James spader and william shatner relationship

Boston Legal starring James Spader, William Shatner & Candice Bergen

james spader and william shatner relationship

PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: JAMES SPADER jousted epically with co-star William Shatner in one of the greatest relationships in TV history. Why the gloriously bizarre James Spader is the most intense guy in any “He has all his own idiosyncrasies,” says William Shatner, Spader's. Actors James Spader and William Shatner, whose roles as eccentric yet Shatner said his humorous and offbeat relationship with Spader was.


For instance, he loved fishing, but he had more fishing rods than he ever needed, even if he used every one of them. He also clearly had certain obsessive-compulsive issues. He was always on task and had to finish one task before he could get to the next. I have a lot of similarities with him. You have obsessive-compulsive issues of your own? I have an addictive personality. It requires focus and yet allows for extrapolation or improvisation and spontaneity.

I have to tie it up tightly in a box, throw it right out the fucking window into a river and let it sink to the bottom. How do these characteristics play out on the set? Well, there are advantages in terms of the job I have because acting demands focus and concentration.

I work in a freelance business. Therefore, it is part of my job to demand all the respect and all the parameters and boundaries I need. Has any of this ever been interpreted as bad behavior or diva behavior by your co-workers?

Television shows do not suffer fools or assholes.


They get weeded out quickly. If you do that, then you have to give back just as much respect. I work well with everyone. You said your father found it hard to hold on to his money. What do you blow your money on? I buy records, and I have a lot of hats. But I wear a hat every day, so they all get used.

They all serve different purposes. I have tall hats for colder weather; I have straw for summer. I like the whole process. I like to get the record out. I like the way a turntable looks. I like to watch it work as the record plays. I like to read the liner notes when I listen to a record. I love jazz and have buckets—no, boatloads—of jazz. I love blues, classical and a lot of world music. I have a friend in a Los Angeles record store who educates me, takes me through the stacks and funnels me a lot of Cuban and Latin music that I love.

Do you go to salsa clubs in L. I like to travel, walk through a city and go to museums and galleries. I generally socialize with people one-on-one or in small groups. How did we get off on this topic?

How did you come by your attitudes toward sex? Our house was very progressive and very liberal. The bathroom doors were always left open, and half the time my mother would come out to the living room half-naked to make some announcement.

My two sisters certainly were the same, as was I. I was always around dominant and influential women, and that left a great impression.

During the summers, my two sisters and I lived in this summer-camp building with two bedrooms. It was a converted chicken coop made of old, thin pine boards banged together, basically between my room and theirs. My sisters would have female and male friends over all the time. With lots of knotholes I could see all kinds of things unfolding in the other room.

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You felt easy and comfortable around women? Were girls and acting connected in your mind? I acted a lot in grammar school and junior high but really dug into it in high school at Phillips Academy. I think the greatest works are always based on that prism of sexuality and relations. It always seems that if there are two paths, the one that looks bumpier is more interesting to me.

I did a lot of theater in school and some summer stock, doing straight plays.

james spader and william shatner relationship

I taught yoga, mopped office floors and studied here and there while doing a bunch of improv. Plan or not, in the s you started to get TV and movie acting jobs. Did you want the lead roles? It was an odd, youth-oriented film world, and it would have been a terrible struggle for me to play that sort of all-American guy in those coming-of-age films they were doing at the time. Instead, I was always cast as the kid who had already come of age.

Did you have any particularly memorable auditions or meetings? I think you have demonstrated that Boston Legal was quite prescient in its anticipation of the subsequent glut of more mainstream popular culture that would foreground non-sexual closeness between men, albeit in less nuanced and forward thinking ways than you are suggesting Boston Legal does.

If so, we might almost understand it to be an ur-text for this trope. February 12th, at 6: Hi, Hannah — thanks for reading and commenting!

What I find interesting about the whole Bromance phenomenon yuck! I think that this accounts for the awkwardness and the wide-ranging popularity. February 13th, at 3: Thanks for reading and commenting! I can think of NO other fictional characters under 40 who compare. Both shows were created by David E. The fact that he was ethically challenged worked very well for his clients who were being screwed over by giant corporations, or the government.

So Alan went to the law firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt the very firm Boston Legal takes place at and hired two attorneys from the firm, one of them being the legendary yet aging Denny Crane William Shatner.

Boston Legal starring James Spader, William Shatner & Candice Bergen

The firm also welcomes his friendship with Denny. Then there is the younger attorney Brad Mark Valley — who, in theory, should be getting along with Denny. After all they are both pro-war, pro-government and they are both ex-soldiers.

But Brad is, according to Alan, is more like a Ken doll, and the partners want him to keep an eye on Denny. And Brad is jealous of Alan, because despite being younger and fitter than him, women seem to be more interested in Alan. Enter the British Tara Rhona Mitrawho had joined The Practice for the last season and when the firm fired her because she helped Alan.

james spader and william shatner relationship

Alan helped her get a job at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. The sexual tension and attraction between them keeps growing. Things get further complicated when the young associate Sally Lake Bell also becomes interested in Alan.

Oh, and she used to sleep with Brad… The show focuses on the quirks of each character, as well as their interaction with each other.