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ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

This makes Ichigo rare, for he is a mixed-blood Quincy with Shinigami powers. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, which was to not go after Orihime when she. More information on Ichigo can be found on the Heroes Wiki. Ichigo and Orihime are in the same year at high school. They're Relationship with Orihime. — Orihime Inoue in "Love me Bitterly Loth me Sweetly" Orihime Inoue (井上 織姫, Inoue Orihime) is a Human living in Karakura Town. She is a student at Karakura High School, where she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki and her best friend, Tatsuki Arisawa.

This power can also be used to return something to a time before it ever existed. However, it takes a good deal of time to do correctly, and it's unlikely she could or WOULD use it on a living being since all they'd have to do is step out of the way. This is Orihime's only real offensive power.

ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

He has the ability to enter and put up a shield inside the enemy, rejecting their physical bonds to, in short, split them in two. It's very handy against Hollows! But it must be aimed properly and with Orihime's full intent to inflict harm. If she lacks the desire to kill which is usually the case against sentient opponentsthe attack will be very weak or misaimed. Tsubaki can also be cut down before impact, and if this is the case, he's out of the fight for good and cannot be called back until he's been healed.

Healing Tsubaki is incredibly difficult and can take days of concentration for Orihime to fix him completely. However, Tsubaki is added to the trio and positioned in the middle, and with his powers added, the shield not only blocks incoming attacks, but counters them and reflects the damage viciously back upon the attacker.

The more violent the assault, the more damage that is done in return. Sewing Though she isn't the genius tailor that Ishida happens to be, Orihime is nonetheless regarded as one of the best in her peer group. Her stitches are bold and creative, and she has a talent for crafting handmade clothes and stuffed animals.

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The city granted her a welcoming gift of a hundred leeks, which she cooked into numerous dishes and offered to anyone who wanted to come by and eat. Wheeljack took her to his lab, Ground Zero, and fixed up an adjoining duplex for her to stay in. Once a week, Orihime cooks dinner for all who live in Ground Zero and can assume a form that can ingest human food. She apprentices with Ratchet in his medbay, and owns a cake shop across the street.

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She also began construction on several Ewok treehouses, initially planning to live there and create a private place for newcomers or others with limited Bending skills to live.

However, her attachment to Wheeljack and the others caused her to waver in her decision, so she's decided to stay with them permanently. She does open up the treehouses to those who need to take a break and be alone for a while, however.

ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

One of her goals is to become strong enough to fix other worlds, due to her desire to be useful. She's trained with Lelouch, Axel, and Wheeljack to strengthen her Bending.

She was unable to retrieve her powers for weeks until a fateful encounter with two Malboros interrupting a training session between her and Kick-Ass. When Zanith announced that she was one of five chosen to be taught by him, she responded eagerly to the affirmative. Since coming to Nautilus, Orihime has avoided going home for fear of finding that the war with Aizen ended badly. However, as time passed, she drew inspiration from the courage of others who had ventured home, particularly Wheeljack and Mitham, and shortly after the new year she made the decision to return and see the end of the war through.

When she came back to Nautilus, her heart was at ease, and she was able to commit herself fully to the welfare of the city. In the late spring ofshe was chosen to Ascend to the rank of Angelii, and bonded herself to Lelouch vi Britannia to begin her training with him.

Later in the summer, there was a reality storm that caused people to face their Shadow selves. For the first part of it, Orihime was able to reach her friends and help them overcome their trials, though the spite of Augie Farks' shadow caused her to feel a great deal of guilt.

However, Orihime's own shadow manifested, blatantly revealing all of her hidden feelings, including her love for Ichigo Kurosaki, in front of those who had come to rescue her, including Ichigo himself. With their courage and steadfast protection, Orihime was able to accept her Shadow, and was granted the power of an ice-based Persona named Hikoboshi.

She currently owns a young shiba inu dog from Batman she told Batman that she was naming it Batdog, but in truth she calls it Charlie-chan. Orihime pretty much liked her from the get-go, and has no problems chatting up the hedge-witch about this and that. She thinks Alice's magic is fascinating, and appreciates her kind and polite personality.

