Indigos and twin flames relationship


indigos and twin flames relationship

The Twin Soul Connection By Debbie Nagioff As a working clairvoyant I am endlessly confronted with the entire scale of human misery and joy. Who are the Crystal and the Indigo Children? They may also avoid romantic relationships for fear of hurting another if the relationship ends. Crystal children, rainbow children, indigos, soul contracts and families. As Twins are in such an intensely transformative relationship energetically, the child .

The Dos and Don’ts of Soulmates

This may be the last person you want to date or marry. Each one of you represents a side of the duality in life. You are the Yin and your Twin Flame is the Yang.

indigos and twin flames relationship

Chances are the two of you have been incarnating together throughout lifetimes. The connection you feel and deep understanding you experience with your Twin Flame will be unparalleled.

indigos and twin flames relationship

I, like many other Indigo Children, had to learn this the hard way. Having him in my life is an incredible blessing. Being in the presence of someone who understands me deeper than this lifetime brings me incredible peace. But it has been a challenge to keep our relationship healthy.

indigos and twin flames relationship

He honestly drives me crazy and I joke with him all the time about wishing I could upgrade to a better Twin Flame. It will be an amazing and deep connection that you will cherish.

Find a small, part-time project to work on together.

Q&A: “What happens when Twin Flames have children together?"

The connection between you too can easily become so intense that everything else gets set aside. Do your best to create a healthy plutonic relationship with appropriate boundaries. It may last a lifetime or it may not.

It could be perfect for a moment and you may even learn a few things about yourself. You can have 5 non-negotiables, but try not to have more than 5. Go to meet a new friend.

Q&A: “What happens when Twin Flames have children together?”

Get up and get out! Energy really is everything. We, the world and everything in it are energetic beings, consisting of masses of tiny particles vibrating and oscillating at particular frequencies in particular formations. We are not solid, but energy in motion.

indigos and twin flames relationship

And that could be the case for some Twins. But most often the situation is far more complicated than that.

indigos and twin flames relationship

The reality is that children and parents are coupled up based on their energy. So two Twin Flames who are unaware of the karmic baggage they are carrying, will have a high likelihood of signing up with — on the soul level — a child soul who shares similar or the same karma so that the child may be born into their lives and be a part of the increased triggering for all three to get over and heal this karma once and for all.

In other words, the situation will be different if the Twins have cleared a lot of karma and lifted their energy vibration, versus if they were carrying a lot of baggage and are still stuck in the low vibrations of anger, shame, guilt and so on … If the parents are carrying certain karma they will attract a child soul who wishes to resolve similar karma in this lifetime, so that they can all be freed from any issues.

Families share certain karmic baggage that they come together to resolve in this lifetime. Souls always have a larger purpose of coming together on earth. In this way, you and your Twin Flame planned your own early life family circumstances and upbringing situation carefully before incarnating.

Soul contracts often denote what major lessons we will be learning from and teaching each other. As souls, we see this as a true gift — a push for our continued evolution, and for Twin Flames another helping hand in the journey back to Union and Unconditional love.

However, while on earth, it may feel challenging to have yet another complicated and potentially conflicted individual as a part of the family dynamic.