Is minho and sulli are in a relationship

is choi minho and sulli dating

is minho and sulli are in a relationship

I still ship Minho and Sulli and I still love them unconditionally.I won't Sulli and Choiza were forced to confirm their relationship this week, after. This makes me think a lot about Minho and Sulli, after all those and that Sulli would have a relationship with someone else (which I can not. Minho has revealed in interviews that he is not in a relationship. Minho and Sulli co-starred in the TV drama series To the Beautiful You.

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is minho and sulli are in a relationship

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is minho and sulli are in a relationship

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Who is Minho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee

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Flaming Smile: [Minsul] Minho SHINee and Sulli F(x) "Real Couple" Relationship?

Emotions can not be stopped or controlled like a machine. I think that Sulli and Minho were given the drama because everyone see the chemistry between them even in simple photo shoots.

I saw how they look good on their previous works. There's something about them that makes you smile and say, They look good together!.

is minho and sulli are in a relationship

How could I know that maybe both of them feels something more towards each other even before the drama. Fan accounts were posted on how Minho was so sweet to Sulli, even they had a spat or something like that and Minho tried to cheer up Sulli. So it would not seem impossible if while filming TTBY, a closer friendship developed. From Reel to Real This is only my POV. But likely to happen.

Shinee's Choi Minho's Girlfriend- single or Married- Relationship History

They were always in groups and sometimes far from each other. But there were some events that they were seen seated together, talking only with each other, and some fancams showing they walked side by side or Minho behind Sulli at airports. These little interactions can not be dismissed easily as nothing, because, there might be something real about them. Sulli after TTBY is always wearing this necklace even during events.

Perhaps, it is something special, given by someone special. Whoever it was, I still don't know.

is minho and sulli are in a relationship

Maybe Minho, maybe not. While recently, Minho is always holding his mobile phone.

Is choi minho and sulli dating

Even when he is being interviewed and at airports, he seemed he can not part with his mobile phone. Sulli is always seen, too texting while on her way to airports or somewhere.

is minho and sulli are in a relationship

Both are in love with their mobile phones at the moment. Who knows, they are sending messages to each other.