Ed and Al were the first two people she met when she Woke Up. Though she didn't stick around long enough to get to know them well, it's safe to say that she likes both of the brothers. Orihime feels particularly close to Al, since he treated her so kindly shortly after a city-wide event caused Orihime to stalk him and steal his cat trying to get his attention. Orihime confused him for Red Mist at first, but was able to discern pretty quickly that he was an entirely different person.

He seemed to be having a rough time, so she invited him to her bakery for cake, and the two became fast friends. She likes Augie's creativity and active imagination, and she considers him to be a reliable, supportive person. After his shadow revealed that he harbored some bitterness toward her for not returning his secret romantic feelings, Orihime reluctantly kept her distance, afraid that he hated her.

He went to sleep before the matter could be resolved, and she still feels guilty about it. Axel is one of Orihime's two primary Bending teachers. He sent her a bathrobe to practice on, as well as to wear since she needed at least one outfit to change into to wash the other. She finds him to be an interesting sort of person, and she's appreciative of his help and tutoring. She fell in love with him for a day during a reality storm, but doesn't remember it.

Ever since more of Axel's friends have Awoken and taken residence in his castle, Orihime's visits have decreased, since she doesn't want to bother him and because she has less reason to worry that he might be lonely. But she still likes him just as much as before, if not more, especially after he sang a rock song to cheer her up after the Marker's hallucinations ended. Orihime thinks very highly of Aya. She's easy to talk to, and as a member of the police force, Orihime has a great deal of respect for her.

She's kind of curious to learn more about this talking house that Aya lives in, which also seems capable of cooking for her. Though Orihime won't admit it out loud, she worries about Aya, who looks after so many other people…but who looks after Aya? Thus, Orihime has made it her secret mission to make sure Aya doesn't get too overwhelmed or stressed out by the things she has to deal with on a near-daily basis. Orihime knew him primarily as 'the one who was training Kick-Ass' for most of her time in Nautilus, until he fell into the Nile River.

After he managed to get out, she invited him back to her bakery for tea and cake. She told him that she'd always wanted a dog but was insecure about caring for one because of her various duties around the city, which led to him surprising her with a shiba inu puppy.

She promptly named it 'Batdog-chan' just to see his reaction, but named it 'Charlie-chan' in the end. She likes Batman, and tries to encourage him to spend time out of his cave whenever possible.

Though he seems quiet and reserved, Orihime finds him to be a very kind and friendly person. When she fell and hit her head, he was quick to show concern, and she decided immediately that she would be friends with him. He seems to look out for and watch over Orihime, while she works to help him open up and have fun. His appearance startled her at first, but after she began to speak with him, he seemed like any other person she knew and liked. He's patient, even-tempered, and kind of hilarious!

Once again, this is a person who Orihime took an immediate liking to, and the feeling seems to be mutual particularly since Holiday liked being referred to as 'Holiday-sensei'. Orihime appreciates the doctor's intelligence and compassion, and she's eager to share her new discoveries since they're both the curious type. When they first met, Orihime believed England to be a Yorkshire terrier, whom she promptly adopted and named "Chaplin-chan. Though she was disappointed in not having a dog anymore, she was delighted to know she'd made a new friend.

His unicorn, Elizabeth, makes Orihime ridiculously giddy and happy. She adores that unicorn. England was also Orihime's first kiss, after a tainted chocolate caused him to make a move.

Though she was petrified at the time, she's since gotten over it, and is actually kind of amused that she got kissed by a country.

He's got a dry sense of humor that Orihime likes, though sometimes it's hard for her to know if he's being sarcastic or not. Nonetheless, she likes him, and she's awfully curious to know more about him and what it's like where he's from. She's not entirely sure where the two of them stand. Grimmjow awoke from a much earlier time, shortly after his arm was lost in canon, while she knew him from the point where he was supposedly slain by Nnoitra.

Having seen the potential in him for an ally, she approached him with a friendly demeanor and bombarded his communication device with messages beseeching him to let her fix his arm. They definitely share no romantic feelings; she just thought it would be funny.

Orihime was in love with Ichigo for over four years. For a long time she struggled with her feelings, believing that he loved Rukia Kuchiki and that continuing to hold affection toward him was selfish. When he appeared in Nautilus, a reality storm caused her feelings to become known to him. After she was able to accept this part of her, she felt relief in clarifying her affection, and their friendship seemed to be stronger for it.

He returned to sleep a few months after that, which she interpreted to mean that he didn't return her feelings. Isaac was present in Nautilus for some time before Orihime finally took notice of him. They bonded quickly over a love of food she loved to cook, he loved eating real mealsand the two share a close friendship.

Orihime looks up to him as a big brotherly sort. It was thanks to Isaac that Orihime was prevented from losing her mind to the hallucinations that affected so many residing in Nautilus, and thanks to his pre-emptive warning, she was able to recognize her visions for what they were and escape to Helix when the hallucinations started to get violent.

Though Orihime can't really recall the circumstances over how they first met, she considers Johanna to be a kind person and a good friend. It also helps that the two are both romantics at heart, which means that Orihime has another girl to confide in over relationship troubles. She's never had a younger sibling, so she can't properly say that he's like a younger brother to her.

But that's pretty much what he is. She loves his cheerful and kind nature, and finds his courage to be very inspiring. He's a great kid, and he has a monkey that's constantly on fire. What's not to like? Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye: Admittedly, Orihime is kind of fangirlish over Kaylee and her many space adventures, because seriously, it doesn't get much cooler than that! She really likes Kaylee, and finds her easy to talk to. When Orihime spent time in Helix tending to the neglected fields, she called Kaylee for help in fixing the irrigation system, and thanks to her mechanical skills, water flows freely to the trees and plants growing there.

Orihime first met Kick-Ass through the communicator where she saw him fly and crash a jetpack. Finding that they both shared a love for superheroics, they began training together, starting with the art of jumping from one rooftop to another. She looked up to him, thinking that he was just as good a superhero as anyone from the comic books.

Her perception of him changed from hero worship to something else when a Malboro attacked the two of them during a sparring match. Kick-Ass was brutally mauled trying to protect Orihime from the monster, and seeing him fight so hard to defend her was the trigger she needed to at last reawaken the powers of her Shun Shun Rikka to defeat the Malboro and heal Kick-Ass. Shortly after, he asked her to a dance, and an awkward attraction began to develop.

Orihime had begun to fall in love with him, but not long after she got her feelings sorted out, he went to Sleep. Though she was heartbroken for quite some time, she looks back on it now with warm nostalgia.

He was the first person she knows of that seemed to care for her in that way. Orihime never thought she'd meet a sentient car, but she was happily proven wrong. She's impressed with KITT's politeness as well as his flawless Japanese…but what really made her fangirl was his stunt driving and ability to shoot flames out the back. She's still getting to know him, but so far, Orihime likes Kyle a lot. He's laid back, funny, and a good friend to Aya.

Originally, Orihime wasn't sure what to think of him. He scared her mentor, Zanith, and for a time she believed the Labyrinth met the Deva great harm. She mistook a brief visit to return Zanith's things as an attempt to hunt him down, so she threw a snowball at the Labyrinth.

It dumped a treeload of snow on her in return. Upon seeing she was cold, it gave her a cloak of dark cloth that absorbed and nullified temperatures. When she realized it had no intentions of harming Zanith or anyone else, Orihime warmed up to the being, and nicknamed it 'Enraku-chan' after her teddy bear.

Orihime first met him due to his striking resemblance to Ulquiorra. Early on, the city swapped their clothes including Ulquiorra's Hollow holewhich piqued Orihime's conversation enough to talk and visit with him. The city's gift of tons of cake helped inspire her to open her own bakery. One of the first people Orihime spoke with. He escorted Orihime to visit the Heart of Nautilus, and was privy to the confessed worries and gratitude she usually doesn't express openly to others.

He's also helped Orihime with her Bending, and is her other primary teacher. She trusts Lelouch and thinks of him as a kind and patient person, referring to him as 'Lelouch-sensei'. Once you get past all of the crude language, Michael is actually a really nice guy.

At least, Orihime seems to think so. He's a little impulsive A LOTand prone to do crazy things, but she likes that about him.

ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

He certainly isn't boring! Mitham is a sweet kid. Orihime feels awfully protective of him, and is quick to respond when he finds himself in a tough spot. He seems open and friendly around her, and she considers him a good friend. He also makes an adorable kitten.

Mitham requested that she not use any formalities when referring to him. She complies as best she can, but it's not easy.

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Ratchet is everyone's grandpa. That's the best way to describe the way Orihime sees him, except for the age. Robots just don't look OLD to her. Sometime after Ichigo gained the powers of a Soul Reaper a spiritual cleanser and warriorOrihime was attacked by a Hollow a malevolent masked spirit. Ichigo arrived in time to stop the Hollow, revealing it to be Orihime's dead brother. Ichigo allowed Orihime and her brother to make their peace before he was purified and sent to the afterlife.

Sometime later, a swarm of Hollows invaded their town, leaving Ichigo in a difficult place as all of his friends and loved ones were at risk of being killed by them. When Orihime and Tatsuki were attacked by a Hollow, Orihime revealed her own latent spiritual powers and defeated it. She then decides to join Ichigo on his adventures. Both resolve to improve their skills in preparation for the next assault.

An Arrancar named Ulquiorra corners Orihime and threatens to kill her friends if she doesn't agree to join their side. Orihime sneaks into Ichigo's room while he's sleeping and confesses her love for him. Orihime with Ichigo When Ichigo finds out that Orihime was abducted by the Arrancar, he gathers his closest allies and launches an attack on their fortress.

He gets to Orihime, only for her to be pulled out of his reach once again. She tells him that the reason she had begun to act the way she did was so that he could see that she was happy and could move on. This revelation causes the spirit of her brother and the instinct of the Hollow to have an inner struggle and Sora manages to regain control of himself once again.

Ichigo x Orihime - Better

Rukia tells Ichigo that the reason for this is because he was turned into a Hollow against his will and that the reason he was turned was in order to use someone whom Ichigo would find difficult to fight against, something they had succeeded in doing.

Ichigo tells Sora that she once told him that the hairpins she wears were a present from him and she never takes them off. With Orihime waking up she reminds her brother of the last time they spoke and tells him something she should have said the day before he left: Seeing the soul of her brother pass on Orihime can't help but break down in tears. The next day, while having lunch on the school roof, Orihime tells her friends of what she remembers happened last night, a wild story about a sumo wrestler blowing a hole into her apartment with a gun.

Ichigo listens to this and asks Rukia if this was what she did to them and Rukia responds that it was a memory modifier and that what the person believes is dependent on their own imagination.

Ichigo tells Rukia that while he's not sure whether he is ready to risk his life for a stranger, he is also not someone who can just stand by and not help, and informs Rukia that he would like to help her with her work as a Shinigami.

Fight to the Death! Ichigo Indeed, Ichigo's temporary soul stretches his muscles, then experiments with his new body by kicking in a wall. Tatsuki Arisawa, who does not think lunch is such an important event, is told by Orihime that a healthy young high school girl comes to school specially to eat lunch. She pulls out a large loaf of bread and a can of sweetbean paste and asks Tatsuki what she has brought for lunch.

Tatsuki ruffles Orihime's hair and says that she eats a normal lunch. He tells them that he jumped up, though many of them do not buy his story. He is very pleased that all of them, guys and girls, are looking at him.

ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

He stares at the girls and comments that they are all very hot and above average. He notices Orihime and her assets and goes up to her, strokes her hair, and in a very gentlemanly manner, kisses her hand. Tatsuki immediately pulls him away, asking him if he knows what he is doing. Glancing back and forth between Ichigo and Rukia, the temporary soul realizes he must fight to get away and then begins to rain down on Ichigo a great number of kicks.

Ichigo and Rukia stare after him, who runs away at extremely high speed. Rukia's eyes widen as she tells herself that it cannot be what she is thinking. She changes her mind as she continues to watch. Orihime insists that her suitor was not really Ichigo.

ichigo and orihime relationship wiki

Ichigo jumps down out the window, and Rukia runs out of the classroom, their classmates watching her. Orihime tells them both that the guy earlier was not Ichigo. Rukia comments that he has a moratorium, and Ichigo retorts that it isn't the time for incomprehensible jokes. Rukia does not see why he is so agitated, because, to her, kisses are merely greetings, and in a book she was reading, much more was happening.

Ichigo tells her not to compare the two, as kissing an ordinary classmate is a very serious thing, and asks her what sort of books she reads. He gives a wail of despair and complains that the image he took years to build up is gone. Greetings from a Stuffed Lion Ichigo suddenly notices the date displayed on his watch — 16 June. Just about to jump out the other window, Rukia notices Ichigo staring at his watch and asks him what the matter is, but he says that it is nothing. She wants to see Tatsuki's because she thinks hers is no good.

As Michiru stares at it in awe, Tatsuki declares that one day, she will become the female Vale Tudo champion. In front of her, a student calmly continues his needlework. As Ichigo walks into the classroom, Orihime greets him, and strangely enough, he greets her back with a smile — something his classmates aren't too used to seeing. Tatsuki asks Michiru for the date, and hearing that it is 16 June, knows what is up with Ichigo, who is in a corner with his friends, laughing.

She says that Ichigo makes that face not when he is happy, but when he is very tense, proclaiming that tomorrow he will not be attending school. Outside, clouds cover the moon and it begins to rain.

Orihime looks out her window at the rain, remembering what Tatsuki had told her about Ichigo, and wondering if she were the rain that binds together the earth and sky, which in all eternity will never mingle, would she be able to bind two hearts?

Orihime says that she thinks she may have found out Ichigo's secret, believing him to be a hero protecting the Earth. Tatsuki describes Ichigo as a boy with unbelievably bright hair, an unbelievably beautiful mom and an unbelievably wide smile. She also states he had looked skinny, goofy and weak, which he was.

He had been easily defeated by her, making her the first one to make him cry. Tatsuki had hated that, as she believed a boy shouldn't lose and be happy. However, soon after Ichigo's mother died. The day after, he didn't come to school, so she had gone looking for him. She had found him by the river where his mother died, with his school bag, squatting when he was tired and standing once more afterward.

From day to day, morning to night, Tatsuki states it was as though he was searching for his mother. Tatsuki couldn't stand watching Ichigo back then. Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground! Ichigo's startled and perturbed expression tells her instantly that Ichigo is not "in" on the news, but Ichigo takes a guess at what the fuss is about, mumbling "Drop-in?

Orihime smiles, exclaiming what a great show it is and invites him to watch it with her. Shocked, Orihime stares at her friend before allowing Tatsuki to push her away from Ichigo, insisting that she watch the show with her instead. Orihime apologizes to Ichigo. Ichigo declares then that he despises Ghost Shows.

Stagehands begin directing the people towards the area the supposed exorcism is going to take place, insisting they follow the officials. Orihime approaches Ichigo and apologizes for how she greeted him several days ago in school. She informs him that Tatsuki has told her now that Ichigo has never liked Ghost Shows.

Ichigo tells her that she doesn't need to apologize especially since his friends are well aware of his dislike for the shows and yet they still continue to make those bellows around him and behave like that. Orihime reminds him that despite his dislike of the shows, he still came to the event anyway and asks why he has done so.

Orihime asks if that's the reason he came and Ichigo confirms this stating that it would be a bit sad to let them come on their own.

Orihime smiles and tells Ichigo that he is nice, but he refutes that his actions are merely normal. For a moment, she doesn't say anything before softly agreeing with him that it was normal. Orihime waves for Tatsuki. Suddenly, Tatsuki calls out to her and she replies, running off to regroup with her friend.