far as their work ethic is concerned. That was the other part of it. We wanted to miss the afternoon rain showers and lightning. But we still have our issues—pulled hamstrings.

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So those issues still will arise. We just try to educate them as best we can and tell them the importance of rest, sleep and hydration. Love his natural instincts at the linebacker position watching him on tape, his physicality, but it was matter of in that round I think the risk-reward there was well worth the risk and I think we got a good player because of it. We got some live work and then obviously playing against the Jets will give us another opportunity to do some work. The outcome of the game dictated his mood.

A quick glance at Jon would let them know if the Redskins -- or the Cincinnati Bengalswhen Jay was an offensive coordinator from -- had won or lost.

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

If Jay lost, he was in the tank, and if Jay won, he was as elated as could be. If he won, he was high-fiving everybody.

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

Those were tough [games], no doubt. I had a hard time sitting in front of the TV watching my brother's teams play.

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That might not be a bad thing: The Redskins went under Jay with Jon in the booth. They talk a little less on the phone and lose the ability to visit during the weeks Washington plays on Monday nights.

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

But they still keep in touch -- talking on the phone for around 10 minutes two days after the Raiders' first victory of the season.

They still bounce ideas off one another.

jay and jon gruden relationship quotes

And Jay did get a chance during his bye week to watch the Raiders' win over Cleveland. I was rooting for him, that's all.

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I really want him to have success. This business is hard, and I know what type of competitor he is. It used to be just Jon or just Jay for a while. I might go out and walk around the block.

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Kathy watches every play of every game. When Jay called Jon Tuesday, he did so at 7: Nowadays if they have a common opponent, they can discuss that. But Jon will benefit more than Jay: