Hiyori and shinji relationship test

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hiyori and shinji relationship test

Did shinji, rose and kensei do the captains test again in the 17 months? . What relationship does Hiyori have with Kirio Hikifune, Shinji Hirako, Kisuke Urahara. Shinji looks terrible " murmured Hachi to the other Vaizard. Hiyori was giving Shinji his daily abuse and Hachi couldn't resist seeing the gore. ShiYori (Japanese: 平ひよ, HiraHiyo) is the name of the relationship between Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki. After Shinji Hirako fails to recruit Ichigo Kurosaki.

His relationship with Aizen-sama doesn't strike me as being deep enough to be commented on. Both people were suspicious of each other: Shinji was wary of his lieutenant and didn't trust him. Although his hunch about Aizen turned out to be correct, there was nothing he could really do about it. Probably somewhere in between 75, living lives similar to Renji and Rukia's in Inuzuri. He knew he had to be cunning in order to survive.

Shinji, with his sly smile, strikes me as the con-artist type. This is just speculation, but perhaps he would later on migrate to the better off districts in Rukongai and con people. Although how one runs a con in Rukongai is beyond me, he most likely scammed people out of food, water and other stuff.

This point is difficult to determine, given Shinji's lax nature and that he rarely shows any desire for anything, except his revenge on Aizen.

Although it seems ridiculous, boredom could also have been a reason in his joining the Gotei 13, most probably from the Shino Academy. He was a talented student, but not too interested in his studies, preferring to not take it too hard. Swordsmanship was one of the things he could have been gifted at.

He could have served, very possibly, under Hikifune after graduating. This explains his knowledge of Hiyori's closeness to her then captain. But this point can be refuted, since, when Hiyori meets him after yelling at Urahara, says he doesn't care about her division.

If he did serve in the 12th Division sometime, Hiyori wouldn't leave a chance to rub it in his face as an insult. Shinji came to know of Hiyori in between his time in the Shino Academy and joining the Gotei I walk down the hall, my feet carrying me to Hiyori's room. I wonder what's up with her? I am suspicious for an instant, before realizing she always locks her door at night, and then again it's probably a good thing she did, considering the other nosy people that live here.

I sit on the edge of her bed. She tries to look at me, but shies away, her freckled cheeks matching the color of her track suit. Her voice is quiet and unsure when she speaks, "Shinji? Yes, I admit it's a refreshing change, but she almost looks…defeated, somehow, and I can't stand it.

hiyori and shinji relationship test

I scoot a little bit closer. In the past when she acts like this, it's because she needs someone to cry on. That person is always me for some reason, not that I mind.

Out of all the people here, I am the one who understands her the most. I expected the worst. Could it be that she was finally going to cry over what Gin did to her? Was she questioning what our purpose is now that Aizen is gone? You know I'll listen to you.

She looks stunned, not ready to punch my face into a wall, at least not yet, 'Well that's a good start, I hope it stays this peaceful.

I brushed away a stray bang from her eyes. Always have, always will. I continue my patience, waiting for her to re-gain composure, while praying that re-gaining her composure wouldn't result in me landing in Kensei's room across the hall. They're never anything serious, no matter how many walls I go through because of those damned sandals of yours.

I kiss back, eager to please. Hiyori does not know how long I have waited for her to come to me like this. I kiss deeper, and pull her body even closer, and wrap my arms around her tiny figure; in response her legs draw tighter around my waist.

I let a low moan escape my throat, which makes her shiver. I can feel my hollow stirring. She arches into me, and I try my damnedest to not get hard. She moans, and I take it as a sign to go further. I lick and press my tongue to her closed lips, which she willingly parts for me. Despite her sloppy kisses, I keep going, 'She's never done anything like this before, take it slow with her. I reply, 'Yeah ,yeah, calm down Sakanade, just let me work my magic' The spirit seemed pacified with this statement and sighed, becoming quiet once more.

But Hiyori was a quick learner, and I found it comical that she loved to play with my tongue ring, despite the fact she normally calls it disgusting. She pulls back for a breath, her eyes beginning to cloud with pleasure. How soft her hair is when it tickles my neck as she lays her head on my chest.

I watch as she takes a deep, relaxing breath.

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I too exhale, but I didn't realize I was holding in air. She scoots even closer if that's possible. I touch her hair bands that restrict her wavy, thick, blonde locks. Her hair falls around her shoulders, "Gorgeous. She buries her face deeper into my neck, embarrassed by my statement.

hiyori and shinji relationship test

My thumb rubs her bottom lip, "Don't give me that 'I'm not pretty' crap. You trump every woman I've ever met. She lifts her head to meet mine, a slight blush back on her face and asks, "Shinji? I smiled, and stayed calm, "Well the answer to both is the same," She cocked her eyebrow at me, "However far you want to go. If you say stop, I will stop. If not, I will continue. If I thought our kisses before were passionate, this time I am sorely mistaken.

But I keep my body focused on Hiyori, 'Shut up and don't dare ruin this for me. Hurt her, and you're in for a world of hurt too. I am snapped out of my trance by her voice, "Something wrong Shinji? Her shyness, doesn't last long, however, for soon she is silently demanding more in our kisses. I give her my all, my hands running through her hair, down her sides and back. She breaks our kiss, her normal demeanor returning, although she still has some insecurity in her eyes.

She takes her time and eventually flings the thing off my neck with an exasperated huff. Have it your way, my Hiyori. I even lift up her shirt, only to let my hands course over her stomach, tracing her scar that will always be there. My body perks up when I feel her hands undoing my buttons. I let her continue with her work, and continue to kiss even as she gets my shirt off, and flings it in the same direction as my tie.

I stop, and pull away from her lips. I'm topless and you aren't. She gasps, "Shinji…" her voice trailing off, "Actually Hiyori, I have a better idea. And my bedroom and bed is bigger right? Her eyes go wide once more, and I ask, "If you want me to stop, say no right now…" She shook her head, "Go on. I pull off her shirt first, tossing it to the floor.

I flip us around, so that I can have a better angle to love her body. My eyes scan over her frame. I pull and layer by layer they unwind. The true shape of her breasts now comes forth. I close my eyes and continue to unwind her, only opening them when I feel the ribbon go slack. Her hands cover what has to be perfectly shaped C-cup breasts, and the way the wrappings lay around her body, oh Kami is she ever testing my will to not take her here and now.

I pull all the bindings away in one move, and she lets out a short gasp, I hold her close to me, my mouth on her ear, "Something wrong, my Hiyori? I smile and take both of her slim wrists into my hands, my eyes staying focused on her own hazel orbs, "You have nothing to fear or be nervous about, Hiyori. I won't hurt 'cha.

And I will stop whenever you want. I cup both breasts, swirling them around, playing with them, while gauging her reaction. She starts out with soft mewls and whimpers, but gets a tad bit louder when I take her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling the sensitive nub over and over again. I take the other one into my mouth, sucking, licking, letting my tongue ring bump up against sensitive flesh.

My eyes drift close, and I let myself indulge for a little while in the pleasure of the moment. A soft voice echoed in my head, once more. Listen to her moan for you. I switched the position of my fingers and mouth, making her noises even louder. I watched as she tried to cover her mouth with her hand.

I stop my ministrations for a moment, taking her hand away, looking into her nervous, yet pleasure-ridden eyes. I want ta hear yer voice. There might be other people that live here, but forget about them for a night. And besides, they're all asleep, and the closet person ta my room is Kensei, and ya know he's good with secrets. When I cup them, her tits mold perfectly to my hands, 'like they were made for me.

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I give her sore nipples a break, cradling her head and neck with one arm, while my other hand trails down to the top hem of her pants. She stops kissing when my fingers lay on the strings of her sweat-pants; she pulls her mouth away, her eyes once more holding a shocked and bewildered look.

