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On her head, Ladybug wears a tiara headband with three white She also expresses jealousy whenever other girls such as Chloé or Lila flirt with Adrien, sometimes Marinette has talent in fashion design, being able to sketch ideas in a .. Aspik • Brazilian Miraculous holder • Cat Miraculous holder • Dragon Bug • Jade. wikiHow How to Be a Bad Boy Part One of Three: Bad Boy Behavior and Habits from Items tagged as Bad Meme. like the real thing! Learn how to draw a dragon by following this tutorial. Draw curves connecting the chest with the head of the dragon. Image titled Draw a.

Bull and the Inquisitor sit down and talk, calmly and respectfully, about the rules of their romance. The entire sequence is an extended and beautifully written conversation by writer Patrick Weekes who wrote Bull, Solas, and Cole that remains one of my favorites across the trilogy. If you act ashamed of your dalliance with him in a key scene, for instance, he responds with real dignity and ends the relationship instantly.

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It can stay a casual, playful friends-with-benefits situation, or evolve into real commitment. Sex is instead treated as either an impersonal release of tension, as part of spycraft, or as part of its breeding programs. If we choose to save the Chargers, Bull is wracked with self-doubt. He progresses to real friendship with Solashis former antagonist. His romance with the Inquisitor ends with a humorous exchange of pillow-talk that also includes love and real vulnerability in the face of potential loss.

But there are some quietly chilling changes to that final scene that color everything before and after. Instead of those intimate possibilities, the Inquisitor will simply have the unpleasant awakening that Bull has been lying to them all along. Again, it just depends on the choices you make. I remember the day when, innocent as a lamb, I finished my first playthrough of DAI, after happily romancing Bull, and the credits rolled.

And once again, I practically fell out of my chair I know, I do that a lot.

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I had already been really tempted to romance Solas in my first playthrough. Not really into the whole pale bald-guy thing though. But hey, to each their own! It was a series of conversations that were by turns tense, argumentative, funny, charming, and even slyly sexy. Within minutes, I had fallen flat. This made romancing Solas in the second playthrough even more fun, because now I was in on the secret.

I could view the entire game story through an entirely different and far more fascinating lens. For instance, take this wicked little early conversation with a female elven mage: You train your will to control magic and withstand possession. Your indomitable focus is an enjoyable side benefit. You have chosen a path whose steps you do not dislike because it leads to a destination you enjoy.

I have yet to see it dominated. I imagine that sight would be… fascinating. And yet his romance is also easily one of the most popular across the Dragon Age fandom. It has inspired a near-endless number of tributes, memes, and fanfiction. The last thing he should do is fall in love. Me, I found myself surprised at just how pissed I was that my digital boyfriend had just broken my heart. Yet there is comfort to be found eventually. There are plenty of subtle signs through the rest of the story that Solas does in fact deeply love the Inquisitor.

He even confirms it yet again, heartbreakingly, as DAI ends… and he leaves. The Dread Wolf Unmasked All of this is enjoyably tragic. The entire story revolves around discovering the truths and falsehoods behind the ancient elves, and specifically, about Solas himself. The story ends with a gorgeously rendered final confrontation between Solas and the Inquisitor, whom he has personally drawn there to rescue from the magical Mark that is now killing them. Unmasked, Solas is open and warm and finally able to be honest.

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The collar becomes a light pink and has a split in the middle. The suit also has pink flippers on the feet and fins on the forearms. Around the waist are accents like the flippers and a circle symbol that looks like the Ladybug Miraculous in its active form. As Ladybug in Ice Form On her head, Ladybug wears a tiara headband with three white diamond-shaped ice shards at the top.

Her collar has a fluffy white edge, and the red area on her suit has a pale-colored flower design. From the middle of her lower arms and lower legs, she has gloves and boots that have fluffy white edges.

In particular, her boots have white edges around the soles and thin white ice skating blades attached to them. Also, she has an ice shard-comprised belt above her hips with the front of it having a red circular surface like the Ladybug Miraculous, including the five dots, while having a white outline around it and her round spots switch from circles to hexagons. Personality Marinette frustrated at her situation. Marinette is sweet, outgoing, joyful, a bit awkward and clumsy.

She loves fashion, her friends, family, and her crush, Adrien. Despite her outgoing and empathetic personality, Marinette struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem: In a situation, she deems urgent, like doing something for Adrien or losing something that will expose her secret identity, she becomes very nervous, awkward, and quick to panic.

She's very helpful and is willing to help those who have insecurities, such as; Juleka, who thought she had a "class photo curse" and Marc who was too afraid to share his creative writing. However, opposed to that strength, she herself losses confidence just by approaching her crush, Adrien, when in contact with a really big celebrity, or if she thinks others do greater success compared to herself. Marinette cares deeply for other people, usually putting their feelings and interests even before her own, in some cases at a personal cost.

However, she tends to learn from her mistakes and become a more open-minded, understanding person. Furthermore, she is willing to do a number of risky tasks in order to protect her identity and image, like stealing Adrien's phone in " Copycat " to erase an embarrassing message she accidentally left on it. Thanks to her confidence as Ladybug, she's gotten more calm and comfortable around Adrien as herself, like as seen in " Gorizilla " when she helps him get away from a swarm of fans and talks to him more fluently.

In " Frightningale ", according to Clara NightingaleMarinette has a pure heart. Adrien also claims that she is funnier than Ladybug. She also takes advice from others very well whether it's family or friends seen in "Malediktator", "Heroes' Day" and other episodes. Ladybug preparing to jump and attack. As Ladybug, Marinette retains many of her alter ego's characteristics, but is much stronger. Her confidence and bravery come out more prominently.

Marinette strives to rescue everyone, including those akumatized by Hawk Moth. No matter the difficulty of her tasks, she does everything in her power to set things right while keeping up with her everyday responsibilities, like designing something or working in the bakery.

Like Cat Noir, Ladybug is clever with her words and occasionally enjoys making puns. She has a more serious side when fighting against Hawk Moth's villains, as opposed to Cat Noir's laid back and goofy personality. At times, she enjoys teasing him and others, while she can get exasperated, she handles joking calmly. Marinette as Ladybug, is more cautious and careful than Cat Noir sometimes needing to restrain or stop him from doing hasty acts seen in several episodes.

As her alter ego, Marinette strives to keep her personal and superhero lives separate to protect herself, the people she knows or she is close to. She is also great at giving advice to others when they need it. With her greater confidence, she aims to be honest with others in other ways, like her honesty with Cat Noir about not having romantic feelings for him.

In " Mayura ", she also acknowledges that good things come by doing good actions and that not all problems can by solved by wishing them away, especially at the expense of hurting the innocent. Abilities Marinette working on a derby hat.

For a list of things made by Marinette, see the List of Marinette's creations. Marinette has talent in fashion design, being able to sketch ideas in a notebook after getting inspired by certain surroundings or topics, [46] and sewing by hand or with a machine.