Hemraj and aarushi relationship with god

How and why Aarushi & Hemraj were killed

hemraj and aarushi relationship with god

Talwars,Aarushi-Hemraj murder,Rajesh Talwar In their first interview after their acquittal in connection with the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case, “God is the biggest judge,” Nupur said, replying to a question about the. Doctors who floated the sexual intercourse theory did it on questionable premises coloured with subjectivity, the HC found. Dr Naresh Raj, who conducted the autopsy of Hemraj, concluded that the dead man's swollen penis proved he had sex before being killed. NEW DELHI: A medical. Hemraj could not have had any physical relation with Aarushi. . on circumstances) mephistolessiveur.info Talwar would have involved herself in any EM relationship (God.

How did the killer get through the door? Maybe someone left it at the door while switching off the router? That is so sad, it defeats the whole purpose of having the self locking door. If that was what happened, I'm sure the parents are going to beat themselves their whole life for leaving a key on the door. But if they really didn't leave that key over there, then either someone sneaked into their room, took the key and went to open it or they were the ones to open it.

Oh my poor heart. Again my brain says the parents, but my hearts want to believe that they didn't kill their daughter. Anonymous Dec 24, think its d parents Analyzer Oct 02, No doubt, its Rajesh who did it. Possible reasons - a Daughter knows too much now and its a threat to their life and style b Daughter and Hemraj getting too cozy and sharing some family secrets etc c Hemraj intruding into pervert Rajesh's incest issues with daughter What ever it may be, its clear cut point that no one else could have murdered and concelaed as comfortable as it happened.

Only possible for the people who live there.

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Giftign camera and other sweet nothigns are just to make it look like a regular family. I dont hitnk Aarushi is adopted, as i believe what i read is true that Nupur conceived via invetro fertilization or something anil nair Nov 30, how can a servant is authorised to have drinks at night with his friends when u have a 14yrold daughter sleeping next door when a person drinks his psychology can take devil brain and under such circumstances can do anything manu May 26, think aarushi and hemraj were in a compromising position,seeing this DR.

Rajesh might have got angry and killed them Lavar Jun 12, Tanhks for sharing. What a pleasure to read! Hemraj was angry that Rajesh was doing incest on his daughter, so that he got a golf stick, and decided to hit Rajesh, the next time he tries to do incest.

Rajesh got angry and he snatched the stick and hit hemraj however he could not save his daughter, he hatched a plan to escape murder, and tried to clean up the act.

It can be a separate question; or the same. Were they waiting to kill the others too???? Hemraj was a very good person, who was killed too. Father might be responsible for murder. I am however in doubt about the role of Aarushi's mother. Whom does she want to save?

Her husband or someone else?

hemraj and aarushi relationship with god

Rajesh used to have incest with daughter 2. Hemraj a good person understood it but could do nothing to prevent it hence he tried to get in touch with social worker. Rajesh drugged wife on the night so that she will get concentrated sleep 4. Rajesh went ahead with his activities after gifting camera to daughter.

Hemraj being a good man, tried to prevent it, he was hit by a golf stick, however mistakenly the golf stick also hit Arushi, she died. Arushi came in between and got hit. Hemraj was brutally hit on the head multiple times.

Body was moved to terrace by 1 person using bedsheet, and dragged, it cannot be two person, because no dragging will be required in this case. Rajesh moved Hemrajs body to terrace to get an excuse so that he can do cleanup time. Nupur could not realize any issue because she did not think hard, and how the key to Arushis room got out from under her pillow. Hemraj and Arushi were murdered in the complex.

Hemraj and Arushi found in objectonable state. He then questions Arushi on what is actually happening, and threatening Arushi to tell him privately on it. Since the cut injury on neck has not propogated blood everywhere, it is done after death, and blood flow had stopped.

Did anyone possess the keys of the terrace lock? How did the keys of front door of house get stolen?

hemraj and aarushi relationship with god

Abhinav Shukla Feb 28, yes sacha kumar Feb 27, I know who is the killer. I take pledge in God, and implore him, that the killer is hanged. There is no sign showing that he is least bothered to know the killers. How is it possible, the parents are sleeping in the same house and some unknown people entering the house and killing the daughter. If he has not killed, why he is not pressurising the epartment to find the killers, instead he went on to do the last rituals srishti Feb 23, i think that rajesh talwar killed aarushi parshu Feb 21, my take on this.

Arushi's body had frontal damage on the head, and there was no resistance with the attacker implying as known to her or too fast action 2. Hemrajs body had rear damage on the head, so there was no resistance. Arushis body was cleaned. Arushis did not possess virgin hymen and had no bruises 5. Attackers cannot drink alcohol in house, but will run away 6.

Attackers will not drag body of Hemraj to terrace and waste time in doing it. Gurkha says no one entered the building or went out in the night. No need of doing further changes in the crime scene. Why will the murderer come back in the house from the terrace and lock it ,, after placing Hemraj's body there. Why are the stairs wiped and cleaned.

Twists, turns and suspense: 10 things to know about Aarushi Talwar, Hemraj murders

Anonymous Feb 20, Completely agree. Talwars are in full knowledge of who and why committed the crime. I heard that Shobha De questioned that if Nupur is the biological mother.

I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't it. The man servant would not have gone in scared state of mind to a social worker USha if he was involved - he would have simply run away. Infact Hemraj may have tried to protect Aarushi's life from her parents. They really stop at nothing ipsiray yahoo. That is proof that they did not sleep through the murders.

Aarushi's parents Rajesh, Nupur get life term for killing her and Hemraj

Aarushi spoke to Anmol for close to times in 2 months before her death and all were normal calls that happen between teenagers and friends in school. They were not lengthy conversations like crying and cribbing over some issue. It is the system today. May be for the conservative society that still thinks talking between boys and girls is a crimeyes this would sound absurd.

It is being pleading to go for a movie with friends for which Rajesh refused. Just like any other parent would do usually. Even we warn our teen daughter not to post pics on facebook, does that mean that she will be technically angry on us to create a forever rift?

Give me a break! Such a cheap statements from Noida police because of the ongoing honour killings in Haryana, Punjab and many other states. She defiantly had better friends and options if she wanted to.

She was the most beautiful child, well behaved and parents wanted to give her the world. Either they should have been mentally retarted to do such a barbaric act and Talwars definitely are not. Another theory that burnt with the time. Anitha and Rajesh shared the same premises to work and that is very common in doctor community to share clinics and hospitals to see their patients at different timings.

Nupur and Rajesh loved each other and got married. Anitha was close to Nupur and their children were best friends and classmates. So the intimacy is at the level of family friendship and may not be on an extra marital affair.

Even if that is the case, I am sure, Rajesh would have known to conceal it from Aarushi and she would not have been affected by it. Aarushi would have gone to Nupur to support if she found something fishy about her dad than to Hemraj. If he was afraid of Talwars, he would have taken the next train and run to his son in law or his family back in Nepal and not wait for them to come and kill him one night?

So there is something else that he was afraid of and no one knows what it is? That would have infact raged a educated and responsible mother like Nupur and would have only helped her stance of innocence stronger. This country witnessed millions of cases where there were so many eye witnesses and other forensic evidence but people escaping punishment just because they are capable of that.

Talwars seem to be fighting with straightforward approach and that is what is making them stand behind bars today. How stupid of police to cliam that they were indulged in some sexual activity? The kids wanting to be alone to giggle around, play and talk, should not always indicate that it is an inappropriate gathering for some activity sounds hilarious.

They repeated times the same set of facts they were aware of to the media and police and CBI. No one found an inconsistency in what they said. They were busy insinuating that her school project on drug addiction meant she had dodgy interests. An average of 15 phone calls, SMSs, missed calls per day. But the police and media were to use this to build a portrait of promiscuity. That is quite natural. If I am hurt, I would only run to my comfort zone first than to my social zone.