The young Vizard averts my gaze, to eventually return it, her expression steadier, "Yes, Shinji go ahead, I trust ya. I kissed her deep, pulling her up to me, so that only her legs lay on the bed. I broke our kiss as her pants were quick to end up on my floor. She blushed once more at being caught in her underwear, which were a pristine white bikini cut with a small, soft baby pink lace border. Nothing fancy, as expected, but pink lace?

Although I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn't. The only thing that would have been more hilarious would be if she was wearing Chappy underwear. But either way, her pale, smooth, skin, and creamy thighs are all mine now. But before I could give her what she needed, the hazel-eyed woman spoke up, "Shinji, I don't see how this is fair.

hiyori and shinji relationship test

I begin to unbutton my pants, almost letting out a sigh as my I feel the pressure start to release from the pants I swore fit correctly before this whole night began.

But before I can, a small hand stops me. I kneel on the bed, making it easier on her, and I let out a sigh at having some of the restriction gone, and groan when the damned article of clothing is removed, tossed to the floor just like the others. Hiyori went back to being shy, barely touching the very obvious outline of my cock. I sigh once more, "Don't be scared, my Hiyori, ya have nothin' ta worry about.

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I gave one more sigh, ending it in a moan, "Oohhh, Hiyori. I let my body relax as she feels me. The bright blush had returned to her cheeks. I made no move, not even pulling her closer to me; this was her decision, and I had no right to force it. Her eyes were downcast, looking at the sheets that were starting to become a tangled mess. She bunched her fist into the fabric, taking a deep breath, looking back to me with a degree of determination in her eyes that was too adorable for words. I sigh and lower my hips as my whole body is now exposed to the cool night air.

I hear a gasp come from her once again. As much of an ego boost as I'm getting right now, I hold myself back, trying to keep up my reputation of being a gentleman in bed. Is this too much? I scoot myself into reclining on my pillows, not even breaking Hiyori's pattern. My eyelids flutter shut and I decide to immerse my whole being into the pleasure for now.

I moan and call out her name. I try not to squirm as she explores me. My body cries out 'more' but my mouth bites back that word. I will not push her. My eyes come up to look at her, but she is concentrated, eyes closed. I sat up, grabbing her waist and pulling her into my lap. I kiss her nose, "That doesn't matter tonight.

Don't worry about me. You're a virgin, Hiyori; this is your first time with anyone. And besides, I already told ya, I love you, always have, always will. She cried out to me before crashing her lips against mine. I kissed back with as much passion as she gave. I haven't seen her cry like this since Urahara became captain, but that was out of anger, this, however, came from happiness, something I have never seen out my little Hiyori before.

My thumbs were so busy wiping away her tears, it made me think that they were her personal windshield wipers. She broke our kiss, her now puffy and pink-ish hazel eyes staring into my own.

hiyori and shinji relationship test

She sighs and gives me the biggest hug I have gotten in over years. Both she and I were moaning now, with the occasional whimper coming from her when I'd put some extra pressure on a nipple, or trace her latest scar. I let my mouth travel south, landing on her neck, nipping and sucking until I was sure I had a left mark or two, letting all who see know that Hiyori is taken. My, my what soft, sensitive skin you have…' I was almost ready to excuse myself from our love-making to punch my hollow in the face, but he had a point this time, 'I think you mean ours, baka.

I didn't let the mild distraction stop my tongue from continuing its path southward. I stopped at her breasts once more, kissing both nipples before swirling my tongue around one swollen bud, squeezing and rolling the other nub with my fingers.

She squirms beneath my touch, and her voice grows even louder when I nip at her perky breast. I let myself slip away into pleasure, but my pleasure doesn't come from taking, oh no, my true pleasure comes from giving. I am fully concentrated on my job, losing every part of my being to each and every sound she makes, to every muscle of hers that twitches, spasms in pleasure.

I begin to use some of my favorite tricks on her, when Sakanade interrupts my thoughts, 'She has no idea how much you get off just by watching and pleasing her, does she master?